Do you think that this child was too cocky for his own good?

Do you think that this child was too cocky for his own good? Topic: Do you think that this child was too cocky for his own good?
June 20, 2019 / By Azalea
Question: Read this, for example. I am researching this case for my uni criminology essay. The child apparently told his aunt that he was old enough to go by himself, and refused her request that she take him to the women's bathroom. It cost him his life. Why, at only 9, did he think that he was more capable than he was? http://www.iois.net/victimology
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Abilene Abilene | 2 days ago
my computer wont let me go to that site..i gotta download & i wont right now.. but..my answer: this also happened in my family. And while we are saying its proud of the child to say that he can go by himself to the bathroom, WE then may be the proud ones to say shame a dead child..as he was only trying to feel like a "big boy" or an adult to do so by him self.. As a parent, I know all kids try this as well. As a parent, I dont give many choices, unless its safe.. In this situation, I never let my young boys go into a mens public bathroom alone. They are teens now, But I STILL have them go in pairs to the restroom, and I always say, " If you take too long, I will come in there." My kids know about the distant relative that this happened to, we met the boy once. He was demanding. We dont allow that.. But, still a child is a child. Children come out of the womb manipulators, although cute ones. And as parents, we are to set the rules, and dont be manipulated, but think ahead, outside of emotions, for thier safety. - The mistake was to let the child go alone, trusting a sinfilled world, with many in it that rationalize their own errors & often are blind to it, walking in pride. To condemn the Aunt would be proud on our part. To condemn the one who allowed demons to move through them on purpose is better. - When you were little, you thought you were more capable than you were, and Im sure you pressed & manipulated too, and I m sure you had your own plans & tried to get your way to, and Im sure you wanted to act grown too..when you werent. All kids do it. But, its our responsibility to not trust the world, although you should be able to. Little kids that age run our streets all the time, and Im always shocked at the parents.. but, if i ever meet them, I see that they are absent-minded, for they are running after selfish agendas themselves.. parents have blind-spots all over..& some blind-spots God allows in them, for, they never ask Him for wisdom. Unfortunately, sin & wickedness & the love for it, & numbness for it is in this world, but not for always. My goal : keep mine safe, & if i can help others. But shaming the aunt is proud. To make ones self feel better than the other at a look at their failure or accident. Im sure her heart is crushed. The child is in Heaven, away form the error thats so thick in the air, most cant sense it. If only more knew God, to hear Him, The Spirit of GOD will tell you things before they happen, sometimes, or HE can give you a warning...even a gut-feeling..but many cant hear..because they are proud (to walk in own agenda ). But, many are well-meaning & just cant hear Him anyways. Parenting should be done with the FIrst parent..the Creator... it gets risky out there. People, can say where was GOD in this? His answer is you. but, you plus Him is wisest...in purpose. i hope that family is ok
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Be like im a motherfuckin bo$$ so shut up and listen bitches this is how i ****** roll and i do it good

Sweeney Sweeney
Not knowing the circumstances, its difficult to pass comment on . I have 3 children and they are all different. I would say at 9 years old their characters are already formed. Maybe the boy was embarrassed to go into the ladies toilets (at school they have boys and girls toilets), perhaps he was embarrassed to go with his aunt. To say he was cocky is a little unfair unless the facts point to him being that way. Children are also being made to feel more grown up than they are. The tv programmes they are allowed to watch, the clothes / fashion they wear. All these things pressure our children to grow up a lot quicker than they should. Peer pressure has a lot to answer for. Hope that helps <3 sh
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Parry Parry
I do agree with him that 9 is old enough to use the restroom on his own but that's a terrible thing that happened. I hope the mother doesn't blame herself.
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Ambitious, maybe, but cocky, no. You have to show that kind of drive to be chosen for such positions.

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