Should I get a Dell or an HP laptop? (I'll be a college freshman studying pre-law)?

Should I get a Dell or an HP laptop? (I'll be a college freshman studying pre-law)? Topic: Should I get a Dell or an HP laptop? (I'll be a college freshman studying pre-law)?
June 16, 2019 / By Avalona
Question: The laptop I have is old and far beyond repair. My local computer expert has told me to start looking around for a new laptop as mine crashes often and everything is lost. He said either an HP or a Dell would be a great laptop for the purposes for which I need it (research, writing papers, skype, facebook, blogs). Which is better: Dell or HP (and why)? Thanks in advance! DELL. OR. HP. I don't want another brand.. MacBooks are TOO expensive and not worth it for what I'm going into. I need something reliable and reasonably priced.
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Abelia Abelia | 1 day ago
With dell you build your own on there site, and have unlimited options, or buy one that has already been configured. Hp, you can not build your own and can only buy ones that have already been configured. Having said that, hp has in general far more computers and are ofter cheaper, being the largest computer seller out there. Dell are also usually larger and are often louder. I own hp and prefer it over a dell for those reasons. You can ofter find hp for a much cheaper price that a dell with the same spec. It all depends on what computer you find and for what price. Regardless, they all use pretty much the same pieces, it just how they put them together. I would recommend this one as a decent priced computer with plenty of power to do some basic gaming and what else have you, and great battery life. I have the older version of this laptop. And love it. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/HP+-+15.6%22+Pavilion+Laptop+-+4GB+Memory+-+640GB+Hard+Drive+-+Pewter/4672883.p?id=1218503713729&skuId=4672883
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Abelia Originally Answered: Dell vs. hp laptop? for college?
Honestly both brands are pretty much equal in terms of quality - ok but nothing spectacular. If you want a really solid brand I'd recommend you look at Asus or MSI instead but *shrug*.... Focus more on fair pricing and system specs. I don't know what your major is but unless it's something that specifically requires powerful computing you can probably get away with lower specs and a cheaper price tag. You don't need a very powerful machine just for web browsing and writing papers.

Steve Steve
There are going to be a lot of good and bad experiences with both while I've had good with HP I"ve had bad with Dell it only lasted two years because the hardrive failed and now I'm using an HP. From my experience I think both are good it just depends on how you take care of the laptop and that nothing craps out on you. I recommend HP. Yes, Macbooks are too expensive and a lot of people can't afford them either. I have HP Pavilion dv6 it's a strong and powerful laptop so check it out if your getting HP
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Page Page
some faculties enable the two, some propose residing house windows. verify first. i elect to propose organisation fashions from any manufacturers. At companies, i've got seen usually Dell, then Lenovo. Macs do have viruses, trojans and malware, yet no longer as many as a working laptop or laptop. additionally, Mac run easily, extraordinarily by using fact shoppers frequently evaluate a $999 Mac with a $500 laptop, or, a $999 laptop packed with ineffective junk like toolbars, IMs, spyware, pointless animations, and so on. i'm extremely unproductive with laptops, until eventually I plug a mouse, keyboard, and a million or extra video exhibit contraptions. of direction, I consistently carry a low-value, tiny netbook if my telephone isn't adequate. (each and every thing is online now, as an occasion Google medical doctors).
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Lindon Lindon
I'v used both Dell and HP PC's before and what I can say is that Dell's are much better in terms of reliability and support (which is great!). I used to use Dell and I will continue to use Dell.
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Jarlath Jarlath
My prefrence is HP because it is smother to me and i have had both and my HP lasted more. I will go to college to be a computer technician and right now i know some stuff about computers. i recommend HP
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Jarlath Originally Answered: PC or MAC laptop for Film/Video Major College Freshman?
Okay so if we were talking price wise, a PC would give you more bang for your buck. BUT that would only be if you spent a crap load on virus protection and spyware. Also PC's offer more memory for cheaper as well as screen size and features. BUT, that doesn't always make it less of a pain for the consumer. If we were talking usage wise that would depend on you. I would recommend you do a little research on the programs you would be using on both platforms and see which one seems more comfortable for you to use. Also consider how much memory you will need and how powerful you laptop would have to be to run the programs you are interested in getting. Once you have all that information tally up the scores for each and vwa-la! You should have your answer.

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