How come so many people with obvious mental problems end up with a clean bill of mental health?

How come so many people with obvious mental problems end up with a clean bill of mental health? Topic: How come so many people with obvious mental problems end up with a clean bill of mental health?
June 16, 2019 / By Bertie
Question: What could be done to change this? Serious answers only please. davec4real, you're on to me, that's exactly why I asked. Jason's a little bit of a nutjob, huh?
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Best Answers: How come so many people with obvious mental problems end up with a clean bill of mental health?

Affton Affton | 2 days ago
IT,S THE DOCTORS....... The doctors should be the one be hail for theses actions when a person kills or hurts some one Same in presion Knows they send rapes and killers back out on streets hurt people and children when there not in there right mind having menal problems.
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Affton Originally Answered: Do you think this teacher had mental health problems?
No, I would not say major mental health issues, but certainly she had bad manners, and needed to learn to speak softly with others and watch how she expressed herself. I would say rather that she had problems with her behaviour. In today's language, she had what people are calling 'issues' ....meaning personal issues that need to be addressed because they are impeding her work and personal relationships in some way. It is not just a sense of professionalism that was lacking, it was her whole attitude. One wonders what she was like to her family and friends. Also, I wish to say that it really is not the teacher's business to like or dislike her students: they are her charges, her responsibility, and it is her duty to see that they are made to feel welcome at school, that they are treated nicely, that they treat each other nicely, and that they have good instruction for their studies. Also, to be fair, maybe these incidents happened at a certain time of the month: PMS, perhaps - and she had not learned to deal with it, or needed a little medication to get her through her rough spots. Alas ! A young child would not understand all that, but certainly her mother would, and since we are all women and undergo such things in some fashion, she needed and deserved help and understanding herself: the mothers might have been more understanding, and interceded in some way, maybe to be sweet with her and find out what was troubling her, if that was possible. I mean...obviously something was wrong. Maybe she had a really bad relationship with her spouse, if she was lucky enough to find one...or worse, maybe he was the same sort of person !! Ouch !! I do not know where this incident happened, but sometimes in the US we seem to forget that women have days of woe, some of them worse than others. A friend told me that in Europe, when a woman singer is negotiating a contract with an opera house, the management routinely asks her to advise them when she has her monthly cycle, and they then do not schedule her for performances during that time, because her voice and consequently her performances will be badly affected. I think that is not only realistic, but kind. It is possible that this is no longer the case - since our medications are really spiffy these days - but it should be the case still, since some of us are not into such medicines....but, I think it points out how far some go to accommodate in a realistic fashion how women can feel, how their physical conditions overshadow their usual state of well-being. Also, one more example:::in India, married women usually wear a red spot on their forehead, but if they choose, during the days of their monthly cycle, they can wear a black spot instead of a red one, and they may stay out of the kitchen !! Obviously, it was originally meant as a hygenic custom, but I think it is nice sometimes to have 'official' recognition that I might not feel so well, that I have a chance to lie down or rest, and that I do not for those days have to behave like a work horse come h. or high water !! xx

Thornton Thornton
Not sure where you are but usually obvious mental problems do not and should not stand in the way of a person living their life in relative peace. The legal test for action on mental health is usually harm to themselves or others. So if a person is just acting out and urinating on themselves or collecting antelope faeces they are not a danger (only to constipated antelope!). So the trick is to define what is obvious mental problems. If you incarcerated people with obvious mental problems there would be a world-wide shortage of politicians for a start!!
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Quinlan Quinlan
Because most people with mental or emotional problems never reveal it because of shame and a lack of trust. The only way it will change is for the stigmas that we place on people who struggle in this way need to be exposed and destroyed. Maybe you will get a vision for how to get the ball rolling. That would be awesome! Doodad
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Manasseh Manasseh
if you are talking about the shooter CHO,that's a very good question,should not have been let back in university until he was over his mental problems,sad to say a lot of mental patients can buffalo the doctors into believing they are normal again,need to institutionalize them for further evaluation
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Jeremiah Jeremiah
I dont no but isnt it ironic i was such a normal kid and loved my sport and horses and singing and then the school sent me to mental ealth instatutes and stuff ll
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Jeremiah Originally Answered: My brother has mental health problems, help!?
Your mom and dad need to take him for a psychiatric evaluation. And probably before that just take him to his family physician for a check up to rule out any other thing that might be wrong. Perhaps if he were on medication it might help to control his anger and his obsessiveness about the shoes and books and such. You need to get this situation under control before something bad happens to you or anyone else.

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