Is this fair?

Is this fair? Topic: Is this fair?
June 16, 2019 / By Azura
Question: A frined of mine has a son in high school. He was talking to me the other day about all the clubs in school, The African American Club, The Hispanic American Club, Asain American Club Etc. He went to his Social Studies teacher and ased him if he could start a White Americans Club and they told him no, it is discrimination and racism!!! he is not allowed to join any of the other clubs because he is a ahite American, so he has no club to belong to. He is currently taking his case beofre the school board. It's only fair right!? So my question is, should he be allowed to have a White American's club at school? Why or Why not? JASON, HE IS NOT IRISH, HE IS NOT EUROPEAN, HE IS CAUCASIAN. The point is that he jsut wants a group that the non-pigmented kids can join. Wounded Duck, If none of the other groups are "racist" how is a "white American" group racist?
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Abishag Abishag | 3 days ago
Yes he should! However, he should call it the Caucasian-American club or the European-American club so that it is indicative of geography/culture rather than skin color. I actually find the term "white" offensive as I have had so many cruel taunts directed towards me in the past regarding color (whitey, ghost, Casper, albino). It should be directed towards learning about European (Scottish, Irish, Italian, French, etc) or Caucasoid (European, West Asian, South Indian) cultures and history along with the typical stuff like college prep and all. I think if people of other races learned about Europeans struggles (especially that of immigrant Irish who were horribly abused), maybe they wouldn't be so quick to assume we are all historically privileged and members of the ruling classes. This racism against only whites is unacceptable. Other races have affirmative action (institutional racism and economic privilege) and all the scholarships (institutional racism and economic privilege). White people have nada. The "White Privilege" myth is a scam. I've been passed over for jobs due to affirmative action and I'll be in debt forever over my education that minorities got for free. How is that privilege? I'm neither a member of the majority culture where I live nor the recipient of any privilege. In fact, I've spent my life being taunted, attacked, discriminated against, and oppressed. Here are some websites that may be of assistance: http://www.eaif.org/education/index.htm http://digg.com/world_news/15_year_old_G... http://www.joseantoniovargas.com/article... Also look up Caucasian Race on wikipedia for a place to start putting together curriculum on the Caucasoid history.
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Abishag Originally Answered: Do you think this is fair?
It's not such a big deal. Turn in the missing page and deal with the deduction just as any other student would. It's a good thing to be judged on the same playing field as everyone else. Move on.

Swithin Swithin
If he want to join a club and they will not let him because he is white that is wrong and the school rule should be that you can join any club that you want too. The school should set up by-laws to include school students in any club. This is a public school not a private one. Sad to say that this is life explain to him that there are Clubs that do not allow people other than white people, but those are mostly private ones. I think that the school should let him form his own club, but his and all the other clubs should allow any one join if the want to.It would lead to better understanding of the different between the races of people we have here on earth.
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Pat Pat
i agree with jason, the name white american group does sound a little not right. anyway, the reason that there are all these clubs may be so that the children can learn a bit about their culture and origins. I think that you should be able to have a club though, just think of a better name:)
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Loren Loren
There are two ways to look at this 1 -- No club should use race as a governing factor for creating a charter or excluding people. When I taught HS, there were white members of the Black Student Union. There are female members in gay men's choruses, they simply aren't allowed to perform. They are "auxiliary" members and help with things like fundraising, transportation, publicity. But anyone should be allowed to join any club regardless of the name, and a white person joining the Asian Students Club does not say "I am Asian" It says "I agree with what this club is attempting to do, whether it's raise awareness of Asians or plan a trip to Japan!" and the Asians have to be more accepting of others who want to join their club. There are men who teach women's history and whites who teach black history. 2 -- The other approach is to do away with all clubs that attempt to be divisive by excluding people or organizing their charter along a restricting guideline. You either allow clubs like "African-American Asociation" and "Asian-American Club" and allow ANYONE to join OR you do away with all clubs that try to be exclusive along ANY lines. ps. Could your child get into the club not on the "African-" or "Asian-" part of the club name but on the "-American" part of the name? And besides who wants to be a member of a club that doesn't want you?
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Jay Jay
He has to give it a better name that the white american club... Maybe one of these- Anglo American Club European American Club Irish American Club Western European American Club White American club is too general, like trying to start a yellow american club and including folks from india and china and japan and everyplace else. It just needs to be more specific.
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Jay Originally Answered: Do you think this is fair?
It seems to me that your mom depends on you a lot. Your very special to her and she wants you by her side all the time. I know it can be tiring and annoying because you want to chill with friends sometime but it's all part of being a teenager. I go through the same thing everyday. And good job keeping up your G.P.A, also have a talk about it with her. Explain to her you do everything and you just at least want sometime for yourself for a day.

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