Help please? Im really nervous about going to high school?!?

Help please? Im really nervous about going to high school?!? Topic: Help please? Im really nervous about going to high school?!?
June 16, 2019 / By Berta
Question: Okay Im a freshman and I went to my high schools orientation today and I really like the way the school looks. I was just so nervous b/c seeing all those tall people and stuff....Im just really nervous b/c middle school for me wasn't a good experience. Im really shy around new people...this year I was just planing on being Quiet and not speak unless spoken to..(ya know to avoid fights and stuff) But yea Im really excited....but....I just get shaky....I try not to be nervous but I just can't help it sometime. xxch0pstixx you don't know what I went though in mid school and the question is simple u don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out And sometimes its hard to just STRAIGHT out talk to people when you've had bad memories of how people treated u wrong for no damn reason Harvard Y ... .... what ever.....Im weak....Ok....RIGHT...and YOUR WRONG....Some people are just evil and love tormenting others for no reason.... WAY TO OFTEN PEOPLE MISTAKE MEEKNESS FOR WEAKNESS ......I don't have a problem letting go of my past BUT I will never forget what happened in it..I learn from it and move forward
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Affrika Affrika | 10 days ago
Freshman year first day tips by me: NERVOUS: For one, it's very normal to be nervous. I can promise you that you won't be the only one. From experience, when months pass by and it's the last week of school, you'll want to know why you were scared to begin with. It's only new adjustments that's all. CLASSES: Choose them wisely, don't go for honors or AP if you know you can't handle it. Go for an elective that you enjoy. FRIENDS: You will meet new friends and by doing that you have to: Be yourself, Come out of your shell, and Get involved (meaning that you should join clubs or sports so that you could meet new people from all grade levels). On the first day, you can always say hi to the person sitting next to you and start up a quick conversation before the teacher begins. Once the teacher begins the class goes on quiet mode. SLEEP: To get some sleep; Just try and shut down your brain. Don't worry about how the next day will turn out. . . trust me it will get there. Just listen to yourself breathing and in no time you'll be asleep. Or think about the downsides like homework, projects, essays and teachers who don't know when to stop talking. FIRST DAY warnings: You'll run into a lot of quiet, loud, mature, immature, nice and mean people. If anyone verbally attacks you as a freshman, just S H A K E it off. Remember that they are nobody or lets just say NOTHING. LUNCH: Lunch can be very overcrowded, but all you need to do it find a friend; whether it's someone you just met or someone from last year, then ask if you can join them. If your aware that a close friend or an acquaintance might have your lunch then plan ahead and ask if you can sit with them on the first day. -There is also a large variety of foods to choose from. WHAT TO BRING TO CLASS ON FIRST DAY: Folder - for all the syllabuses, rules, guidelines, & supply lists that your teacher passes out Pencil - Just in case your asked to do a small activity that involves writing Paper - Again for the small activity Locker items - If your locker was already given out to you then it's best to bring your lock & throughout the week you can bring your locker items. --And any girl/boy accessories that you may need. (ipod, phones, makeup, brushes, etc.) DON'T FORGET: Focus on your grades, try to balance everything out academically and socially. Be yourself. Don't give in to peer pressure. Stay out of drama and hang with the right crowd. Do NOT procrastinate. Study for those exams and tests Show school spirit!
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Affrika Originally Answered: I'm so nervous about High School!?
Hi! I was a quiet girl in middle school but I did much better in high school. During the first couple of weeks, it's hectic because everyone is trying to figure out their schedules, figure out where their friends are, etc. Also, remember that just about every other kid starting high school is feeling nervous too. Even the kids who seem like they've got it all figured out and they had older siblings to help them to know what to expect. This is all new for them as well. In terms of trying to make your first day go well. Do you already have your schedule? If so, go to your school and walk to each of the buildings and find your class (if the building is open) before the first day of school. I know it's a nerdy thing to say but it really helps prevent the first-day-of-school embarrassment of walking into the wrong class. If you get your schedule on the first day of class, then right now go online and find a campus map and get somewhat familiar with the way the building/classes are organized. Sometimes schools have areas labeled by numbers or letters. Most schools group similar subjects together -- math classes tend to be in one area, English classes in another, etc. Get a feel for that. Talk to your existing friends about their schedules and classes they tried to sign up for. See if you have the same ones. Make plans to meet up during breaks and lunches. The first few hectic weeks of school can actually work to your advantage. This is when everyone is getting to know everyone else. It's the perfect time to get to know students surrounding your desk in each class. Another nerdy suggestion from me is that on the first day look at the people sitting around you and ask to exchange phone numbers with someone, just in case you miss a day of school and you need to get the homework assignment. While that's a good idea in itself, it's also to get a conversation started. If you don't want to be that nerdy about it (like I was), notice things about the person and say something about it. If you like their shoes, say it. If you have a question about what the teacher said, ask them. Just get talking to someone. It may seem scary but the worst part is just in your mind. The best way to overcome being insecure is to find things that you are good at and do them. In my opinion, the best confidence boosters are achieving things that are worthwhile and that make you proud of your work. Others will take notice and be interested too. You can build up your own group of friends or you can join existing networks through sports and/or clubs. Hope this is helpful for you!

