Can I Get In To Cal State San Marcos?

Can I Get In To Cal State San Marcos? Topic: Can I Get In To Cal State San Marcos?
June 25, 2019 / By Avilon
Question: I screwed up in my sophmore and freshman year, so now I have a 2.6 GPA, but I think that it'll go up to around a 2.7 or 2.8 by the end of this year. My SAT score was a 1520: 540 Critical reading, 490 Math, and 500 writing. Do you think I have a chance to get in to Cal State San Marcos?
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Abigall Abigall | 7 days ago
I agree with Ranto. Your GPA is a little on the low side for a UC, but I'd say you've got a shot at generally any CSU other than Cal Poly SLO. Good luck!
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Storm Storm
Hi there, I have about the EXACT same stats and Im also nervous about getting into CSUSM! Its my top pick of schools, so Im really hoping to be admitted. There was a period of time I really felt like I was not going to get into any schools, even after I submitted all my cal state applications. However, today I received my acceptance letter from Humboldt State. To my understanding, they have almost the exact acceptance rate as San Marcos! So i have a feeling we both have a good shot at getting in:)
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Palu Palu
None of the CSU schools have very high admissions standards. You should be fine. In fact -- you can probably do better.
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Lionel Lionel
Yes you should be fine, write a great essay and get some good letters of recommendations. apply early though, it will help.
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