Webcam is an issue with constant errors?

Webcam is an issue with constant errors? Topic: Webcam is an issue with constant errors?
June 26, 2019 / By Avaline
Question: My webcam is working fine but everytime i try to connect i get the error of "a network error occured while connecting to server" how can I resolve this or is it not my cam at all? Can you resolve this? My cam works fine on all other messenger servers but this one and the problem just started recently, always worked fine before. Thank you.
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Abegail Abegail | 9 days ago
well if it is as you said it depend on: ______________________________... 1)Not having fast computer ______________________________... 2)not having fast internet connection ______________________________... 3)bad internet service from you country ______________________________... 4)A problem with you building ______________________________... 5)Having dangerous viruses ______________________________... 6)there is a fire wall protecting ______________________________... 7)You can pass from the firewall from this links: http://www.megaproxy.com http://www.freeproxy.com http://chinagreatwall.com http://www.googleproxy.com Note: if any of these sites not coming means your country has blocked it or your internet has an eroor which you must solve it as fast as you can ______________________________... 8)you can tell the problem to: http://www.helpbytes.co.uk/cproblems.php... http://www.yahooproblems.com Note: If any of these sites are not coming means your country has blocked it or your internet has a error ______________________________... 9)Site might be too busy ______________________________... 10)Internet is getting very busy so do not except it to work very fast or there might be some problems ______________________________... 11)a part of your compuer is damaged ______________________________... 12)clean the viruses by: Norton 360 anti virus or viruscan antivirus which are the best antiviruses of the world first is: NORTHON 360 second is: VIRUSCAN antivirus ______________________________... 13)hackers are in your computer and can do anything they like plz avoid them like stop chatting with those guys who you do not know who are they ______________________________... 14)you have broken cookies delet them and restart ______________________________... 15)if you can not log in i 50% think that the problem is with the firewall or the cookies which you put on BLOCK ALL COOKIESoptin and so it will not log in you can cancel it by going in the tools in the menu bar and the internet option and then privacy and put the option on the MEDIUM and retry log going the internet explorer again ______________________________... 17)you can go to internet option and change the option maybe the problem is from there ______________________________... 19)please try MSN messenger also because maybe your computer doesnot trusth the yahoo messenger so you can go to tools and then internet option and then go to the security or privacy and cancel it. ______________________________... 20)i can suggest that you have yahoo-anti spy or yahoo toolbar . This is because 10% of people who are using internet are hacker. Yahoo has just made a new program that protects from your computer very strong you may not chat them or add them because yahoo will not allow them to do so if you do not want this option go to internet option and just delet it but i advice you not do this or you have to buy another computer. ______________________________... 21)fixing computer can be a very hard work from internet and asking from someone who is an other world so of you could not fix it please call a hacker to do this from near and to see the computer because maybe you are telling your problems wrong bytheway i did my best to fix your computer and if you still had problem you can call me ______________________________... 22)theres a problem with your local machines setup ______________________________... 23)theres a problem with you local machines Java installation ______________________________... 24)there could be a fault on your ADSL line ______________________________... 25)there could be a fault on you ISP's system ______________________________... 26)there couldbe too many people logged in on the same node of your ADSL service it could be that yahoos servers are overloaded ______________________________... 27)there must be a problem in your internet explorer so change it to IE7 ______________________________... 28)it could be all of the above, or it could be soemthing else ______________________________... 29) get the new yahoo messenger which is yahoo messenger beta ______________________________... 30) get the new microsoft programm it is developted and can solve these problems ______________________________... 31) please redownload the the programme with voice maybe there was an error while you were downloading ______________________________... 32) having aboutrods virus. it is a virus which steals the information form someone computer so please as fast as you can just remove or clean these viruses or you have to oay more than 9999999999999999$ because hackers will use you internet by taking the pasword the number of your connection and your id and will use it for free by downloading anything they like: 1)Games which each may cost 20$ 2)window vista which may cost 125$ and anything that you image so please delet the viruses by the antiviruses i gave you ______________________________... 33) you may have many other viruses that can be very dangerous for your computer which can damage it very badly so please solve it as fast as you can in the ways i have mentioned down: 1)Danber is a virus which will not allow you to open internet explorer or join in chat room or login in yhoo mail, msn hot mail and e.t.c which you can delet or clean them easily with an antivirus 2) baslat virus w hich will shut down your computer without a reason. you can delet it by only the antiviruses i mentioned you at number (12) 3)gartebs virus which can damage your computer badly from evry part of it and there is only one why to delet them is that you must redownload the macrosoft you have which means will delet all the programs including the viruses. Gartebs virus can not be delet or even clean by any antivirus so that was the only the way i told you and please to it faster because it might your computer. 4)farcets virus which will not allow you to see viseos , play games or send any video and you can clean them easily by an antiviruses( better to use the antiviruses i told you in number (12) ) 5)laskarts virus is a virus which automatically sign people out and if the virus be strong one it may shutdown the computers alo exacly like the baslat virus. I think you have this virus and to clean or delet it you just need to buy any antivirus and scan then but i can tell you this virus will not delet by only one scan because the virus will spread out every of your computer very fast and when you scan one time maby one or two of the viruses still be there and after 24 hours again your computer will be full of this virus. so please do not scan only one time at lease scan for 4 or 3 time which make your computer completely good . 6) Having genem virus which will not allow you to sign in into messengers such as: 1- Yahoo messenger 2- Google talk 3- MSN messenger 7) Having barets virus which can do anything like 1- sign in even you do not want 2- Can take you to the sites which contain viruses to damage your computer 3- At once take you to anywhere like Windows Media Player, internet, messenger, or even can delet your or clean your antivirus without knowing of you even when your computer is off( you should be very becareful of this virus) BECAREFULL.. ______________________________... 34) if you still have problem please explain more ______________________________... 35) redownload the messenger. http://www.yahoomessenger.com Note: If this site is not coming means there is a problem with your internet or your country has blocked the site. ______________________________... 36) if you had still problem just add me to your contact and i will answer you from there ______________________________... These are the things i have suggested and please be careful about the hackers and if you still had problems you can ask someone who knows very good in the computer and please before that tell him about the problems i have described for you ______________________________... THANKS FOR WASTING YOUR TIME TO JUST READ MY ANSWER ______________________________... HOPE IT HELPED Regards Kiya Khatarnak(NIKE NAME)
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Stephen Stephen
i have recently had this problem. . am i right in guessing that you have norton internet security ? if so, it might be a firewall problem. follow this action : open up norton internet security, settings, personal firewall, configure, programme control. scroll down to yahoo messenger and change auto to allow. this should hopefully resolve your problem. good luck ... Fox (nb. above action may differ on different versions of Norton.)
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Pace Pace
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