Question about MEPS and medical records.?

Question about MEPS and medical records.? Topic: Question about MEPS and medical records.?
June 16, 2019 / By Babette
Question: I went to see a psychiatrist and psychologist and have been kept at a facility and put on Zoloft but on my application for the military I stated I've NEVER been to a mental facility and never did any drugs. Would they be able to find out because I thought that you had to allow them to look into your medical records? Does my visits to my psychologist and them putting me on a dose of zoloft even fall under my medical records? Please answer honestly and thoughtfully. My MEPS is in 2 days and I do NOT want to mess things up there. Since with my recruiter I stated that I've never been detained at a mental facility and it says that on my application, should I just keep my mouth shut? I'm afraid of that "what if" sometime in the future they decide to look into my mental health records and they find out that I lied about seeing a psychiatrist and stuff.
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Acacia Acacia | 7 days ago
Listen keep your mouth shut and process in, there is no database of med records. If you dont tell them about it they won't know. Remeber MEPS is there to keep you out dont give them ammunition to pull the trigger. I havenever seen anyone discharged for this. Once you are in your unit doesnt care, they are worried about how you performm as a soldier not what happened in your passt. That 10 years and big fine is there to scare you no one gets nailed on that. All theyll do is put a block on you going to MEPS for 2 years. my answer from a previous question about this NO they can not only if you summit it, now if you tell them about something they are going to ask YOU to bring in documentation. Lets think about this, why would they ask you to bring in documentation and not pull it themselves? Because the Privacy Act pertains to the military as well. Anyone who tells you different is full of it. If you want ask this in the legal section and see if you get some answers from attorneys and they can explain the Privacy Act in full. It is more so the background check done by the FBI, thats BS the FBI does not have access to medical documentation without you signing a med record release, which you do not sign in the clearence. There is no National Database for medical records. They are looking at your court records and credit. Im not saying its the right thing to do, Im saying if you dont tell them they will not find out. If anyone disagrees thats fine, but I guarantee they can not back up how they will find out. If you doubt this call any attorney that deals with UCMJ and military cases. Hell when I went in I didnt even tell them I had a passport and had lived in Europe. My cousin never told them about his old HS football injuries. EVERYONE IS SAYING THEY WILL FIND OUT ASK THEM TO EXPLAIN IN DETAIL HOW ARE THEY GOING TO FIND OUT http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/hipaa/privacy.htm… Source(s): U.S, Army 5 years, knew tons of people who went through a similiar situation worked Investigations for 1 year classes in Const. Law, Criminal Law, and Business Law as I have a major in Crim Justice and a minor in Business Admin PS a lot of theses psych doctors will hand out diagnosis like candy thats how they stay in business. If you are truelly mentally ill dont join the Army has enough problems with non ill people developing mental illness the way it is. The Army can not afford anymore suicidal or homicidal soldiers in its ranks it is a heavy burden on a unit ADDED - MEPS creates a medical file from scratch on you, this will follow you your whole military career. If you dont add your civilian records to it they wont be in there.
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Acacia Originally Answered: I need with a medical records question.?
Only an attorney can answer this for you, most give a free 30 minute consultation. "Amending" a medical record is actually illegal because it's considered falsifying the document afterwards. To the medical board it would appear they were trying to cover something up or hide something after the fact. They can add additional notes to a chart, they just cant remove/change ones there. If there was no basis for their diagnosis then it would be up to them to show how they came to it. It's unlikely the ER doctor came up with this diagnosis on their own, ER physicians and well most other physicians consult with other doctors to determine a diagnosis. When you have lab work or an x-ray done the ER doctor and your PCP get a report from the physician who studied your results or read your study. For a panic attack, they may have consulted with a psychiatrist. In your records you may see physician's listed as "attending" or "consulting", the attending physician is who is overseeing your care in the ER/hospital and the consulting physician is who they consulted with based on your complaint of why you are there. Copies of your chart are sent to all physicians involved in your case (for billing purposes) as well as your PCP (primary care physician) if your PCP didn't agree with their diagnosis with or sees something off as the primary care physician they are responsible to follow up with you on it since they oversee your overall care. The only time your PCP is left out of the loop is if for some reason they failed to send him/her the paperwork or if your PCP is not on-staff (doesn't have admitting privileges at the facility you received care) at the hospital the ER is with. Dr came up with the diagnosis somewhere, it wasn't out of nowhere. It's based on information that was provided to them (by your wife or her medical history if they have previous records) it wasn't solely from "observation". What your wife told the dr or in triage may be different than what you were told or read. If you don't agree with the diagnosis then see your PCP to have them set you up with a second opinion.

Sydney Sydney
Right now the navy might be watching at you as a legal responsibility. You went right into a Psych Ward two times, what if that occurs once more out down variety? you would get any one killed. Always reveal your beyond in your recruiter, they're there to support you. My recruiter informed any one who needed to move right down to get a psych eval earlier than she would enlist that ''realistically no one passes a psych scan'' MEPS nonetheless does now not have the capability to move seek in each sanatorium and university across the state, it might fee them approach an excessive amount of. If you move Air Force they're going to have you ever record your present clinical supplier that is an handy approach for them to again monitor your historical past, however with the ARMY they don't ask that at the ten yr historical past style. They will ask you approximately what you probably did and ask inquiries to get a body of brain assessment of you. If they consider you're a legal responsibility, you'll receive a crimson slip that you are going to be DQ'ed. But i wish to strain the factor that they are going to now not have the economic assets to drag all med historical past from in every single place.
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Paulie Paulie
Scott is surely right as long as by "kept at a facility" you don't mean you were committed there. If you were not committed or mentally adjudicated the military will never know unless you go crazy once you get in and they do a full investigation. Other than that, you're good to go. Scott is right on the money.
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Lorrin Lorrin
If they find that you lied about it when you joined, you will could be and probably will be in a lot of trouble. Certainly a discharge, less that Honorable, possibly jail time. If you were sent to the psychiatrist or psychologist from your regular doctor that is likely in your medical records. Zoloft is not the type of drugs they are talking about.
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Lorrin Originally Answered: Is spam saying I have a medical condition a violation of the HIPAA law concerning privacy of medical records?
The spam you're talking about is promoting a scam, so it is not really legal by itself. It has nothing to do with HIPAA and everything to do with sending random people a form letter phishing for information. ADD: Also HIPAA protects your actual medical information. Made-up information is not covered. Nobody reasonable is going to think that a spam represents real medical information about you.

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