Advice about college depression.?

Advice about college depression.? Topic: Advice about college depression.?
June 16, 2019 / By Barbie
Question: I am a college sophomore who commutes to school. I've done really well in my classes, my gpa is a 3.97, but for some reason I just don't know if this is all right for me. Ever since I started I've been depressed. Until the end of my freshman year I would be really sad if I received anything below a B+, but now I feel like I am under a lot of pressure from having done so well in past semesters, like everyone expects that from me now. On top of that, I have yet to pick a major, and its not from a lack of research or contemplation. In fact, the more I research, the more indecisive and nervous I feel. A bunch of thoughts run through my mind at once, like: I wont make money with this degree,I wont be happy with that degree, I'll be in debt and have terrible credit if I choose that. I know this would seem like nothing if I had some real ambition, but I don't. I know what I like to study, or what I am at least half-way interested in, but I don't like the careers that the degree leads to. I've had tons of time to think about it, and now I have to pick classes for next semester, and I can't even bring myself to pull up the registration site. I cried for two hours just worrying about it. I would never kill myself, but the thought does cross my mind that all these problems would be solved if I did. Picking a major is constantly on my mind. I don't know what to do. I can't drop out, that is below my last resort. I can't take time off from school, because I know for a fact I would not come back. On top of everything, I just feel like the future looks very bleak. What steps should I take? I've talked to counselors and academic advisors, and all they say is "No one can make the decision for you" or "What can I say to push you in the right direction?" I am asking you all because I don't feel as though my parents and friends really understand. I just kind of wanted to get the perspective of someone who doesn't exactly know me.
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Adelaide Adelaide | 7 days ago
You sound very anxious (and depressed). I strongly recommend finding a therapist who can help you cope with your anxiety and depression -- it sounds like you have a lot of pressure that you are carrying on your shoulders, you worry a lot, you are in a rut, and at this time you are a bit paralyzed from all of it. You need a therapist who can help you address the anxiety and depression; it sounds like you haven't met anyone who can address your difficulties from that angle yet. If the college counseling center is not offering you what you need, you can ask for a referral for someone off-campus. The right person will be able to explain to you what is not working out for you and give you strategies for effectively coping with it. Good luck, and hang in there!
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Adelaide Originally Answered: Help, I need college advice! I wanna start college in august but I cant decide on what to focus on.?
I would definitely say go in undecided, but tell your advisor that you're thinking of going into business for yourself. They will be able to help you get into classes so you can see if you actually want to major in business. Because not all people who open business major in it. It's just not for everyone. Even if you decide to major in something else, I'd still get some core business classes in. Also, you didn't mention if you've ever actually worked in a salon of any sort, but if you haven't, I suggest that you try to get a job in that industry, because a lot of things look easy and fun from the outside, but are harder than they look. And I would DEFINITELY suggest that you find and make friends with someone who has already done what you plan to do and see if they will mentor you in your quest to do the same. That will go a long way towards solidifying your goals, whatever they may be. Personally, once I found someone to mentor me in what I thought I wanted to do, I changed my mind, lol, so I'd definitely suggest that you get experience before you gear your education towards something you might not want to do for the rest of your life.

Tate Tate
Don't freak out, and don't obsess. If the future is bothering you so much, for now just focus on the next school year. Or the next semester. Don't try to take on planning your whole future, that is just way too overwhelming. First, that is an amazing GPA you have. Also, you're not alone. I always hate having to sign up for classes. I was at the end of my Junior year when I found out that teaching is too hard for me, now I'm taking a minor but I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with it. But I know that it will work out one way or another. I've gotten interested in some classes I took just to try things out. Don't choose something you won't be happy with. I think it would be better to have a bit less money than to be unhappy with my job. Have you met with a career counselor? They have tests, like personality, aptitude, and interest tests that may help you have some idea of a direction to go. They can also help you to find out what you can do with what you are interested in. Are there any more general education requirement classes you can take? How about taking intro classes in the areas you are interested in, to get a feel for the field. Maybe you can take a few intro classes during the summer, so if you find you like something you can change your fall classes to that subject focus. If you decide to try out some classes, don't freak out about what career you're going to have until you figure out if this is the right field for you.
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Pete Pete
1 PLEASE DONT KILL YOURSELF PLEASE! i know you dont feel very worthy right now but maybe you are important in some way. You sound eerily similar to my sister ( in good way because maybe i can help you) She is also having a hard time right now. Right now are you at a community college or a university. If at a university try looking into going to a community college. The courses are still hard but not as hard as at a university plus you can talk one on one with the professors if needed. You know that even if you get a degree in one thing you could end up doing something else such as if you wanted to be in the medical feild but you really like animals there are research labs that deal with the science of animals and how theyre bodies mimic the human. it just all depends. hopes this helps
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Luke Luke
Over the last five years I had begun to have increasingly withdraw into a downward spiral of depression.. But now with the method I can fully focus my energy and thoughts into a decisive line on how to make my life better constantly. And it works like magic! I'm beginning to attract people to me once again and things have just been looking up since then. Helping you eliminate depression?
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Jeduthun Jeduthun
I know exactly what your going through. I would suggest you just stay strong and continue to explore your options. Don't let money be a decider on what career you choose. You will be much happier making less money and doing something you love than making more money and doing something you can't stand.
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Jeduthun Originally Answered: Depression and college. How do I make it through this hell?
A couple of things... First, what is your social life like? Are they also students? Being socially connected can really help some people. Also, have you considered talking to your instructors? Not about the frustration part, but simply connecting can also help raise interest and motivation. Second, college is really odd compared to high school. There isn't a lot of routine, the expectations are really different, and it's not much in the way of busy work or small things after a while in many schools. You have to find a way to self motivate. If you need to, set a schedule for yourself and reward yourself for getting up on time and out the door. That can help you get to class... Third, many colleges have counseling centers. See if your college does and make an appointment. In most cases, it's either free, low-cost, or covered by insurance. Fourth, again with the connection, see if there are academic clubs you might be interested in. Also, if you're interested in psychology, consider seeing if you can volunteer in a professor's lab. Often, seeing what people at the other end do may add some meaning and incentive to the learning part. Good luck and use the resources you have. Identifying the issue is the first step, eh?

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