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Okay, so here it goes:? Topic: Okay, so here it goes:?
June 16, 2019 / By Berlin
Question: I'm rather creative - music, art, writing, designing, they've always been my strong points. My weaker points tended to be in subjects involving things like maths and sciences. Did I say weak? I meant...weak. I originally wanted to be an architect, until I discovered it was purely math-based. Then I switched to journalism, but the pay and job outlook severely dampened my chances. Keep in mind, I'd be willing to go overseas for a job industry. I don't know anything about fashion, but apparently, the industry would be a good one for me. The same goes with interior decorating. I enjoy writing and editing, too. The whole idea for working for a big magazine or publishing company in a big city has always appealed to me - a modern workplace, like New York, Milan, Paris, that sort of life. Can someone give me the basics to fashion and fashion-related careers? And some information on other related jobs? :3
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Adrie Adrie | 4 days ago
I suggest maybe going to fashion designer's websites and clicking on corporate careers. Find out what positions are available in corporate. You could be a buyer or something. Find an actual job title that you like, then figure out what education and background you need to get there. Good Luck!
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Thady Thady
Interior Design involves math, too. Lots of measurements and space planning. You will have to get some sort of degree to be even considered and even beyond that, it's a highly competitive field. Fashion would be a lot easier to break into if you can make clothes and you have talent. Most careers in the arts start off slow, require lots of patience and talent.
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Premyslas Premyslas
let me know when you find out... im in the same position as you and my mom wont even let me go to an art school X_X
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