How long will coal supplies last?

How long will coal supplies last? Topic: How long will coal supplies last?
June 26, 2019 / By Belphoebe
Question: when i say 'coal supplies', i mean all the coal in the world. how many more years about is this guna last? please give serious answers.
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Adrianah Adrianah | 9 days ago
Wikipedia is best for term papers:) The time coal can last depends on demand and ease of extraction. If the US started to conserve electricity by say 30% that would push the supplies out another 30%. People, when talking green, are always talking about how much oil, coal etc there is out there. The problem is that the numbers account for all the the oil and coal in the ground, not only the material that would be economical to extract. Another factor that does not get into the hypers comments is the speed of extraction. If you have oil or coal that is so difficult to get at that your gallons/min or tons/min drop below economical levels they the fuel is basically out of reach. So just because we might have hundreds of years of coal in the ground doesn't mean we can get at it. And if a billion Chinese switch from bikes to motorscooters to cars to SUV's then those supplies will be burned up quickly.
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Terry Terry
This is guna sound flippant, but seriously, "it depends" Since coal has a high carbon content, there is some resistance to using it. If practical renewable alternatives can be developed, and coal consumption is minimized, then the reserves will last longer than if usage increases. I believe I have read that coal reserves are expected, at current consumption, to last longer than oil supplies.
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Pippin Pippin
With all the questions about coal, why don't you Google it and do an little reading. Sounds like someone is doing a term paper. To encourage you, would you believe it if I wrote that the U. S. alone has "centuries" of coal reserves?
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