Do you think my nan will say yes?

Do you think my nan will say yes? Topic: Do you think my nan will say yes?
June 26, 2019 / By Bess
Question: Skip to the bottom paragraph if you don't want to read all of this. My birthday is coming up in 8 days on Jan 21st and I'm going to ask my nan if I can get a kitten, but theres one problem, she hates cats (For no reason, may I mention, she has no bad experiences with them whatsoever, my dad says all her problem is is that she was told bad things about cats when she was a child by her parents) although she did, even though she wouldn't admit it, like my last little boy (cat), Henry, and a little kitty would be even cuter! When I decided this 5-6 months ago I knew that if I just asked on any old day she'd say no so I secretly took about 10 hours out of my week every week (some nights I'd study for up to 4 hours, and some nights I didn't study, but on average it would have been about 10 hours of studying how to care for a cat every week) so now I'm stacked with heaps of information and I know exactly what to do and how to care for the kitty, AND all I've asked for for my birthday is money (So I'll probably get $300-$350 if it's a lucky day) and I've already saved up about $350 so lets just say I'd have about $700 for taking care of the kitty, plus I get $40 every month and it costs about $20-$30 on average monthly to buy food and litter and treats for a kitty, so really after food and treats all I need to get a toy or two (The rest I can just make my own toys, like old ripped up clothes, string, cardboard boxes, ect) and a scratching post and a litter tray and that altogether should cost about $100 - $150 or so, so really, I think I have plently of money to raise the cat, because I'm paying for the expenses for the cat if my nan says yes, AND I've over time printed out lots of articles on how to take care of cats and what not and stuck them all in this blank page book I have, and made it all pretty and nearly every page has a picture of a cute kitty on it, so when I show my nan that I know all of these things and know how to take care of a cat, hopefully she'll also see how beautiful cats are, and then once she's looked at the book, I'll see if she's looking like she's going to say no or yes, and if she looks like she's about to say no I'll say "Hey, lets drive down to the shelter just to take a look? Or even the pet shop just to look at the kittens so you know what to expect if we do go and adopt one if you say yes" or something along those lines and then she'll either say no or yes and then we'll obviously go to the shelter. SO sorry for that long story but anyway do you think she'll say yes? It's not like she's a cranky old woman, she's lovely, she's always laughing and smiling, really it's hard to believe she could hate such a beautiful animal for no reason. P.S. when I say I've studied, I don't mean going and looking at videos of cats playing or pictures of kittens or whatever, I mean actually going onto articles by vets and looking into nearly every single thing that will make my cat have the happiest, longest, most memorable life a cat has ever had. Raising a cat and having it as my own would mean so much to me, the last time I lived with a kitten was when I was 3, Henry was a kitten back then, unfortunately he died about 4-5 months ago.. :( But I don't want a kitten because he's dead, if you'll look I actually said I decided to get a kitten about 6 months ago.. Long story short I decided I wanted a kitten 6 months ago but the only thing holding me back was my STILL-cat-hating-grandmother even after she loved the last cat I had so I studied a lot every week (Aprox 10 hours of my time every week devoted to studying how to care for a cat, that's about 200 hrs all going towards studying cat care!) hoping that I'd have a chance but I needed an even bigger chance so I decided to wait for my birthday, which is in 8 days, but I needed an even BIGGER chance so I will have saved up about $350 and should get about $350 on my birthday because all I asked for was money so I should have $700 and I've already gotten food and litter taken care of with the $10 I get every week so I've got more than enough to take care of the cat because I will be paying for the cats expenses for a bigger chance so now money isn't a problem but the only thing holding me back now is my nan. I've even made up a whole big 100 page book of just the best articles and whatnot on taking care of cats and I've even put in it about 40 pictures of beautiful cats so that might help and I'm planning to show her that obviously and she wont read everything (obvious again) but as she flicks through she'll see the cute kittens and that might give me a bit more of a chance too. I've even made up a whole list of reasons for getting a cat and the books so big it's got a contents page! So anyway I've worked very very hard in the past 5 or 6 months to get all the information in my brain of how to take care of a cat, I've made a book covering all cat care things and I've read books about cats and just so much of my hard work and time has gone i R3ap3r, thanks for the answer, and I dunno if I'd sneak a kitty in the house, but I'll definately do what I said I was going to do :) rrm38, oh no, no, no, no, my nan wouldn't hurt a fly, believe me, the hard part is asking her without any cat in my hand to show her how fantastic and beautiful they are, but if I get her to go to a shelter, even if she hasn't given me an answer yet, once she sees a little innocent kitten mewing with it's adorable little face and its cute little wobbly walk she'll fall for it right away, I know her, especially if it's a kitten, I know she loves baby tigers because they're so cute, so she'll probably love a little gorgeous kitten. I think. Heh. But anyway even if she was a bit sus on it at first, I find kittens have powers to win people over, especially if it's my nan, she'll still say she doesn't like it, but believe me, she'll feed it. She even use to feed Henry. Henry came when she called. She didn't touch him, but you could tell she cared about him : Kristen, please, give me a break! I am not