How to write an opinion article?

How to write an opinion article? Topic: How to write an opinion article?
June 16, 2019 / By Ayn
Question: I was assigned to write an opinion article about how more people are looking on to internet for information instead of books. The problem is that I suck at opinions. When i try to write it, it sounds like a features or news article.
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Abijah Abijah | 1 day ago
There isn't any reason why you can't put stats in your op-ed piece to prove your point. Just don't weigh it down with facts and figures... add just enough to prove your point. Think of it like the essay you had to write in high school or college... you state a position and then back it up with facts. You may not have an opinion about folks looking to the Internet vs books... but I'm sure if you looked up a few stats on it, you'd probably develop an opinion. Then just go with it. It's not like you have take the same position on this topic for the rest of your life... it's only for the article.
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Abijah Originally Answered: Does this article influence your opinion on climate change?
I kept waiting for the scientific evidence, and it never came. The article is simply wrong. The Sun has been ruled out as a cause of the current global warming, because solar output has decreased over the past 30 years as global warming has accelerated rapidly.
Abijah Originally Answered: Does this article influence your opinion on climate change?
The earth is getting warmer. It has been since the end of the Ice Age 10,000 years ago. Whether mankind is influencing the climate change or not, we should still care about the environment. Oil reserves are on pace to run out in forty years at the current rate of consumption. Sure, there are more resources, like in ANWAR, which could supply the U.S. for about 6 years. The only reason that efficient, alternate energy sources aren't here yet is greed. Check out this article, which has a different view, it is an interview with the scientest James Lovelock. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/sto...
Abijah Originally Answered: Does this article influence your opinion on climate change?
The research of about 10,000 scientists have formulated a theory by some that the Earth falls into a 1500 year temperature cycle. And the period of Global Warming occurred at the height of the Roman Empire, 1500 years ago. The 1500 year cycle information can be found in the book link below. There is a new science that is linking the sun to climate change. While the radiance of the sun has not been linked to global warming for the last 25 years (and only those 25 years since the study of sun spots), the effects of the sun on cosmic rays, and the subsequent effect on cloud formation as a positive feedback is being studied.

Sunny Sunny
Then don't write it through a third person perspective. You don't need to put in statistics or poll/survey results in your article. You write strictly what you believe. Try using personal experiences.
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Sunny Originally Answered: I find this an informative though depressing article. What's your opinion?
I think it is very well written and is shocking in its scope of the many ways they used to commit vote fraud. It makes one wonder what we don't know..just like the corruption scandals were probably just the tip of the iceberg too. This looks like a good website. They say it's harder to cover your vote fraud if there is a wider lead but it looks like they just remove the voters and that shrinks the lead...and just think of all the money the media makes in our fake elections. As to what to do about it, that is a problem..the only thing I can think of is if we somehow got all electronic machines and counters out of our voting and returned to pen and paper...but that will never happen.
Sunny Originally Answered: I find this an informative though depressing article. What's your opinion?
That is a very powerful article. Personally I think they should get rid of the electronic voting machines and use the old punch card system. I understand what they are saying tho about those cards coming up missing. It is really ashame that they have to cheat in order to win a race. Whatever happened to the good ol' days when the person running won because he deserved to win not win because he had friends changing the ballots. As far as the Democrats not doing anything, it may seem that they are not doing anything but they are probably waiting to make sure that what happened in the past does not happen again. I mean come on didn't anyone see that there was a problem when that town in Ohio had more votes then those who voted. That would have sent up a red flag and another form of voting should have been implemented immediately. I think they should come up with a system where you phone in your votes. Have one number for the republicans and one number for the democrats and one for the independants. Granted it may not work but then again it seems like everything else they have come up with does not work either. One can only hope that there will be "honest" people at the polls this year and not cheat. I am sure it will be a cold day in he ll when that happens.

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