What should I do for the SATs?

What should I do for the SATs? Topic: What should I do for the SATs?
June 16, 2019 / By Aurora
Question: Alright, I have my first SAT exams 3 weeks from now. I was wondering if it would be useful to read some classic novels back to back or would I just be better off reading their detailed summaries and analysis. I do read a lot but they are all contemporary books and barely any classics. I have been learning a lot of vocabulary words and latin roots and prefixes, so vocab should not be a problem. I just need ideas to fill in my essays. Thanks in advance.
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Abbygael Abbygael | 4 days ago
As for the "reading classic novels" bit, probably not. Full-length classic novels are not the kind of material that the CR section is going to ask about. If it DOES, for example, ask about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, it'll ask about a reproduced sample of the text. Your best bet is to find small, 1 page news articles or whatever online and answer questions like: 1) What's the main point of this article? 2) What does the word X on line Y mean? 3) What is a good synonym for the word Q on line Z? 4) The author would most likely respond BLAH to situation BLERP? The questions are generally not too thought-provoking, so don't worry about that. Also, you mention that you need to "fill in your essays". I assume you mean you need to work on essays? Unfortunately, the best way to work on that is to just start vomiting out essays. Try to write an essay on the following topics in 20min or less: 1) What do you think about Y political situation? 2) The school board of Gotham City says "blah blah blah". Do you agree or disagree? 3) Tell us about a really important moment in your life that shows that it's not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us. Your first step in writing these essays is gonna be to pick a particular viewpoint. For example, with question 2 above, let's say the question says that schools should be protected by Batman. You could choose the opinion that having an armed vigilante in schools is not conducive to a positive learning environment. Next, you need to come up with 2 or 3 distinct reasons WHY your position is true (Batman is a threatening presence, kids find it difficult to stay on task with a superhero in their midst, Batman cannot possibly be everywhere at once). Then, simply write few sentences on each paragraph. Essays are hierarchical: if you start with your topic, you can generally move down progressively into "paragraph sentences" and then into the individual supporting sentences. As meaningless as the SAT essays really are, you'll actually use this skill of being able to vomit out essays quickly in college, so it's not a complete waste. Lastly, I assume you're okay with Math?
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Abbygael Originally Answered: Should I take the SATs even if I don't HAVE to?
If NONE of the schools you want to attend and plan on applying to require it, I wouldn't bother. Personally I find tests like the SAT to be fairly pointless in general. It's really a horrible way to measure a student's intelligence and academic ability. If there is a chance you will want to attend a school that requires SAT scores then you should take it, but unless your chances of acceptance are poor at all of the schools you're applying to now (which I would hope isn't the case - it's always a good idea to have a safety school!) you probably don't need to worry about it. You will want to double-check and make sure those schools don't require the ACT instead of the SAT though. Some schools don't require either, but some schools require one instead of the other and you don't want to apply to a school and then find out you didn't take a required test.
Abbygael Originally Answered: Should I take the SATs even if I don't HAVE to?
since you're doing art school, i can't say that it'll help you too much if you took it. my friends who are doing art school though taken it, but i live in america. two of my friends got into RISD... mostly for their art, they're both really good, but they also submitted SAT scores as well. if you think you can do pretty well on the test, you could - in that case it could only help you, not hurt you. if you think you'll do extremely poorly, i'd recommend not taking it

Stanley Stanley
Well reading analysis doesn't help because that's not what the SAT CR questions ask. The Critical Reading (CR) asks that you read a passage, and then be able to answer questions such as tone of a paragraph, overall purpose, etc. If you read a lot, thats good because then you can probably pick up on a tone very easily. Also, as long as you are able to understand what the author is talking about, you should be fine. analysis don't help as much because they go too in depth, especially looking into specific diction or relation to time period. The SAT would ask "What does the word "ostentatious" mean in the context of line 4?" which you could figure out by reading line 4.
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Oz Oz
Well, first of all SATs isn't as hard as they tell you, they only tell you its hard because you need to learn for them, they try to promote you to revise for them, which you MUST do to get good marks, I did revise, but not much, and i got quite good marks. To be honest when it comes, it'll feel like a breeze and like all the other exams that you did.
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Oz Originally Answered: I need help with the SATs.?
I received an 1820 on my first try at the SAT. I have also received high scores on AP exams. My strategy has been to answer EVERY question, unless you have absolutely no idea what the answer could possibly be. I would focus most on the essay, because that is what I did the worst on throughout the whole test. You have a very short period to write a cohesive, thoughtful and elevated essay. Google "SAT essay prompts" and time yourself. You need to learn how to plan, write and edit within the short time period. Taking practice tests from Kaplan or College Board is probably the easiest way to get "real" experience. Of course, there are agencies out there who offer expensive SAT classes, which you may want to consider if you want to get a 2000. Most of my friends who took the SAT more than once got substantially better the more they took the test. My friend who got a 2200 took the SAT 4 times. The first time, he got a 1700 or something near it. After gaining experience, he obviously got better. Good luck!

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