I don't know what my career major should be?

I don't know what my career major should be? Topic: I don't know what my career major should be?
June 16, 2019 / By Avis
Question: My favorite subject is math even though I use to suck at it, now I've studied a lot and understanding the concept, I love it and look forward to solving problems. I DON'T want to become a mathemtication or anythig, but i also want to do something science related like biochemistry? or forensic science? I don't like biology though, I loe chemistry, I love a challenege, I love fast paced work, moving around, a bit of traveling also. Any suggestions?
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Abigayle Abigayle | 8 days ago
I love maths too and am going to study Mathematics at a university in the UK. before this, I considered applying for Engineering because it involves a lot of mathematics but its focus is not precisely on maths. it also involves a lot of physics and sometimes a bit of chemistry (depending what branch of engineering). if you like physics, I would suggest you to look into engineering. there are lots and lots of types of engineering to suit your interests. if you are also into chem, you might want to consider taking up chemical engineering! alternatively, there is also Computer Science which involves maths and logic. I applied for this and Mathematics actually. but in the end I went for Maths only. I suggest that you start browsing university prospectuses and read the description of the course you might be interested in. they should help you give an idea of what the course is like. good luck!
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Abigayle Originally Answered: Loan officer career? Finance major?
Loan officers are not typically jobs that a graduate in finance looks upon. These positions are HS diploma-type. Although you can qualify, it's beneath your abilities (it's basically just a step up from a teller clerk). You should be shooting for something higher such as a financial analyst.
Abigayle Originally Answered: Loan officer career? Finance major?
properly, this could no longer prevail, and that i'm sorry whether that is not, yet you may develop skills. i became very shy and anti-social and fearful of like each and every thing. at last my dream because of the fact to bypass to Harvard, yet then I observed the standards- community provider, golf equipment, management- all that exciting stuff. So, I had a decision. Face my concern and attempt for Harvard, or enable my fears get the perfect of me. ... now, i'm no longer precisely the main social individual in the international. although, i've got joined golf equipment, i've got completed greater, issues i became so scared to do in the previous. in certainty, i bypass to be president of one of my golf equipment next 300 and sixty 5 days. (nevertheless i'm going to have you ever be attentive to, i'm quite terrified. XD) nevertheless, as i've got stated, i'm no longer very social, i'm lots lots /lots/ better than i became in the past. This shyness could be triumph over, in case you like it to be. at last, you will grow to be familiar with speaking to human beings, no count which interest you're taking. Now... as for which interest'd be better for you? properly. Which do you think of'd be greater exciting? If that's the two especially equivalent on your concepts, properly, for accounting, you may desire to develop that management ability. Pharmacist, you will get to be attentive to the different pharmacists and doubtless grow to be acquaintances, i assume. And consumers, you may no longer get right into a actual verbal replace with them, it's going to easily be all "right here is your prescription! Have an excellent day!" and not something greater. If there is the different interest you particularly particularly need, yet are afraid due on your shyness... properly, you may no longer enable it take administration of your existence. you're apologetic approximately it perpetually. yet once you particularly need to do those 2, then by utilising all ability, stable luck and revel in regardless of you do! basically my opinion, heheh :)
Abigayle Originally Answered: Loan officer career? Finance major?
im a loan officer and make very good money. i did not have to go through college... so whats your question?

Stu Stu
hahaha, good-luck with that. Have you considered what Degrees will actually get you a Job? Bear in mind, people with two bachelor's degrees can't find an occupation. I'm not making fun of you, you'd be amazed how many kids pick stupid subjects as their major and are unable to pay back their loans once they have no Job. Don't be one of them. The only Fields that are in demand right now are Engineering or Computer-Science.
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Stu Originally Answered: Whats a good career/major in college?
Before the early 20th Century, a college degree was not meant to train a person for a job. A college education was for personal enrichment. To turn you into an educated person with skills in critical thinking to allow you to take up a career in public administration, the clergy or business where you would learn on the job. There was no intention for a degree to train you for a specific career. However since the 1940’s the expectation of the public about a college or university degree has changed and a college or university education is now expected to lead you to a career. Unfortunately the college and university system has not changed with the times. A degree in Anthropology, Archeology, Art, Art History Creative Writing, Classics, Film, General Studies, History, Humanities, Interdisciplinary studies, Language & Culture, Liberal Arts, Liberal Studies, Literature, Political Science, most any language including English, Media, Music History, Paleontology, Photography, Philosophy, Religious Studies or Sociology is considered a "personal enrichment" degree. Journalism is heading this way too. Also pretty well anything called “Something Studies”. That is, these degrees are degrees that are meant to enrich you personally in the classical sense of a university education without leading to any specific job. This is not to say you will not get a job. It is just the odds are that your job will not be related to your degree. And may not pay as well as some other majors. Psychology requires a PhD in order to do well. However, in today's world where people go to university to enable themselves to get a job and hopefully a career a bachelor's in these fields not that helpful. With a degree in these fields and a GPA generally over 3.0 you can: 1. Get into law school. However law schools today graduate far more lawyers than there is business for lawyers. 2. Get into graduate school in a different field. Hopefully one without too many prerequisites you do not have. Consider getting a masters in Technology Management. You can make a similar salary to an engineer and you need essentially no sciences prerequisites. 3. Get into graduate school in the same field and earn a PhD so you can become a college professor eventually. However, there are far more PhD grads in some fields like Philosophy than there ever will be professorships or any kind of teaching programs. 4. Take a teaching qualification, which is usually 2 more years, so you can teach the subject at a public K-12 school. 5. Look for a job in a field where they want you to have a degree without any concern what it is. Where they only want the degree because they want educated people who have proven they can stick with something difficult and see it to completion. Like the insurance industry. There are more jobs like this than you may think. 6. If you join the military you are more likely to enter as an officer instead of enlisted personnel. Do note that if you do go for a more advanced degree, no one cares where you got your bachelor’s degree. Only the school where you got your most advanced degree counts. And that counts for a lot less than the name schools would have you believe. If your GPA is over 3.0, don’t take a second undergrad degree if you already have one of these degrees. A graduate degree will be more valuable to you. So, what exactly IS an English major supposed to do after college? http://www.publicradio.org/columns/prair... Here is a listing of the average starting and mid-career salaries for most 4 year majors. The issue here is that these only apply to people who actually got a job in their field. Many graduates in the lower half on the list never get a job in their field and are not counted. The ones with the highest salaries are the ones in the most demand by employers. The higher they pay, the harder the major and generally the more math they require. The lower paid the job on this list, the few the number of graduates in a particular major got a job in their field. http://www.payscale.com/best-colleges/de... http://education.yahoo.net/articles/six_... The Highest Starting Salaries of 2010 http://hotjobs.yahoo.com/career-articles-the_highest_starting_salaries_of_2010-1296 Look here to find the job prospects for most all occupations in the USA. http://www.bls.gov/oco/oco2003.htm
Stu Originally Answered: Whats a good career/major in college?
Basically, several categories that are great, even right now: Engineering - any area Computer science Nursing Allied health care majors (i.e. physical therapy, social work, speech therapy) Accounting Primary and secondary education teacher (with a master's degree, you will earn plenty, contrary to what the media always states) Also, do not ignore vocational trade majors at community colleges. Lots of good possibilities there. Some 4 year students often think they are holier than thou for those type of jobs but they all will beat working as a retail clerk for many of the majors you find at 4 years these days.

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