Thomas Thomas
You have a serious problem here, you simply cannot let go of your bad past. What you need to do for a cleansing day is write down all of your problems on a piece of paper, crunch it up and burn it, or rip it and throw it in the trash. This will demonstrate destroying your bad past. You will let out all of the negative energy and bring in the good. To boost up your confidence, try something new. Try a new look for school that shows people the real you. Join clubs that grasp your interest or try a sport that you like to play. You will begin to meet new people who might want to be your friend. Don't be so shy. When you begin to get nervous tell yourself that these people don't want to make fun of you, they just want to be your friend. I know you think that your peers tortured you in middle school for "no damn reason", but there is a reason behind everything. You see, bullies can sense who is weak and who is not. They ALWAYS go for the weak ones. What you gotta do is show them you are not weak, be confident, don't be a shrimpo and stand back. If they annoy you, ignore them. If they continue, stand up for yourself. Don't let them know you are weak. Believe it or not, they sensed your shyness back in middle school. Another thing you need to realize is that middle school is a whole new world. You need to know that 2 months of summer is a long time and some people can grow up. We all learn new things each and everyday. Middle school was different, people were more immature. People will be a slight less immature in high school. So girl, remember, go find the friends, they won't always find you. When you get shy about talking, remember,confidence, poise, and the social butterfly inside of you, waiting to spread it's wings.
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Quincey Quincey
Set your past behind you, and move on. I know it doesn't sound easy (it isn't), but you have to try. That's really the only way to go forward. It's a little intimidating to talk to people sometimes. I know how that feels. Just try your best, and don't get down on yourself if you don't make friends right away. People will hate you no matter who you are, sometimes for no reason at all, but why should that matter? If people hate you because you walk funny or you talk weird, don't feel bad. There's nothing you can do about it. Why should someone hate you for what you can't control? They shouldn't. Stay away from people like that. Be yourself. If you're a geek, embrace it! Be as geeky as possible. If you embrace your geekyness, you will seem more confident. People love confident people! Also, don't complain about anything. People don't like listening to you complain. I'm not saying you can't ever complain, but limit yourself (maybe once a week), and only complain to your close friends. Stand up for what you believe in. If you believe people should always recycle, recycle, and encourage others to recycle too. Don't get mad or talk in an anrgy, annoyed voice. There was this girl that always sat at my lunch table who would constantly talk about how much she hated school. She was such a downer. Nobody wants that. Imagine a life where nobody ever complained or got mad. It would make this world seem a lot better.
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Mallory Mallory
Not really sure what you're asking... I had the same problem. I mean you can do that, and some people will talk to you. And you will meet others when you work with others in class. But you'll meet less people, and it won't help you much later on in life in terms of self confidence and courage. I know someone that recently became a freshmen and met lots of people at their orientation. You can always start a conversation with simple "safe" questions. Like what middle school did they come from. Or how they like the high school so far. You make your middle school sound like a very dangerous place...
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Jere Jere
lol, ya it can be kind of nerve-wrecking but you really shouldn't worry. your experience in middle school is behind you. you now have a chance to start over. don't be shy because the things you see on TV DO NOT happen at all. except there might be some bullying but thats only couple people that are being watched by the teachers. just hang with friends and study hard! good like!
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Gerry Gerry
Okay nobody pays attention much to freshmen, upperclassmen are focused on other things. The only people who really care are the sophomores and they will hate you even though they were freshmen three months ago. The last thing that comes to my mind when I think of going back to school are the freshmen. You almost don't exsist so don't worry. I'm not trying to be mean, i just want you to have a good year. BTW- Sophomores, you are not upperclassmen
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Dodge Dodge
Relax. Takes some breathes! To avoid fight and stuff just say out of trouble(: I'd take this as a clean slate. Trying to be nice to everyone If someone says something not so nice to you it is because they are insecure and scared. Say hi to someone you look nice and friendly. The worst thing that could happen is for them to not be friend with so you don't really lose anything anyway. It's great your excited because it is exciting! Tall people ain't as scary as they look. LOL
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Booker Booker
ha i felt the same way! im a senior now so im actually ready to get this year over with :) high school is REALLY different btw , you basically have more freedom there than in middle school , try to see if you can find that one quiet nice looking person in at least every class you have so can have the guts to talk to and maybe have a class budy:) i hope it goes well for you! and see if they have your lunch period! so you can chat with them and munch out :)
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Adaliah Adaliah
i am a junior and when i was a freshman i felt the same way. just be outgoing and be yourself. there are double the people in highschool than there are in middle school and you WILL find people with your same interests and styles. cherish the ease of schoolwork freshman year because it gets a lot harder. be outgoing and DO NOT BE QUIET BE YOURSELF. highschool is not a big bad world its a time of discovery and the end of your awkward stage (for most people. ) good luck! i hope you have a great year
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Adaliah Originally Answered: I'm nervous for high school?
Take that list of reason of why to be nervous outta yar head. Just take it easy. Freshman year isnt always the best. You first need to focus about adapting to how things work, and Im sure it is not as complicated as you are imagining it. It is huge, you prob going to get lost a few times, but you will prob find someone that you can fallow, a friend that shares some classes with you. 2: there are a lot of people that u wont know, and the same applies. Make acquaintance of the ones that share classes with you. At lunch u prob will be like me when i was at freshman, i sat alone simply cuz i didnt know anybody and I was sooo shy lolz. That is the worst that could happen and it only last 2 ~ 3 days if u are not particularly super shy. Classes are not that hard, they are easy as long as you do pay attention to the teacher's instructions. And also, the teachers do know that there are a lot of freshman so the first weeks are going to be extra easy. IDK about math tho. Those are my super personal opinions because I lived them. All of what I said isnt going to be entirely true. I mean, it prob is going to be a lot better from what I said. Just be positive and play along with the flow, < I just realized I could of have said that at the start instead of writing this long paragraph lolz

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