Is this Pokemon Platinum team good enough for In-game?

Is this Pokemon Platinum team good enough for In-game? Topic: Is this Pokemon Platinum team good enough for In-game?
June 16, 2019 / By Babe
Question: This is my Pokemon Platinum team, using Pokemon I've never used before. I also took out my starter, Infernape, just for some extra challenge. (I know, I know, it's stupid, but I wanted a challenge, and there were many Pokemon I wanted to try) My team currently (I have to battle Byron) 1. Lopunny (the first wild Pokemon I got) Dizzy Punch Jump Kick Return (yes, it likes me A LOT) Quick Attack (Thinking of replacing a move with Fire Punch) 2. Togetic (soon-to-be-Togekiss) Fly Ancient Power Metronome Secret Power (When it evolves, I will teach it Aura Sphere and Extremespeed in place of Metronome and Secret Power...and maybe Air slash. Suggestions?) 3. Froslass Hail (to increase evasion) Ice Shard Wake-up-slap Ominous Wind/Shadow Ball (if I can find the TM) (I'm also thinking about giving Froslass Thunderbolt-when I find the TM-, and Ice beam-also when I find the TM) 4. Feraligatr (From SoulSilver) Surf Crunch Ice Fang Aqua Tail 5. Gallade (my critical-hitter :3) Leaf Blade Psycho Cut Swords Dance Drain Punch (Maybe replace Swords Dance with Night Slash, since he already has incredible attack?) 6. Jolteon Double Kick Quick Attack Bite Shock Wave (because he hasn't learned any moves yet, they're kind of bad. But I'm aiming on Thunder Fang, Quick Attack, Shock Wave, and Bite???) Thanks, and if my team isn't very good, please give suggestions? Also, it would be nice if you didn't just say "No." or "Looks good." If you could be specific as to why you say your answer, then you'll probably get best answer more easily. :3
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Abrianna Abrianna | 6 days ago
I like the idea of using lopunny. I would teach it fire punch because it gives it a bigger variety of a moveset. Return is especially good a lopunny because bunneary evolves with friendship. Replacing Metronome on togetic would be smart for its very random. Also use Air Slash instead of extreemspeed cause its already got good speed and has a lot more sp. attack than attack stat. Froslass is a very good choice. I would know cause I used it too. I do think that you replace wakeup slap for ice beam. One last problem may be that hail will hurt your other pokemon so you might want to use Froslass last in battle. Feraligatr is good the way he is Gallade is also good but if you switch swords dance use rock slide to hit flying types hard for Gallade is weak to them. I realy like jolteon for he is my favorite of the eeveelotions. Thunderbolt and thunder will do a lot more than double kick and quick attack. If you don't teach shadow ball to Froslass then use it instead of bite on jolteon. Overall its a well ballenced team! P.S. tm thunderbolt is behind valley windworks, shadow ball is on route 210, and ice beam route 216 (need rock climb)
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Abrianna Originally Answered: Pokemon black - Is my pokemon team good?
yes ur team is good evolve tympole he becomes part ground ur problem is solved and yes that team will be good for elite 4 u have good typed pkmn take them all to level 65 and u can beat the game easy hope this helps :)

