How do I retrain my son brain to do multiplication?

How do I retrain my son brain to do multiplication? Topic: How do I retrain my son brain to do multiplication?
June 16, 2019 / By Benedicta
Question: He was taught the touch point method in 2nd grade. Now he has problems with getting things answer during a timed test. Because he has to take the time to look at the number and count the point's for each of them. He knows his times tables he just has to use the touch point sometimes and it slows him down during test. The teacher here won't give him more time in a test. We had him tutored and he is an A stundent in all his classes. He is even in advance Science but when it comes to test time in math he freezes up. I heard about the giveing a verbal test but this teacher hasn't offered to help in that way. She said she would ask her professors but we haven heard anything as of yet.
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Adrianna Adrianna | 1 day ago
Do you know how some people are dyslexic, where they have trouble reading? I am an adult who has always had a terrible time with anything that has numbers in it. No one tested way back when I was in school but they do now. Have your child tested, they will find out if he needs some help. In some cases they will give him extra time to finish his math exams. Some people need to take "open book" tests. I am one of those people. I have always excelled at reading, math was a nightmare. I studied so hard, and as long as the book was open, and I could see the formula to finish the math problem I was okay. The second the book closed I had no idea what to do. It is good to know now if there is a problem, because it kept me away from getting more education. If I had been tested they could have helped me, I would have gone for a four year degree. Good luck to you and your son. You are a good mom.
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Thad Thad
Hi. Most of us learn multiplication through rote, memorizing "6 times 7 is 42", etc. Hard to break away from a learned habit, but try memorization. He won't need to do it once he graduates (21st century child).
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Pompey Pompey
go over and over them its more of memorizing than learning but thats what learning is and after a while of practicing he will remeber them just ask 2 times 4 4 times 2 and so on
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Mahon Mahon
I put my grandson in Kumon's program. He was really struggling with number concepts and all math skills. He was diagnosed with autism, and through this program his addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills are automatic. It took a little over a year. Their reading program is awesome too!
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Jemmy Jemmy
go over the multiplication tables with him over and over until he has them memorized. Repitition is the key! Good luck and tell him not to be nervous, he shouldn't be if he memorizes his times tables! =) Hope this helps!
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