Is it too much to call a school up to check on available positions?

Is it too much to call a school up to check on available positions? Topic: Is it too much to call a school up to check on available positions?
June 20, 2019 / By Becci
Question: I applied for a teaching position and I sent resumes and cover letters to the specific school which had openings in the grades I am in interested. Should I call and ask on the status of the job? If I do, what do I say? Can someone help me?
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Best Answers: Is it too much to call a school up to check on available positions?

Adene Adene | 8 days ago
By all means call the school! Also ask if that particular opening is still available and if there are any other openings. Ask for an interview. It will show you are interested. It is always better to follow up a mailed resume with a personal call or visit. Principals get loads of resumes. Calling or visiting the school gets your paperwork put on top of the pile! If the school is closed for the summer, make sure you find out the first day that the principals are back...then call them on the second or third day after they get settled back in (first day is much to hectic!). While you are at it, find out as much as you can about the school before you go in for an interview, its test scores, population, etc., so that you can ask "personalized" questions about the school and so that you will have some specific knowledge about the school if the principal asks you why you want to teach in that school. Good luck!
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Temani Temani
It is not unusual for a school to receive literally tens to hundreds of applications for each available position. Therefore, it can be hard for them to contact every applicant about their status. If you are wondering about your own status, it is best to wait a reasonable amount of time before calling. A good suggestion is to wait at least 2-3 weeks after the application deadline. This gives the employer time to have reviewed applications, and they will be better able to give you an indication of your standing. Also, it may be better to ask about the job itself ("Has the position been filled yet?"), rather than asking about your personal standing ("Am I still being considered for the job?"). While it is good to follow up, remember that you don't want to be seen as impatient or pushy, so don't call too often. If you still have not been called to schedule an interview within about a month of the application deadline, you can probably assume that you should keep looking. Good luck!
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Philipe Philipe
Call and talk to the principal of the campus. This is how I won a job several years ago. I sent my application and resume in, but this went to the administration office and the principal did not know of it. The more contact you make, the better. Good luck!
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Mack Mack
Give it time; at least three weeks. then call. Tell them that you sent your resume and ask if that position has been filled. At least you will know if you are being considered for the job.
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Jehohanan Jehohanan
I don't think it's too much....I've heard of a woman who went up to a school everyday dropping off her resume...and she got the job! It certainly doesn't hurt for the principal to know that you are really interested in the job. Good luck! :)
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Gawain Gawain
wait for at least two weeks, if you have not heard from them within that time then call. but you can also look on-line. a lot of schools districts only accept your application on-line. if you have sent a resume to a school district that only accepts on-line acceptance then they will not look at your application because you didn't follow the rules. hope that this helps.
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Dewayne Dewayne
have you had an interview with the principal? call the principal and ask if the position has been filled and if not, express your continued interest and if so, then state that you are interested in future positions and would like to be considered.
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