My brother put a porch on my house said it would be $975 now wants $2647 is this legal?

My brother put a porch on my house said it would be $975 now wants $2647 is this legal? Topic: My brother put a porch on my house said it would be $975 now wants $2647 is this legal?
June 26, 2019 / By Bambie
Question: My brother agreed to put a porch on my house. He said it would cost me $975 and I agreed. Then I fell on hard times and have not been able to pay him now he has sent me a bill for $2647. If he takes me to court which total will I have to pay? He owns a window business and sent the bill on his company paper but I did not make an agreement with his business, just my brother. Isn't this fraud? What if after the fact he triple billed every costumer? Help! My brother has not threatened to take me to court and I don't dispute that I owe him $975 its the fact that I did not set this contract up with his company can he then decide to bill it out through his company? I wouldn't have even minded getting a bill if it had been for what we agreed apon. It's the fact that he could use this bill to defraud me and if I let him get away with it how is he going to treat the little old lady down the street? will it start a new trend of him praying on peoples fears that if a bill comes in the mail you must pay it or risk being turned over to collection as he wrote on my bill?
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Addison Addison | 4 days ago
Depending on the state you are in, your brother should have something in writing between the two of you to reflect the terms of your agreement, and if it is found to be a valid contract then the terms of the contract would prevail. If he doesn't and he goes into court with just his word against yours, then a judge would likely look at what the reasonable value of the services would be in taking into consideration each party's side of the circumstances. Also, since it is your brother, the judge may take that into consideration in why the price you were quoted was low compared to what your brother might believe the retail price to be. I cannot imagine that your brother would be successful in getting 2647 without having a contract to reflect the agreement. P.S. To have an oral contract you have to have a "meeting of the minds" which it sounds like your brother is going to say you don't as the price quoted and billed is so vastly different. As such, the judge would likely look at the actual cost to your brother and then take into account what he quoted you and whether he ever told you that it was going well over budget and then the judge would order you to pay a reasonable value for the porch such that you aren't unjustly enriched.
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Talmai Talmai
Was there a written estimate stating the cost of the project? If so, you can not be charged more than this amount unless an amended estimate was provided at a later date. I'm assuming, however, that this was a verbal agreement. If that is the case, your brother will have to show by a preponderance of the evidence that you agreed to pay the full cost of the porch, and he will have to show that the cost is justified. If he is charging you late fees, interest, etc., it will not be accepted unless he can show that you were advised of these charges, interest, or fees upfront. Without something in writing to show an estimate or agreed upon price, your brother is going to have a little trouble. The law requires "full disclosure", which means that you must be informed upfront of all costs, fees, and charges. A legally binding contract requires that there be an offer and an acceptance, such as "I will pay you $975 to build me a porch." The agreement may not be binding if it does not specify the terms, such as "I'll build you a porch and you pay me whatever amount I ask you for." It would be impossible to conduct business if the consumer never knew until after the fact what the job would cost. If your brother is going on some assumption that he can seek treble damages automatically for an unpaid debt, he is mistaken. This only applies to bounced checks. Most likely you are going to have to pay $975 plus reasonable court costs.
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Percy Percy
$975 is very cheap for a porch. Technically, you had a verbal agreement for a set price. Did he tell you that it was running into more money as he was building? Did he tell you just the windows were $975? If i were you, I would try and reason with him why it came out to much more then the agreed upon price. Try and make small payments to him, he obviously did a good job since you didn't mention anything. You still got a great price for a porch. He could take you to court. You should have put it in writing, regardless if he was your brother or not. Just pay him.
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Loyd Loyd
If you don't have it in writing, it will be your word against his. Get a couple of contractors to tell you what it would have cost for them to do the same job. My guess is that the number is closer to 2647 than 975. Geesh, you should at least pay him the $975. Why did you let him do this when you didn't have the money?
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Jeb Jeb
It depends...did you have a contract? If you had a contract stating that it was only 975 then he cannot legally triple it or raise it any higher. If you have the contract tell him you are only paying 975 for it, if he doesn't agree take him to court. Stand your ground!
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