Girl Scouts Ban Honey Boo Boo?

Girl Scouts Ban Honey Boo Boo? Topic: Girl Scouts Ban Honey Boo Boo?
June 26, 2019 / By Azure
Question: What is you opinion of this development? Through her Facebook page, reality TV phenomenon Honey Boo Boo encouraged her followers to buy girl scout cookies, with a link to pay for them and have them shipped through her.... with the proceeds to go to her local Girl Scout troop. Seems reasonable, right? What could be wrong with that? The problem was, she is not a Girl Scout, and does not belong to that troop. So, the Girl Scouts honored the sales that she has made, but banned her from making any more sale. Honey Boo Boo's mother is outraged and foaming at the mouth that the Girl Scouts have the gall to ban Honey Boo Boo from lending her star power to raise money for Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts counter that if their goal was to raise money, there are a lot of better ways to do it. Their purpose in having their scouts sell cookies is to teach them about business, and in doing so raise money that they personally benefit from (paying for their troops' camping trips, etc.) They say that an outside agency - no matter their good intentions - cannot sell girl scout cookies. Only individual girl scouts can. To that end, Girl Scouts also have a prohibition against selling their cookies on the internet. Only face-to-face transactions are allowed, so the scouts are intimately involved in the hand-to-hand trade of the product, and appreciate the hard work and rewards from it. What do YOU think? Are the Girl Scout being mean to Honey Boo Boo, or is the Honey Boo Boo ego train running over other people, thinking they can do as they please? Spoiled rotten child star, or Nazi Hateful Girl Scouts?
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Abital Abital | 4 days ago
I am guessing her ego....also most of the money raised through buying Girl Scouts' cookies goes to Planned Parenthood.
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Girl Scouts would help you expand your horizon but since you're already in 8th grade it'll require you to do more than what Daisies and Brownies would. I agree with Pearl in this one. Go to the church. If it's a youth group type of thing then I'm sure they'd allow you some time to pick your grades back up. They're pretty lenient with things like that. However if it's a service then I'm not sure when/how you'd be able to do homework. Also, is this every night or just one night a week? If it's just one night a week then it'll be way easier to schedule your homework around it.
Abital Originally Answered: My mom is making me do Girl Scouts or Church?
just do it in church ask church or the scouts to help you out with your grades I hope this helps..

Swithun Swithun
The Girl Scout cookie program is designed to help girls learn the basics of running a business. The cookie program's primary purpose is NOT to fundraise, but rather, to develop girls' business and communications skills. To ensure that girls don't encroach on each other's sales "territories", they are very strict about online sales. No outside agency can sell Girl Scout cookies - that's absolute. Imagine girls going door to door to sell cookies, or standing outside of grocery stores, only to be told again and again, "I already bought cookies through Honey Boo Boo." Unlike the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts welcome all girls and volunteers, regardless of their religious beliefs or sexual orientation. Your name calling of the Girl Scouts, even in jest, is terribly offensive.
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Patrick Patrick
In their right minds, they know this person to only have acquired 15 minutes of fame, besides her political views.
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This is the third time in as many days I've answered this question. I was meaning to revise my answer anyway – so here is my latest essay on Bees and Honey. ------ Bees and honey are a complicated and controversial issue for vegans. Veganism has a definition, a philosophy and a goal. Vegans try to behave in a way that is consistent with those things. Since honey is an animal product it is not considered vegan. Also whether you agree with this or not, it doesn't matter how the animal is treated. the dairy cows and laying chickens could lead wonderful lives. but milk and eggs aren't vegan. So its consistent that it doesn't matter how the bees are treated as well. The honey is stolen from the bees. For many vegans that is all they need to know. Its exploitation of an animal. Another fact that vegans consider is that honey is not necessary or essential to the human diet. There ARE other sweetness. Also there is harm done to bees by bee keepers. Some bee keepers are small businesses and like small farms do take good care of their bees. They still steal the honey. Clipping of wings, replacing (killing) the queen... these are just some of the practices that vegans see as a cruel Also the big commercial bee keeping companies transport their hives in semis. and the transportation of the bees puts them under a lot of stress and a lot of them die during the trips. the two big controversies among vegans stem from two things. one is the issue of insects. Granted they are animals but they have brains the size of a ball point pen tip. On the other hand, they do exhibit complex and social behavior. So where do you draw the line? The other issue is that commercial bee keeping results in the fertilization of most fruit and nut trees. Something like 100 crops are dependent on commercial bee keeping fertilizing the crops. So If bee keeping isn't vegan - than neither are fruits and nuts. The vegan argument is that the vegan doctrine states animal suffering should be "reasonably avoided" as opposed to "avoided at any cost." To further complicate the whole thing. Right now we are in the middle of a huge bee die-off. No one is sure of what has caused Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD). But many experts suspect it might have to to with pesticides and fungicides that the commercial bees are exposed to when they fertilize crops. Its possible that the CCD is human caused. -- another possible reason to support organic farming. However vegans are mostly intelligent thinking people. Each vegan is more that qualified to make up their own mind. Some vegans have decided eggs from backyard chickens are ok. For me, eggs and dairy aren't necessary - so i'm not going to put a lot of thought or effort into obtaining "cruelty -free " eggs and dairy. and for the most part i agree with the hard line vegan stance : there is no such thing as cruelty free eggs or dairy. Vegans don't like to publicly admit that there are divisions among them. they don't want the general public to see them as divided of confused. But there are vegans who consume honey. They call themselves “Bee-gans” or Begans. Also although honey isn't necessary or essential, it does have all those excellent medicinal properties. Not sure if there are any good substitutes for it - especially if you have a sore throat. I think vegans are capable of figuring this out for themselves. And for myself I would rather see vegans focus on the important non-controversial issues then get bogged down on this. I do recommend that if you want to determine where you stand on this issue you take the time to read my links. Oh, BTW, I have a little jar of honey in my pantry for when i get a sore throat. Source(s): http://www.vegetus.org/honey/honey.htm http://www.slate.com/articles/life/food/... http://gentleworld.org/3-reasons-not-to-...

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