Stock market investor good career?

Stock market investor good career? Topic: Stock market investor good career?
June 16, 2019 / By Bea
Question: I want to play the stock market as my career, is this a good idea or should i just be a stock broker?
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Adelle Adelle | 3 days ago
What you probably mean is that you want to trade the markets for a living. A lot of people are doing that, but not every one is good at it, and has to get a second job to help cover for day to day expenses. IMO, it will be best to be a stockbroker, manage other people's money, plus your own. This way, your cash flow is leveraged with the income you will generate from the commissions you will earn trading your client's account. If you focus on keeping your losses small, profits will take care of themselves. A person who makes 25% profit annually is king of Wall street. Many top flight money managers would give away their first born child to be able to do this. A trader who consistently doubles his money each year is a star in this business. If you set modest goals for yourself and achieve them, you can go very far. If you can make 25% annually (you only need to make 2% each month), people will beg you to manage their money. If you manage $10million, not an outlandish amount in today's markets, your management fee alone can run to 6% of that, or $600,000 a year. If you make a 30% profit, you will keep 15% of it as an incentive fee, another $450,000. You will earn over a million dollars a year trading, without taking big risks. Keep these numbers in mind when you plan your next trade. Good luck with your efforts! http://jsforex.blogspot.com - Jim Syyap, Managed Forex Accounts
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Adelle Originally Answered: Is this a good idea?.stock market?
As an introduction...it is a "bit" longwinded... The bottom line is this: Your $$$$$, your decision and don't forget the old adage that if it sounds too good to be true, it probaby is. There is a plethora of info about investing -for free- at any number of reputable sites.... If you are a novice-which I doubt due to your analysis - then put your $$$$$$ into a few index ETFs If you are a knowledgeable investor...what's your point? If you are harping about an expensive stock selection process, ???? They exist to take your money...and if you happen to make a profit...sheer happenstance....
Adelle Originally Answered: Is this a good idea?.stock market?
Stock tipsters have 1 chance in 2 of being right the first time you try them and 1 chance in 32 of being right 5 times in succession. This is all they need to retain the confidence of fools and keep them in their mansions, toasting them in champagne.

Teddy Teddy
there are MANY different types of jobs out there, and the term 'stock market investor' is pretty generic. Stockbrokers are really just salespeople, trying to get clients to open accounts with their firms, and then they help 'manage' the account - the degree to which they make any actual investment decisions varies greatly. if you have a brokerage account w/a few mutual funds in there, how much input can a broker have? but i've seen brokers take more active roles as well. Actual investing sounds more like a job as a trader, hedge fund analyst/manager, or asset manager, or any sort of buy side analyst job. in these positions, you help make decisions that result in actual investments being made. Sell side analysts perform stock research, but the actual investing is done by clients. Investmetn bankers are involved in all kinds of deals. But anyway, if you're really determined to be an investor, you can invest your own funds of course, but i wouldn't be a broker. although the atmosphere in a brokerage firm's office makes you feel close to the market, but nothing like a trader, for example
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Phelan Phelan
You want to "play" the stock market? This is not a career. A career involves "work," not "play". You will need a substantial starting position (i.e., a lot of money) to "play" the market, and be able to weather substantial downturns. The naivete of your question suggests this is not the best path for you.
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Phelan Originally Answered: What are some good sites that give daily predictions of the stock market?
Do you really want to be investing in the stock market as it is now? I'd recommend considering Forex trading, with its extra liquidity and potential for profit. Don't get me wrong though, it's a risky business and you have to do your homework. I recommend going to fxstreet.com or babypips.com to learn about the market and understand the trading methodology. Take your time to learn and practice with a demo account. For guidance i suggest a pro signal service like justpips.com. They give you daily trading signals, and they've been amazing. Been with them since they launched and its going good so far. Best of Luck.

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