Syd Syd
Some of the pokemon in this team are very good indeed. But i don't suggest u go with lopunny. Think of returning with ur infernape if u wanna win but if u want a challenge then i'd definately do the same thing as you did. I advise u that u don't make togetic forget metronome as any random move can have a great affect on the course of the battle. Good choice of choosing froslass as it is an ice pokemon being effective to hardy pokemon also, it has very good moves taught to it. Feraligatr is also a good choice but it is not advisable that u keep both ice and water pokemon in ur team. Try to have Pokemon which are more dual type like ur Gallade which is psychic/fighting. Jolteon is also a good pokemon if it is trained up to a good level. But in the end, i would advise u to replace lopunny with Gabite or garchomp if u have any as they are a very strong and unique type of dragon pokemon. By looking at ur team, i observe that u are a great trainer and i wish u success in Pokemon!!!!!
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Paul Paul
i am guessing you do not own this team but want it seems like a good team you could try spicing it up a bit with a dragon type though that would make it more interesting. you shouldnt have two bug or grass types in the same team so put the dragon in either drapion's or tangegrowth's place other than that great team to aspire to get. empoleon easy to get piplup lv 5 drapion (skoropi) available from marshes lv 22-28 ??? i think staraptor easy lv 2-6 starly from first bit magcargo ahh not so easy to find you find em in stark mountain right near the end of the game so use trade tangegrowth well your being a bit too ambitious because you will again need to get this from the safari from one of the other games it is not obtainable in platinum. oh and it turns to tangegrowth at lv 33 when it learns ancientpower ramparados available from a fossil underground. sorry mate you might need a substitute team for a while seeing as magcargo can only be obtained after getting the full pokedex (sinnoh) so is tangegrowth and ramparados. so you will have only two pokemon for the first half of the game. then after getting skoropi probably having to wait a while for it to evolve to drapion (lv 42 to be exact) then you will only have three pokemon to beat the league and complete the storyline with. look good team i hope you do get it acctually you probably will over wi-fi but if you really want a good team to have until then catch a starly a shinx a budew a geodude have piplup as a starter and catch a ponyta later then try to collect your dream team after you have a well balanced team. oh and ummm sorry if i come out slightly offencive or rude really im trying to help :) good luck try looking for a team guide
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Lorne Lorne
You may want to replace Lopunny with another type (possibly a fire, dark, or dragon type) since you already have a Togetic. If you do want to keep Lopunny get rid of dizzy punch for fire punch or ice punch. Return is a more powerful STAB move than dizzy punch and it's okay for Lopunny to have quick attack as a second normal attack since it is a priority attack. Jump kick is good for it to have. The most effective Togekiss set is the paraflinching set (aura sphere, air slash, thunder wave, and roost), though if it is only for in game purposes roost could be replaced with another move (like flamethrower or psychic) and you could just use potions on it when its health gets low. You'll want to replace the physical attacks on Froslass with special ones. I'd go with shadow ball instead of ominous wind because it does more damage. Thunderbolt and ice beam are also good for it to have. You probably have surf for in-game HM needs, but you will want to eventually replace surf with another physical move (possibly earthquake or superpower). The rest of its moves are fine and provide good type coverage, though you also may want to replace aqua tail with waterfall for better accuracy. Gallade's set is fine as it is. If you do want to replace swords dance you might want to go with stone edge or rock slide to counter flying foes. Your Jolteon mostly knows physical attacks, but it works much better as a special attacker. As an electric move, thunderbolt is your best option. Shadow ball is also good for it to have. You may also want to check what hidden power your Jolteon has; if it is ice, fire, or grass then hidden power is a good option. Thunder wave may be useful as your last attack; paralyzing pokemon will make them easier to catch, especially against the legendaries.
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Lorne Originally Answered: Rate my pokemon team?
Weavile is fine, I'd recommend he holds Choice Band, since that'll give him that extra boost on his attack, plus with his natural speed he's an excellent Choice Bander, since he can hit and run easily, very few things outrun him, and only really aerodactyl who can be a threat. Skarmory, switch roar with whirlwind. The moveset works nicely, but whirlwind hits pokemon who have the ability soundproof. I know there's not many, but it just covers all pokemon, instead of about 3 short. Garchomp is fine, I'm not sure he needs dragon claw, but that's up to you. Personally I'd recommend outrage if you haven't bred him yet, or stone edge if you have. Stone Edge, hits a lot of extra pokemon for super effective, and works well with Earthquake. Good choice on Jolly, I see far too many adamants, that just get destroyed in battling. Electivire seems to only have 3 moves... Put on earthquake, means you can hit 12/17 types super effective, and with his strength that's excellent. Blissey is alright, I'd personally take off sing, and put on thunderwave, and maybe take off ice beam and put on shadow ball. Seismic toss can hit everything other than ghosts for 100 damage, so shadow ball will clean up that problem. Thunderwave has better accuracy, and lasts all game rather than on chance until they wake up. I personally prefer the reliability of thunderwave. Swampert again only has 3 moves and a letter. I assume it's Earthquake, Avalanche, Protect, Waterfall. This itself is fine, however I would recommend stealth rock over protect. Since protect is unreliable, and with his defenses, having a stealth rock on hism would be nice. I see one major flaw in your team, and that's the complete lack of any special attackers. In competetive battling, if you come across an opponents steelix, then he can pretty much wall your entire team. I would recommend gengar knowing Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Hidden power ice/energy ball. Perhaps something like houndoum could do well as well. Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Solar Beam, Hidden power ice/hidden power psychic. Psychic would add nicely to your team, flamethrower would hit steelix's and other steel pokemon very nicely. HP Ice could hit ground pokemon and dragons, who can give him problems. Sunny day works great with solar beam and flamethrower, giving them both a boost. Just my suggestions. If you fancy a battle feel free to message me, I'm usually game.

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