I need a creative thing to put in my room ?

I need a creative thing to put in my room ? Topic: I need a creative thing to put in my room ?
July 20, 2019 / By Austyn
Question: I just painted my roommmm.... its hot pink w/ orangish furniture and a black and white bedspread. I have a live love laugh on one wall( stick ons, black) and i need something creative to put on the other ones. Im thinking of drawing a portrait of marilyn monroe, but i cant find a good picture to copy off. I wanna draw it and not have to buy anything or as little as possible, so can someone help me think of something to hang up/ draw for my walls? :) Thanks! ohh .... i havee a picture thing already to hang up, so thats not a choice.. Anyways, thanks for any help . ooopps... sorry , i always forget to look at the sections... haha
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Abbygail Abbygail | 5 days ago
Get some paint and you and all your friends put your hand prints on a piece of paper and write your names on it that way you will remember them forever. :) x
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A double helix at the bottom turning into sweet peas at the top. (Mendel's research on genetics)

Ste Ste
Remember, it has to be fun and practical too. Legos wouldn't be so because dirt and other debris can get stuck in the cracks of the lego wall. Also, guinea pigs tend to gnaw, so wood isn't too practical. Wood can splinter and hurt their mouths, too. I use a multilevel ferret cage, actually. I keep the ramps up to each level low so the guinea pigs can climb it. They seem to really enjoy it. I think the only flaw is that they can fling their stuff over the edges of the platforms. I've heard of kiddie pools being used as cages, which isn't too bad. Good luck.
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Ozzie Ozzie
Once all the Answers have been received, save a copy of this web page, convert it to an image file, upload the image to Vista Print and then create a poster of your posting.
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Lewin Lewin
your room sounds so cuteee! you should get like a couch or soemthing, i know it's not such a great idea.... but it'd be cute, kinda like a hang out place :) hope i helped :D help me? here's my questuon : http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ag3M8J3uxMhfJ208Pf1Snqfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110203120632AAIcTzL
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War? Innocent children trapped in a living Hell thanks to the selfishness of those adults that control the world. A terrible tragedy of those that get caught in the crossfire, in the human incapacity to understand each other. Sorry if my suggestion is a bit rough. But so is life.

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