My 9 year old brother has no confidence in writing. Help please?

My 9 year old brother has no confidence in writing. Help please? Topic: My 9 year old brother has no confidence in writing. Help please?
June 16, 2019 / By Belynda
Question: Ok so i have a brother in grade 4. He is quite smart but he has a hard time actually finding his ideas and expressing himself on paper. He never does any of his work in class and always comes home and sulks untill my mom pretty much does it for him. I try telling her to just let him do it himself but she says its the only way it's ever going to be done. I know my brother is smart i really do. But he just doesn't have any confidence in his own ideas. I feel bad and really want to help him. Does anyone have any ideas on how to help him build his self esteem and confidence in his own ideas? Thank you
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Adriane Adriane | 10 days ago
Tell your mom that getting the homework done really isn't important in the long run. He needs to learn to do this now or he is going to have a very very hard time later in school. One thing you can do with him is give him fun writing topics. Tell him it is like playing a game. Tell him you and him are going to write a story together. Make it about something he likes, maybe like dragons or cars. When you do this with him, make it fun and be sure to let him make all the ideas. Write it down, so he can focus on making up the ideas. When you are done, have him read it to your mother and then give him a treat like go out for some ice cream and talk about how great his ideas were. If he gets rewarded for being creative and is shown that he has great ideas, and has FUN while doing it, he would do it much more often. Good luck!
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Adriane Originally Answered: I have lost all my confidence in my writing skills.?
Writing is the most lonely activity. Read John Steinbeck about his doubts of Grapes of Wrath. There is no easy answer to your question. Believe in your ideas.

Tex Tex
I have 4 straight A students in all subjects except 1...writing. They hate writing and writing I strongly believe is a gift with which are born with. Just like some people can draw, paint, build things, be a natural athleticaly, sing, dance, crafty. Writing is a talent and not everyone is good at putting their thoughts on paper and I think it is really stupid that kids are graded on creativity and their imagination. I love to write and can write for hours. My kids are better at other things. They are all boys might I add. The older ones do ok with research writing assignments because there is no trying to think what to write about. They just have to read and then put it on paper basically. But to make up something...they were just never the type of kids to play pretend. Remember girls have a natural instinct to play house and be creative. They use their imaginations early on with their barbies and dolls. I find in PS girls are much more willing to write and seem to have an easier time with it and most teachers will tell you the same. I feel the same way about phy ed , art and music. Some kids are artistic and can paint draw etc yet they are all graded equally, some kids can sing and music comes naturally for them but for others they were born tone deaf yet they are all graded equally. In phys ed they were graded on how did on the volley ball court. My son scored high but my gosh if I were there I would have flunked for sure. My son was born an athlete. He came out swinging a bat and ball. It just isnt fair that kids are graded because of their natural abilities. I can't give you any advice except have your brother write a subject first...then a list of words about that subject and then build sentences from there. It wont matter however because as I said some kids were born Stephan Kings and some werent.
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Placid Placid
You are so right!!! Your mom needs to stop doing his homework, how else will he learn? Help him when he gets home. Writing takes practice to get good at, and the more he works on it the better he wil be able to express himself. Also try to get him to read more, challenge his reading ability and ask him what it means. Reading is shown to help in your speaking and writing capabilities. Get your mom to get the book from familypedia.com on EQ and Your Child, this will help build his self confidence tons!!!! It helped me with my niece.
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Mahlon Mahlon
It's great to see that you care about your brother!! Do some brain storm activities! Maybe he is a late learner, has he paid close attention to your study habits? I don't know maybe he is being influenced by someone to slack off. Fix this problem soon before it gets out of hand.
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Jem Jem
definately talk to your mom. you can just keep reasuring him that he is really good, or try taking him to someone. my brother had a few learning problems and went to a summer program and now is perfectly fine. maybe he just needs more practice or more time to write.
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Gemini Gemini
He might have a learning disability. Probably not from the sound of it, but it's worth looking out for.
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Diggory Diggory
nicely it somewhat is great your in contact approximately your brother you dont get that alot only tell yuor mom you will help him wiht his paintings and refer to him...supply him a sparkling attitude on practise perhaps...its his social lifestyles in school some thing is bringing him down! Please attempt to assist him!
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Diggory Originally Answered: Ideas for 6 year to build self esteem and self confidence.?
He is fine, we always worry about how our children are feeling and you didn't mention if he was telling you "I can't" or that he is too scared so it sounds like he is normal. You have to remember he is a male and us Mom's forget that and there are big communication and emotional differences in boys. Keep encouraging him and exposing him to other activities involving children his age so he will build his social skills.

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