i got a letter from people to people?

i got a letter from people to people? Topic: i got a letter from people to people?
June 16, 2019 / By Aureole
Question: i just got a letter form them that says that i got chosen to go to Australia for the summer of 2011. but i searched it and it cost a lot of money! like 6 or 7 thousand dollars. does it look good on college applications? should i go or is it all a scam?
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Abbigayle Abbigayle | 3 days ago
It's not a scam, but it's not an honor either. You weren't chosen; they bought your name from a company that sells lists of student names. You could easily plan your own trip to Australia for half the price. It's nothing more than an expensive vacation (very expensive) and no, it won't do anything for your college application.
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I, for one oppose any amnesty for illegal aliens. There are people waiting legally to immigrate to the United States. What about them? Do we ignore the law, just because we do not agree with it? If so why not dismantle the entire Federal, State, City, and Town laws, and live in a lawless society. Nothing like anarchy. DonĀ“t give me the argument of Constitutional Law. The constitution does not apply to Mexico, China, England or any other country except the U.S. It does not cover Animal Rights, The Woman's League for the protection of Rats and other vermin. Crazy Dildox and company loves Cows, etc.

Stanford Stanford
Hi. I sent you can email already, but I guess I could also elaborate more about the college app and things like that. The P2P student ambassador program can be taken for high school credit, although only a few schools actually accept it. But it is awarded from the Washington School of World Studies. You also get between 60-120 hours of community service hours, that you can say you did. (like on a resume). It is because you are going to another country, representing America, that is counted as community service. Some programs also include activities, such as planting trees, in some programs, not sure which ones, but I've heard. They help you a lot with fund-raising for the program as well. This isn't a leisure trip that you can go with no effort. The People to People program want students to work hard, and persevere to get to go on this privileged program that not many can actually go on. I know whoever went on the programs I participated in, definitely did not regret going. I actually used my experiences on the People to People programs on my college personal statement, and it was regarded in a positive light. Although, in your personal statement, it should also include your future goals and other experiences in high school as well. But if you plan to major in global studies or international relations in the future, going on this program will definitely help you get accepted in a college/university. It's not a scam. Lots of individuals negatively talk about the program sometimes, because of the cost, or because they've never participated. The experience alone is worth it all. You actually have to also keep a daily journal on your activities as well, so it can be read and graded at the end of the program. Let me know if you have more questions. You should have got an invite to an info meeting. You should go to the info meeting, and then decide afterward. Also, even if you decide to go on the program, it isn't 100% sure you will go. You have to get 2 recommendations from 2 adults (not family), and also go through an interview. Both are easy to get and pass, so it shouldn't be too difficult, but sometimes, this discourages students from participating too, since it makes them "try" to get into the program, when they thought it was guaranteed "without effort". Good luck and hopefully you choose the choice that benefits you the most! See ya.
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Owen Owen
OMG!!, I got one too but it's to go to England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland for 20 days. They have scholarships and fundraisers for people who can' afford it. And there will be meetings in late September to discuss this. Go to http://reserve.studentambassadors.org/reserve/Login.aspx to login with your last name and the pin number at the bottom of the letter. And yes you should go because colleges love it, and it would be a fantastic learning experience. Also, you can read the Wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People_to_People_Student_Ambassador_Program. BTW, you are handpicked to go this program, so it is a great honor.
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Levi Levi
Studying abroad looks good a college application - but only if it's through an official academic program. Sounds like what you got was a thinly disguised advert from a travel agency for an overpriced pleasure tour.
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Jan Jan
It's definitely realll. My friend went to France, Greece, and Italy this summer for it and she said it was a lot of fun. I just got a letter for the England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland one. You're a student ambassador for it, so it looks good on college applications, People to People was founded by Eisenhower.
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