What is a poem?

What is a poem? Topic: What is a poem?
July 20, 2019 / By Baylee
Question: I really don't understand what a poem is. I have seen some but i have no idea why they were invented. What is the difference between a song and a poem? Is it profitable to write a poem?
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Adeline Adeline | 2 days ago
a poem is a short piece of writing that expresses ones feelings. instead of writing huge essays or books to express someones thoughts or feeling, poetry was invented. a song is pretty much like a poem, mostly a song is called lyric poem. but a song you and add music to it and sing along. if it is a really good poem, you can submit it on the internet on some contests. if you win you earn great prizes and cash.
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Adeline Originally Answered: Can anyone tell me how I can make this prose more like a poem I thought it was a poem but apparently its not?
i really like it actually. good for you. the line between prose and poetry is actually pretty blurry sometimes. But I think this could be labeled as a prose poem or free verse. If you wanted to learn more about poetry, there's this book I used when taking creative writing that was pretty helpful and can give you a lot more detail than I can here, it's called "The Art and Craft of Poetry" by Michael J. Bugeja, I'm sure you can find it on amazon on at the nearest college campus library. Good luck.

Ted Ted
Poem- a metrical composition, usu. concerned with feeling or imaginative description ... Oxford's dictionary a song and poem can be the same thing, except in a song, the poem is sung... e.g., the battle hymn of the republic was written as a poem, but later put to song... it is profitable to write a poem if you write an outstanding one...
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Pharaoh Pharaoh
I perceived poem as method to express your feelings. I'm not good in expressing my feelings verbally, hence poem is my way out. It helps me a lot. I think that's the reason it being invented as well. To help people to express their love, hate, anger, etc.
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Lynton Lynton
songs were originally poems... however poems have more feeling in it... its another way to express yourself.. which later turned to rap
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Lynton Originally Answered: What do you think about my poem?
That's pretty good. I do agree with the other person, "danger" is a little awkward. Maybe "fighting its way through your dangerous mind" or "fighting its way through the perils of your mind." Somehow it seems like this is struggling to find a good rhythm or flow. I bet if you read it out loud to yourself a few times you could tweek it a little to make it work better. Check out writing.com. You can post your work and have others review and critique, and there's a lot of great information and workshops you can use to better your writing. Good luck!

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