Why is Mars to cold to support life, and why is Venus to hot to support life?

Why is Mars to cold to support life, and why is Venus to hot to support life? Topic: Why is Mars to cold to support life, and why is Venus to hot to support life?
June 16, 2019 / By Bambi
Question: Just some science homework. Thanks for the answers. I knew Earth was just right because of the greenhouse effect and its positioning from the sun, but I was not sure about venus or mars. Thanks for the answers.
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Best Answers: Why is Mars to cold to support life, and why is Venus to hot to support life?

Addie Addie | 3 days ago
The Habitable Zone Habitable Zone Illustration From the center of the Earth to the far-flung galaxies, we find evidence that life arose from cosmic processes. The iron in our blood and the calcium in our bones was made inside stars. All silver and gold was forged by stars that exploded long ago. Terrestrial life is embedded in a cosmic web, and it seems reasonable to speculate that life is cosmically commonplace. If life is in fact cosmically commonplace, where might we find it? Our search begins within the solar system, as we try to locate three ingredients upon which life depends: water, energy, and organic molecules (or carbon). Recent discoveries inform us that these requisites may exist well beyond the planets closely orbiting the sun. This area — where conditions might potentially support life — is called The Habitable Zone.
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People that call The Venus Project a "utopia" or talk about "human nature" don't know what they are talking about. Watch this 15 minute video (in 3 parts) and then try to use arguments like "there is no such thing as utopia" and "it's against human nature": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5HNXNXUz... In the world of The Venus Project (TVP), there are no leaders or governments making decisions. We've tried that for thousands of years and history has shown shown humans are too fallible and that leadership always leads to corruption. The more power, the greater the temptation for corruption. If you don't understand how society can operate without leaders and governments, then you haven't learned enough about TVP. TVP will not be forced on anyone. People don't need to get defensive about their love for the "stuff" they've amassed. People can stay in their current homes in constant need of repair, keep wasting their lives in traffic commuting to work meaningless jobs they hate, and collecting designed-to-fail material possessions that sit in their garages and closets. No one is going to come kick down your door and take your stuff. The TVP transition idea is that efficient and intelligently designed cities will be built with the most advanced technologies and materials available, and our most current understandings. People can choose to come live a new stress-free life where everyone treats each other and their surroundings with respect, or they can stay in the old cities. Try the new TVP cities and don't like them, I doubt it, but feel free to go back to the old cities if you like. No one is forcing anything on anyone. The idea is that once people see TVP cities operating at such high levels of efficiency and abundance and personal happiness that they will grow and grow in popularity. Everyone is welcome to join, unlike our current countries trying to keep everyone else out. TVP is a whole new world of personal freedom that most people today can't even imagine. Nothing like TVP has ever been attempted before. Read that Wiki link about the "Road to Serfdom" book. It begins: The Road to Serfdom is a book written by the Austrian-born economist and philosopher Friedrich von Hayek between 1940–1943, in which he "warned of the danger of tyranny that inevitably results from government control of economic decision-making through central planning," and in which he argues that the abandonment of individualism, liberalism, and freedom inevitably leads to socialist or fascist oppression and tyranny and the serfdom of the individual. That doesn't describe TVP at all. In fact, it quite closely resembles the path with world is on with our current governments "stimulus spending" and "bail-outs of corporations that are too big to fail", meanwhile taking away people's rights and freedoms in the name of the constant "War on Terror" (going on 10 years now, do you feel safer?). Implications trying to associate TVP with eugenics is fear-mongering. No supporters of TVP would ever agree to eugenics and such practices are certainly not needed. Certainly the rich and powerful will not sit back and let the world transition to a resource based economy like TVP. They would certainly lose control and would become regular people, just like the rest of us. Thankfully, we've got the numbers on our side. Less than 15 of the world's population is them, and the rest is us. As soon as we get tired of playing the rat-race game they created for us, we can shape the world however we want. Of course, the hard part is getting the word out there and opening people's minds. At this stage, there is enormous resistance. Everyone complains about their lives and society and governments and the tragedies around the world, yet as soon as people start talking about changing the world for the good of everyone, they dig their heels in and stand-tall for that same system they will continue to complain endlessly about.
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I support the concept, but given the facts that International bankers were behind every major war in the 20th century, do you think they would sit idly by whilst watching a moneyless society blossom? In theory, it could work but in order for something like this to properly function you either need worldwide cooperation or a large enough land mass with enough resources to be independent. Moreover, most people in the world are enslaved by the system and can't conceive of a life without American Idol, McDonald's takeaways, and mall outings. These people will be the first to rise to action to defend this facade they call a democracy and the architects of this illusory world, just like Morpheus states in the Matrix, "You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. Finally, the Venus Project is extremely vague in terms of the actual socio-political aspects of running such a society and and elucidating the mechanisms by which it would implement them. Obviously technocracy is not realistic at this juncture to fully handle the running of everyday life, however, with more innovation this could be achieved in the near future. That being said however, it's a good concept and a start, and it's up to the positive people (obviously not the naysayers and the pessimists who tell you that changing a lightbulb is impossible without the right tools) to develop the concept further, politically, socially, economically and technologically. Anyway, it's good to know there are like-minded folks out there who dare to think of the impossible and envision a better future for all of mankind.

Talbot Talbot
Because of their distance from the Sun. Venus is too close to the Sun (too hot), Mars is too far from the Sun (too cold), but Earth is just right.
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Percival Percival
Life as we know it on Earth requires liquid water. Mars is too far from the sun (and has too little air pressure) to allow liquid water to remain on its surface. Venus is too close to the sun (and has a runaway greenhouse atmosphere) to allow liquid water to remain on its surface.
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