Is BIPOLAR a manufactured disease from the drug companies?

Is BIPOLAR a manufactured disease from the drug companies? Topic: Is BIPOLAR a manufactured disease from the drug companies?
June 20, 2019 / By Bet
Question: Every so often I hear people say " I'm bipolar" as a way to excuse their undisciplined behavior. I have talked to parents ho claim " My son is BIPOLAR" when in fact they are basically undisciplined brats who have the (un) benefit of lousy parents. It seems like the BIG PHARMA industry has altered the definition of MANIC DEPRESSIVE and all of a sudden if one has occassional fits of anger "Oh, thats a sign of Bipolar 1 or 2" Psychiatrists have become rich in the process. These doctors dont talk to the patient...they listen for 10 minutes and say "Try these" and hand a prescription pad" Its a crime to do this and not be offering counseling on top of the medicine..IMHO I know someone who had this 'diagnosis' thrust on them....and years later... it was obvious it was a depression incident, 100% situational. (This person gave some faith in medicine and science, only to find out years later, about how the drug companies manipulate doctors and studies....they learned it was all a big con) No 'brain chemicals not working right' No BiPolar. What have your experiences been with yourself, any friends, anyone who experienced the same thing as what happened to these people I have known and 'interviewed'...and recovered by decent counseling? (As was the case in the cases I saw) Please...open up....I'm interested in your experiences These 'bipolars' were all given this label by a psychiatrist
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Agas Agas | 8 days ago
I certainly wish that it were horribly misdiagnosed and that the drug companies just came up with it to get rich. No, unfortunately, it is real, and it is horrible for the people that have it. The worst part, is having society tell you that there is nothing wrong with you, you don't need all those meds, and the doctor's just tell you that to get rich.
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Agas Originally Answered: Bipolar disease is ruining my marriage!?
It's rough. To be with a bipolar person, it's a real challenge. It might just be that he is not equipped to deal with it, just like some people cannot deal with a person who has lost their legs or sight or arms in a car accident. It requires someone who is a caretaker, and is more demanding of their time and energy. Some people are just not equipped to take care of someone else to that level. He doesn't seem to comprehend that it is out of your control. He sounds like he thinks it is you needing to change you r anger. It's not your will, it's a chemical process in the organ of your brain, just like a hear tor liver problem. The best thing to do is try to gain insight, with time, you will be able to sense when mood swings are about to hit. when they do, just try to avoid others and deal with it. It passes. When you are manic, it's a real creative period, usually. Do artwork, or write or something that harnesses that energy. When you get down, take a walk, and just be there with your feelings. They pass, in time. Do not give in to manic urges, like gambling or sex or binge eating, or crazy driving, because life is so exciting. I have been told that studying Buddhism helps, only because it teaches you that feelings come and go, you are you, your feelings separate from you. Good luck to you. A lot of people do not understand what Bipolar is. I long ago had a girlfriend that said, "Oh, yeah, I am bipolar." I had no clue what it was, I wish I did. The fights were horrific, and it just drained me of energy. We only lasted nine months. I don't blame her, I blame my lack of education. now I know. Good luck. It might be that you will have to divorce, but with some education on it, he might figure it out. Go to NAMI sites, and such, to give him and education on it, and dealing with it. Try to find a Bipolar support group at a local hospital.

Tiberius Tiberius
No, Bipolar or manic-depression illness is very real, but it is horribly over diagnosed. My aunt had it long before any of the modern medicines and it was awful. I have seen people in both the depressive and manic state and there is no question of its validity. Like all mental disorders it is a chemical imbalance, but that is so easily misunderstood because literally all functions of our body are chemical so when something does not work right, it is an imbalance. Regardless to say well sometimes I am depressed and sometimes I am full of energy and cannot sleep is NOT enough to decide a person has bipolar and doctors have treated it, and borderline, almost as fad disorders, thrown pills at them and then we wonder why the person does not get better. NO one, but a therapist or a psychiatrist (or neurologist) should make these kind of diagnosis and if a person is to be treated medically no one but a psychiatrist should follow their medication treatment. It should be followed closely and medicated as little as possible while using therapy as a means of teaching the client better and more appropriate ways to respond to life. It would be irresponsible of me to agree with you about medications and drug companies. Legitimate cases of bi-polar must be treated with medication. The worst of the disorder is unmedicated mania or severe depression which can result in psychosis and severe problems. I can only say that the misdiagnosed should not be on these medications. I do not support conspiracy thoughts as I consider them a symptom in themselves.
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Rae Rae
sure there is over diagnosis. Were a drug and victim culture. But just because something can be over diagnosed doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You need to be careful taking a stand on this issue too far one way or another. Yes medicine in America is a money making industry. But bipolar is a real illness. If you come to the table with the misconception that anyone who says they are bipolar is full of .... and just making excuses for their bad behavior or weak morals you are making a huge mistake.
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Marko Marko
1) bipolar is not a 'disease' as you put it it is more of a incapability to control mood 2) i think the term and dignosis 'bipolar' is used to lightly, people self diagnose themself as being bipolar when infact they have just had a bad day...ive answered so many "am i bipolar?" questions on here of which the descriptions of symptoms that have been given sound nothing like those that someone with bipolar disorder would manifest. 3) unfortunately this kind of light use of the word and hypochondriac self diagnosis of this condition hapens with other conditions too i think about half of yahoo answer's mental health readership think they are schizophrenic, have bipolar one or two or are ocd when infact they are just lonely, ill informed on these disorders or have had a bad day. 4) i am perfectly aware that there are some people who do have these awful disorders (myself included) and do come here to seek help and support. 5) bipolar disorder is hard to diagnose as many of the symptoms associated with bipoar are also associated with depression. 6) as with any disorder or medical ailment sometimes the drugs dont work, drugs for depression sometimes only make things worse it depends on the person. 7) drugs do not cause bipolar disorder it is not a side effect. bipolar disorder is not depression it is far more complex than that many people fail to understand this thus branding themself bipolar when theyre not!...
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