I have a learning disability and want to major in Biology?

I have a learning disability and want to major in Biology? Topic: I have a learning disability and want to major in Biology?
June 16, 2019 / By Bernadine
Question: Since I was little i've had a hard time in learning math, and was tested and learned that I have a learning disability. I'm so frustrated because I don't want this to hold me back from acheiving my goals in college, im taking Chemistry and Pre-calc in fall and my family is so discouraging telling me I can't do it. If you've had similar experiences could you offer some advice or tips? Thank you. I currently attend a community college and am 17 in running start program.
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Aeryn Aeryn | 6 days ago
I have a learning disability and my parents pulled that same horsesh*t on me. I told them to mind their own damn business and I went to college anyway, where I dual majored in Computer/ Electrical Engineering. I had a difficult time writing research papers because my learning disability involves writing/ english grammar (Thank goodness for spell/ grammar check); however, I not only managed to graduate college but I did so with highest honors despite my horrors of having to write research papers throughout my entire college career. I set myself a goal that I wanted to prove to everyone that people with disabilities (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Learning) can actually do more in life than scrub some sh*tty, nasty *ss toilet for a living and I worked hard to prove just that. In fact, I'm in the process of starting graduate school. Again, everyone is discouraging from doing so and; again, I'm telling them to mind their own damn business. Go to college anyway and major in whatever you want. It is your life and don't let anyone discourage you in any fashion. Be strong!!! Good luck.
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Aeryn Originally Answered: Learning Disability? What is this?
It can be. It's when you struggle or have trouble with learning. Maybe you just need more practice and patience. Everybody is different and comprehends and learns at a different pace or rate. Learning disabilitiesare quite common and there are many different types! You can be born with them or develop or discover them. I suggest you talk to someone well educated about this subject. Just try your best and good luck! You can still be successful. Remember, good things come to those who wait and never give up. You maybe have different talents than someone else. Talk to your teacher privatly. Good luck! You can do it:) No worries, no stress.

Theo Theo
I have the same, and I run my own graphic design business. People with LDs very often turn out to be rather entrepreneurial, probably because they've seen first-hand how stupid it is to try and force a square peg into a round hole for so long. How you do will depend heavily on your profs. DON'T be afraid to ask for help, especially after class and during office hours. They can even connect you with a tutor, if needed. Look up Khan Academy (website) and the Life of Fred (mathematics books, goes through about 2nd year college math.)
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Price Price
If you have a documented learning disability and an IEP in high school, you can be eligible for certain accommodations in college as well. I hope you are availing yourself of those accommodations. By getting certain assistance, it could help to free you up from some certain requirements/conditions, so that you can put your energies to best use. You CAN succeed! People with learning and other disabilities have become doctors, lawyers, rocket scientists...; whatever they wanted.
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Malachi Malachi
You might fail miserably, despite all reasonable accomodations. Find the office in the University and have a talk with the disability counselor before you sign up for a major.
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Malachi Originally Answered: Do you think I have a learning disability?
It's probably procrastination. Sometimes it's ADD, or even the early stages of schizophrenia. These conditions are very very common, and seem to be increasing. If you can read books that you truly like, but it's only boring textbooks that you have problems with, then it's probably not a mental condition like schizo. It could still be ADD though, but my gues is that almost anyone can have ADD from time to time. Homework and textbooks are incredibly boring, and the real world almost never forces people to memorze crap like that. So think of it as a temporary condition that millions of other students have faced for centuries. Feel lucky that you don't have to learn Greek and Latin like in the old days.

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