Being cheated on advice. . .?

Being cheated on advice. . .? Topic: Being cheated on advice. . .?
July 20, 2019 / By Bekki
Question: So my boyfriend cheated on me on March 24, 2012 with a s*** that he has never met in his life except for that night along with two of his other friends. They had a 4-sum with some S*** and he took her thong because he said it was cool but in my opinion to me it seemed like a trophy as a memory for having his first 4-sum with two of his best friends (whom now no longer are apart of his life). He told me he threw the thong out once college was over and I believe him and two or three days ago his dad brings it up and says that it might still be in the trash can outside. And now I'm wondering why would he still want it or even bother to lie to me about throwing it away after we moved out of the dorms from college. And I also wonder why he would take it in the first place. Oh yeah and I ask myself cause he told me after he realized he was doing wrong he told off that s*** "I should have never had sex with you cause I have a girlfriend and your just a s*** who has a bf urself" with other mean words to her. And yet he asks her to flash her when him and his friend were dropping her off and he was heading back to see me. Why would he do that after he knew he was doing wrong but yet ask her to do that?? Thank you for your help!
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Adolpha Adolpha | 3 days ago
I don't know where to start since this guy is so incredibly foul and unseemly. He lies, he cheats, he is disrespectful to women, he has no respect for his gf, he is abusive (if it is true that he "told off" this woman), he not only lied in the past but has continued to lie to you. Referring to a woman (repeatedly) as a "sl*t" is unseemly. For you or for him. One can not have it both ways, I'm afraid. She is not too sl*tty to have sex with but she is bad-mouthed and judged by some creepy little loser who's cheating on his gf..? The irony is choking me. Any guy who is into having sex with three other guys and one girl is beyond disrespectful of women. A 'normal' guy would have had no part of that and a 'normal' guy wouldn't even be friends with other blokes who would be into four guys and one girl. Shame on all of them (and I'm not talking about the girl). She obviously is living a very troubled life and opportunistic guys rush in to take advantage of her. That's one of the most grotesque things I've ever heard. Did he wear a condom? The woman that is supposedly a sl*t would (presumably) have been with many different people and that means that he may have brought an STD back to you. How charming. Girls who blame the 'other woman' vs. the guy who cheated are deluded and in serious denial. He cheated on you in a very unsavoury and unhealthy way. I wouldn't trust this guy or anything that he says. He is unreliable dishonourable and doesn't deserve your trust. I don't know who has lower self-esteem and/or less respect for herself: The woman who had sex with 4 creepy guys one night or the gf that is willing to continue to be involved with a disrespectful and disingenuous person. For whatever reason you are not seeing this situation for what it is. It would be of benefit for you to take some time for yourself to reassess. Take a long break from him. Do some soul-searching and determine what you are really looking for in a partner. Is this the kind of person that you want to possibly marry and have children with? A person who is not honest and disrespects women like that? The thong trophy is irrelevant. It isn't clear why you are choosing to focus on the least critical part of this entire thing: the thong. Much of this isn't clear. As in (apparently) you are pleased that he would be so disrespectful by calling her a sl*t after having just been with her, intimately. Like that was a good thing? ew You're concerned with flashing after he has had sex with her..? The question isn't "why would he do that after he knew he was doing wrong"..? The question(s) you should be asking: "..why would he do this to me and our relationship"..? "..why is he a liar"..? "..what kind of a creep am I involved with that is into 4 guys and 1 girl"..? "..why is my self-esteem so low that I didn't think enough of myself to dump him immediately and never look back one year ago"..? You can do better. Trade up. This should have been blindingly clear a year ago. Start honing in on the type of man that you want in your life and don't settle for anything less than what you are looking for.
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Adolpha Originally Answered: What do you do when you know he is/has cheated and won't admit it?
It sounds like your husband has an issue with you, and doesn't tell you because A. he is scared to hurt you. or B. he is scared you'll hurt him And I don't mean physically. Women would like to say guys cheat because they are assholes, but often it's because he feels neglected or lonely. You probably haven't been listening to him and his needs. You may be having sex a lot, but is it really what he needs? Is it fulfillment? Are you living to his fantasy, or you treating sex like it's a chore to be completed and checked off a list. All this you need to get from him. It is probably time both of you see a professional therapist together.
Adolpha Originally Answered: What do you do when you know he is/has cheated and won't admit it?
Leave his *** n always follow your gut reaction especially if your not doing n e thing wrong n he's making u seem crazy once liar always liar google narsissistic behaviors

Terah Terah
I do know many couples run from this, but I incredibly suggest a session or two at couples remedy. He is sending out really mixed indicators. It appears as if he desires to be with you but is not sure if he loves you or now not. He will have been a participant earlier than and could also be having a difficult time popping out of that segment and morphing in a mature grownup. For some people, it will occur in thier early fourties even. This hindrance cannot exactly be disected on Yahoo answers. In occasions like this, element are main, which will simplest be percieved via long intervals of time. I hope this helped and i hope you're taking my suggestion critically. Many humans have benefitted from it.
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Phoenix Phoenix
Maybe he was just trying to show off in front of his friends? That's not really an excuse though...
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Phoenix Originally Answered: Why has my husband cheated on me?
I am sure that you know of his flaws before the marriage. However and unfortunately, most women think that they can change their husbands after the wedding. The red flags you see before the vows can and will only go worst. Too many women confuse the marital life with the wedding day. Why has your husband cheated on you? the list of whys is very long for you to have your pick.

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