I feel ashamed of the way I have acted towards my friends and they may not forgive me?

I feel ashamed of the way I have acted towards my friends and they may not forgive me? Topic: I feel ashamed of the way I have acted towards my friends and they may not forgive me?
June 16, 2019 / By Bailee
Question: My good friend asked me to help her with her bags at a time when it was cold and dark outside and her bag had broken and was heavy. I refused My other friend asked for my help in submitting her essay so it didn't exceed the deadline and again I refused. I know I have acted really selfishly. How can I make it up to these people (one of which has just ignored my call) and make it up to God? LALA dont be so narrow minded, humans are by nature flawed, nd your being quite mean quite openly aswell actually.
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Best Answers: I feel ashamed of the way I have acted towards my friends and they may not forgive me?

Ada Ada | 9 days ago
ohh...babygirl dont worry your if they are really your friends they will forgive you and God loves you no matter what pray for them and yourself. Try to put others before yourself the more you do it the easier it gets because it becomes more natural =]
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Ada Originally Answered: Why do i feel so ashamed?
honestly thats how most people feel even if they are not gay... we all have things going on in our heads that makes us feel that we are weirder then everyone we know, when in all honesty we are all a little odd.. its just as a teenager we can be so much more critical on ourselves... i know thats how it was when i was a teenager... just know that no matter what people say or how you feel, you are being just you ....as odd as strange as you feel, its ok... all those things are the things that will make you shine once you can accept them... eventually accepting them is something everyone will have to go through...and you admiting and accepting that you are gay at 15 is a step ahead of a lot of people.. most people can not even accept themselves for who they are in their twenties or thirties some even never..

Tad Tad
Well at least ur having some regret and guilt over this so least that shows ur a strong person even if its in small things. Try not to beat urself over this too much. Allah Subanatallah knows whats in our hearts. Least u know what to do next time. Sponatanious reactions are human nature. May be u had right to refuse because ur human too. But least u regret and thats the main thing as that will allow u to be a better and bigger person. Dont be too upset because Islam is a easy religion to understand and follow. Its not strict to the extent that u regret everything little thing which any human can make a mistake over. Main thing is u realised and know more for the better. Peace!.
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Pearce Pearce
Explain why you did those things, if there was no other motivation but selfishness, admit that to them. Change and do the best you can to prove to them you have changed. True friends will forgive because no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Forgive as you wish to be forgiven (even if others don't do the same, be a leader).
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Louie Louie
This is normal it happens to me when... i feel my friends are taking advantage of me or when i feel i do too much for other people instead for myself. or when i'm just plain lazy. it happens, don't be too hard on yourself just say your sorry and they won't mind and they'll forgive you. if you start having this feeling just think to yourself what rewards are being held for you in the year-after.
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Jaylin Jaylin
Never do it again, and apologise them for it. I would do it without hesitating as they deserve to be aplogised to and you need to let them know that you are guilty. Don't hesitate, just do it. They will understand, guaranteed, if not at first then surely, later
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Gale Gale
You gotta do what you gotta. Thats all im gonna say because people need to be independent. They shouldn't act all surprised when they know the carpet underneath them is gonna be pulled in a moments notice.
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Derby Derby
Just keep trying, there's not much else to do. Apologise to them and say sorry for the way you acted. But see them in person.
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Benjamin Benjamin
Replace a bad deed with a better one. Do something special and nice for them to show you do care and you are sorry.
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Benjamin Originally Answered: Should I feel ashamed of myself and resign?
If I was in your place, I would not need to feel as if i had to ask such a question... I would be proud of myself and get on with my ambitions and aspirations and it's a great idea to accept the internship... and I would do that if I was in your position and then go back to sixth form and continue with your other studies in IT business... what's wrong .. we all need food and we all need computers and people who can be computer engineers or IT personnel who know all about ''The internet'' and it's better to have a couple of irons in the fire just in case than none.. IT work is in demand but what's wrong with some IT expert who can cook as well.. I see that as an achievement and an opportunity and definitely not as a failure...and I definitely would do it...!!!xx

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