What are my chances? Should I give up?

What are my chances? Should I give up? Topic: What are my chances? Should I give up?
June 16, 2019 / By Basmath
Question: Im always worried if I'll ever get the chance to go to college. I'm a junior an I've lived in the US for only 5 years. I have no idea how the system works plus my freshmen and sophomore yr are screwing my gpa. I did not know much English then so I had a gpa of 2.0 but now this year I got a gpa of 4.0 so my overall gpa went up to 3.24. I know it's not good so my question is if I still have a chance to go to college with this or even make it to med school???? Pls answer :)
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Adelicia Adelicia | 1 day ago
Are you a minority? HUGE HUGE HUGE PLUS. Do you have a major life experience? (moving to US) HUGE PLUS. 3.24 GPA isn't awful, it's almost a B+ average, which is good. Also, most schools conduct interviews, where you can explain to them that you didn't know english and that's why your grades flunked Fresh and Soph year. They'll cut you slack. If your standardized tests are good, and you're involved in extracurriculars, and you have leadership experience, and you have killer essay, I'd say you have a fantastic chance of getting into any college you want.
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There was not a bad reason for your breakup, like infidelity. I am one of the people who believe things with an ex can really workout, and it has workout for several of my friends who have married their ex. The reason for this, is that we mature and notice the mistakes in the relationship after it is over. Things happen for a reason, you have moved on and yet this person has reappeared. If you are single, attracted or interested to him again, I say give it a try! Go slowly, but definitely consider this opportunity, start going out together(dating) and see what happens.
Adelicia Originally Answered: An ex has come back into my life. Should we give this a try? What are our chances?
You are in a good point of the relationship. Meaning you are both still on speaking terms. No hard feelings from before. As it seems it wasn't really a break up but a separation instead. As he must still hold some space in your heart. If he didn't then you wouldn't feel this way about him. Is there anyway you can compromise and meet both ways? Somewhere in the middle. It seems you both want a change of some sort. He is ready to settle down relationship ways. He is taking and initiative to begin a new part in his life, with beginning his own business. However this could be a bit tricky considering today's economy mess. So it could take a while to get underway. How do you truly feel? What is your heart saying to you, not your head? Can your job keep you both a float till he does get set up completely?

Teague Teague
Check out www.StatFuse.com. It's a great website that provides accurate & instantaneous college chances for absolutely free! They also have a lot of other tools to help you with getting into college.
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Phallu Phallu
Never give up. You always have a chance to make it to college and if you get a 4.0 your senior year you might be able to get into med school
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Phallu Originally Answered: Can I get into these colleges? Please give me your best advice. How can I improve my chances?
pretty good..i want to go to a lot of those schools too but the SATs really need to improve to be honest..your weighted GPA needs to go up too but nice job on your course load and the volunteer work...still overall i think most of those schools are a stretch

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