What marketable work skill can I quickly gain?

What marketable work skill can I quickly gain? Topic: What marketable work skill can I quickly gain?
June 16, 2019 / By Audrey
Question: I am 33 years old and have no real marketable skills. Although I went to college, I received a liberal arts degree. I am worried that my career plateauing and I feel like I need to gain a technical/practical skill, so that I can make more money in the business world. Any ideas???
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Abbie Abbie | 9 days ago
I also have a liberal arts degree and have flourished in the business world. Take an afternoon (or day, or evening) to sit down and document everything you've accomplished in your professional working career. Not what you've done, (i.e. provided project management to x teams) but rather what you've achieved (i.e. led company-wide highest margin team to 10% increase in revenue, etc.). Then think about what you did to get that accomplishment...you'll learn more about yourself than you realize. You may be more adept at supply chain management due to your ability to think critically and plan accordingly, or maybe you're very keen to details as a result of being educated to proof read, etc. Also think about who/what you want to appeal to--financial services and creative agencies are both "business" but entirely different creatures with differing expectations and needs! All the best!
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damn. you are really down. But even so, you are not out. In my town they are telling welfare recipients to apply at the prisons before they can apply for welfare. Do you have a jail or a prison near. Its not hard to get on. Past a relative easy test and you got a job. Try the hospitals, jails, etc. as those two places will never go out of business.
Abbie Originally Answered: I need to find a new job quickly I hate my job so bad! I looked for work for over 6 months and this was the ?
the reality which you're asking is a demonstration so you might modify jobs. although, until now you end, be certain you have yet another job already secured so which you do not finally end up unemployed. additionally, evaluate a shift in artwork environments which includes working for retail, the provider sector or the trades while you at the instant are not pleased with the present field you're in. wish this facilitates, and sturdy good fortune! :)

Stacy Stacy
Health care is definitely an up and coming career objective for a lot of people. I am receiving my AAS in Administrative Health Care this week and already have an internship in management of a health institution department. I was floored at how fast I was able to break into this. I would also recommend criminal justice administration. Either one of these teach skills necessary in today's work force. I hope this helps!
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Othniel Othniel
You might look at going back to school and concentrating on something in the medical field. You might also try to get a teaching degree.
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