Why is this not racism?

Why is this not racism? Topic: Why is this not racism?
June 16, 2019 / By Bernadette
Question: A white kid applies for a college scholarship thru the United N*gro College Fund. He is turned down, of course, because he is white. If we had scholarships only availabe to white men, would that be racist....you betcha
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Aeron Aeron | 5 days ago
This pathetic act of bigotry is allowed to continue because most people are usually afraid to face the truth. Most black leaders encourage their gullible followers to believe that the world owes them a debt of gratitude for the wrongs of the white colonialist masters. But there were many other ethnic groups of people who were oppressed and denigrated by the white imperialists. The Native Americans (men women and children) were slaughtered and called barbarians for trying to defend their family and their homes from the invading marauders. The Jews also suffered at the hands of that vicious sadistic tyrant Hitler. Asians and East Indians also suffered tremendous hardships at the hands of the vicious white imperialists but they got up dusted themselves off and moved on. The set of values with which individuals were nurtured will govern the choices they make in life. Bill Cosby is one of the few black celebrities who are bold enough to tell it like it is. People must first “own-up” to their problems before they can solve them. They must admit to themselves that they have an egocentric fixation with their ethnicity and the victim syndrome, before they can deal with their self-destructive addiction. From my study of human nature and my activities in social work I am of the opinion that poverty is a cultural problem. Poverty starts in the mind and it is fuelled by the morals and values of the individual. In order to end poverty you must end the culture of dependency. The other aspects involving narcotics, crime and carnal behavior are all part of the syndrome that accompanies the laziness and victim culture. An absence of strong family values and morals usually leads people to become delinquents. If you truly want to help someone out of poverty, you must lift him/her out of psychological poverty. You must teach them how to fish as opposed to simply giving them a fish. You must give them a Hand-Up and not a Hand-Out! Poverty can be linked to culture and genetics. Most people who came from tribal and uncivilized cultures usually return to the comfort of their ancestry. Those people, who came from structured administrative cultures, were more adaptable to changing conditions and as a result they attained greater economic development. It was similar to the structures used by the Ants and the Bees in maintaining their various communities. The social environment within which teenager’s associate, impacts upon their choices in life. Smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs and criminality is first introduced into a person’s life by their parents, friends or relatives. If the society has endorsed these practices as being elegantly acceptable then what do we expect the youths to do?
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Aeron Originally Answered: Golfs racism - Is the Masters in Georgia the last remnant golfing racism?
It ended a LONG time ago. The problem is, golf's outlying bodies make it seem like golf isn't inclusive. The equipment makers and "signature" courses (the ones we hear the most about) are the worst offenders. Equipment makers (OEMs) like Nike, UST/Mamiya, Sun Mountain and Callaway charge obscene amounts for their clubs, bags, balls, shoes, shafts, etc. It's disgusting, especially considering all their stuff is made in the same 10-12 foundries in China and Taiwan. Yup, by the same workers, with the same machines, with the same quality standards. People are taught that clones, like those offered by Diamond Tour Golf or GigaGolf, or lesser-known component brands like Acer and Dynacraft, offer the EXACT SAME playability as the "big boys" at a fraction of the cost. So, these same people have it beat into their heads that if you aren't playing what the pro's play, don't bother showing up. It's sad, and needs to be stopped. There are affordable options everywhere you look... it's just that the "big boys" don't want anyone to know that. And those "signature" courses? It's another joke. They make the same drab courses: fairways too narrow, rough too high, too many trees (trees aren't bad; where they're used is), super-manicured greens, bunkers and fairways. They all have to be over 7,000 yards- in the hopes of hosting a Major championship someday. Oh, and the "signature" part? That term means someone famous, either a former/current player, or a well-known golf course designer, built the course. Those famous architects get paid handsomely for their work... Jack Nicklaus has said he gets paid at least $2M per course. These courses are too long and too hard to play. They cost WAY too much to maintain. Who ends up paying for this? We do... the maintanence fees and the architects pay gets reflected in our greens fees. People are programmed to think these are the only courses, but they aren't. They read about Pebble Beach, Augustan National, or wherever... they see their local courses and think they're the same way, so they don't stop. Most good courses can be played for very little. So, there isn't racism in golf. Shoal Creek was the last to get it through their heads, and that was a long time ago. But there's a PERCEPTION that certain "types" of people can't play, because they can't afford to do so. That couldn't be farther from the truth, but that PERCEPTION needs to be changed. Unfortunately, those that truly control golf (the OEMs, mostly) don't want that to happen.

Thane Thane
I understand your point, but at the same time how many scholarships are only for white men? How many non whites have applied for scholarships and have been turned down for not being white, but the funders have mad up an excuse and said it was because because of something else. I can deal with blatant racism but it's the underhand racism that we all must be cautious of. What happened to the guy who applied for fund has to be put in whole context. Many black kids over the years might have been in a better position (higher scores e.t.c) than white kids for a scholarship but because of racism did not get it. These funds are set up to prevent this from happening again and bridge the gap that was made because of racism. What should happen (like we have in the U.K for similar schemes) is that priority will then be giving to minorities first, blacks, women, disabled depending on how much they have remaining they will also award to whites. I applied for similar fund for black women, my white friend got it, i didn't. They obviously gave out awards to the best black women first, but it funder recognised the difficulties faced by white women and so saves a percentage for them. Maybe a similar type of thing should be done there, where a small proportion of funding is held for disadvantaged white kids. But to main question: I think is discrimination but not racism. These organisations that give funds do not have the economical or fundamental ideological power to be racist. Peope really need to understand the context in this situation. Racism is an ideology fuelled by hate (where you deny funding because you thnk the person is lower than y'self) , discimination is where you deny the person because you need to help your own have been disadvantaged and you want to help them first. We practice this discrimination every day of our lives with our friends and family (choosing one person over another) but we dont base our decsions on hate. So no it is not racist
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Preston Preston
a number of those responses are ridiculous. As an American, i'm placing out to realize how racist Britain unquestionably is. embody variety as a exchange of thinking "Oh no!! they're taking on". I literary have friends from fairly much each way of existence possible, and it has in certainty made me a greater useful individual. Even the deep south of the US, which has a foul recognition for racism, isn't close to as undesirable as what I see on a number of those message boards. I grew up in an area the place i became into the only white youngster, and that i became into at cases discriminated against, yet i do no longer make generalizations of all minorities through fact of it.
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Malachai Malachai
While I understand your frustration I would hope that this is not the only scholarship that the white kid is applying to. If it is, he is a fool. It's no different from, like the others have said, being turned away from a fraternity because you're a girl, not being allowed on your college baseball team because girls are only allowed on the softball team. There is racism, sexism, etc, everywhere. That is exactly WHY things like the ***** Fund exist...so there are scholarships for them as well.
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Malachai Originally Answered: What is Racism?
Treated unfairly by who's standards? Racism has become anyone going against what someone of color wants or demands, fair or unfair. You do know that white skin is a color too?

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