wanting a newborn baby! I'm looking for a cat about 5-8 weeks old, and also I live with my dad too, and there is no dogs in the house, I never said there was. And also you keep giving me hassle about cats and their well-being when you're yet another cat breeder in this world contributing to the deaths of so many cats in shelters! All the people that bought from you could have gotten a cat from a cat shelter and saved a life. But anyway I'm not going to start an argument with you because I know who I am and I know what kind of person I am and I know that if I get a kitten I will give it all of my love and all of my care until the day it dies, probably at about 20 years old because I will do anything for this cat. I am a responsible person and I know that, and you cannot tell me I am not because I know myself more than you do. You're probably reading this thinking "What an ignorant brat" but I know who I am and I know what I can accomplish. Just a note for everybody, I'm sorry, I know I should've mentioned this before, but I also live with my dad, and he'd probably take care of really big money things and he would take care of the cat while I'm away. And that's just what makes me so peed off, the fact that I know I have to worry so much and work so, so much just to ask my nan if I could get a cat, and she won't even have to do anything to care for the cat exept for maybe feed it once in a blue moon! But I know that I have to try and I believe that if I keep trying and put all my effort into it I can get her to say yes. It's just so stupid that I have to work so hard to get approval to do something and the person I'm asking approval from doesn't even have to give me any of their time or money or ANYTHING for me to do it, it's like all she's worried about it cat hair being on the floor, or maybe she thinks just the presence of a cat in the house will make her depressed or something!? I don't know.. Hopefully she'll say yes.
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Afrika Afrika | 5 days ago
well we cant really jugde what your nan would say, but im sure that she wouldnt care after telling us about how you have read up on them. when i was about 11 or 12 i wanted a kitty and my nan wouldnt let me have one and my cusin was giving some away, soooo i snuck one into the house and waited for my cusin to drive away before i showed her, just in case she said no then she would have to wait for my cusin to come pick it back up any ways lol, but after she saw how little and cute it was she actually let me keep it. if she ends up not letting you get a cat then ask her about letting you get a puppy or another animal that you would like.
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Thutmosis Thutmosis
I will say this AGAIN..... You have not studied enough if you think it is a good idea and/or appropriate to adopt a kitten at or under four weeks of age. (per your other posts.) You are being driven by what YOU want not what is in the best interest of the kitten. You are THIRTEEN. Where will this kitten be and how will it be treated while you are in school? Alone all day locked in your room or in house full of dogs and cat haters? Where will you be in five years? College? An apartment? Where will this cat be? If I were your Nan I would say NO WAY. Trying to bribe her with "pictures of cute kittens" is not the way to get her to get a cat. As stated in other posts: When your cat needs emergency care who is going to pay for that? Your Nan? Unless she is willing to be ultimately responsible for the cat, her answer should be NO. I have know many 13 year olds who think they are ready to own a cat. Some were, some weren't. At thirteen your life will take so many drastic turns and changes in the next 5-10 years that it is impossible to know what is in store. The only way a thirteen year old should EVER own a cat, is if a responsible adult is willing to be ultimately responsible for the cat if/when the thirteen year old does not come through. If you were on here asking about adopting a cat or kitten at an appropriate age for the kitten I would have very different things to say, but you are trying to adopt a too young kitten because you think it would be "cute" and "fun" to have a tiny helpless baby kitten. This shows without a doubt that you are more interested in your wants than the health and well being of a kitten. If I had your Nan's number I would give her a call.
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Radcliff Radcliff
If your nan hates cats, don't get one. Wait until you're on your own. Getting a cat now will potentially subject it to abuse or neglect, given that your nan doesn't like them or want one. I have a 13 year old little girl and, while I know they can be very responsible, I also realize that they're not ready to bear the full financial and physical demands of pet ownership alone. If you really care about cats as much as you're saying, you'll be willing to consider the cat and its needs and wait until you're in a better position. I'm sorry if it's not what you want to hear, but I've worked in cat rescue for a lot of years and I've seen too many abandoned or mistreated because they were brought into a home where everyone there didn't want the cat and people either couldn't afford to care for them or just didn't bother.
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Manny Manny
It is great that you have been researching cats and how to take care of them; but a cat is a huge responsibility. The decision should be if your Nan wants to take on that kind of responsibility. Cost is a big concern. Vetting is also something that you need to consider when getting a kitten. You will need to pay for yearly exams and vaccinations as well as monthly topical flea and heartworm treatments such as advantage. Spaying or neutering your kitty. Plus you will need to care for your cat if it gets sick. Also the cost of litter/ litter liners is something to consider that is reoccurring. If your Nan does not want to take on the financial responsibility I think you will have a hard time doing it yourself.
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