What is on your to do list?

What is on your to do list? Topic: What is on your to do list?
June 26, 2019 / By Beth
Question: well i have a french speaking exam on monday. i hope that goes well, i learnt like 600 words in 3 days. :D i have tech coursework, and i think ill do some history work aswell. other bits such as updating my ipod, etc. @vasilica hahaah good one!
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Aggi Aggi | 10 days ago
Finish organizing my art studio Start work on clay models for a company I do freelance work for (deadline coming up in a few weeks) Prep for classes I teach this week Organize and put away the food we got at Costco yesterday (it was quite a bit...) Finish cleaning the front porch Laundry
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Aggi Originally Answered: What should I put on our summer bucket list?
I already made one with 100 things (: I'll give you the whole list! 1. Get my ears double pierced 2. Stay up for 24 hours 3. Get a sun tan 4. Go to the drive-in 5. Read at least 5 books 6. Walk or ride bike to the library 7. Go to the gym three times a week 8. Lose at least 10 lbs 9. Try to drive/park a car 10. Do the ice show 11. Teach my dogs at least 3 new tricks 12. Use only my right arm for a day 13. Make new friends 14. Hang out with friends and family 15. Have a campfire 16. Sneak out 17. Sleepover my grandparents' house 18. Learn how to make bracelets 19. Plant a tree 20. Change the color of my braces 21. Do a puzzle 22. Write an anonymous letter of kindness to a stranger and/or neighbor 23. Find my old friend in Columbus 24. Get a pen pal 25. Get a new phone 26. Get a babysitting gig 27. Say the rosary at least once a week 28. Go to Cedar Point 29. Cook a family meal 30. Make pita 31. Wake up for a 7 a.m. jog at least thrice 32. Jump off the monkey bars 33. Go on my uncle's boat 34. Make mix CDs for friends 35. Use a pay phone 36. Keep bedroom moderately clean or cleaner 37. Don’t watch TV for a day 38. Go on the roof 39. Dye my hair using Kool-Aid 40. Spend time with old friends 41. Go to a volleyball game 42. Have a scary movie marathon 43. Post a video on YouTube 44. Jump on a trampoline 45. Bake cookies 46. Get an easy button and go to Staples 47. Walk to my friend's house 48. Take a midday nap 49. Take my dogs to PetsMart 50. Read a book with my little brother 51. Go to family reunions 52. See fireworks 53. Go to a baseball game 54. Buy knee high socks in Columbus 55. Learn how to french braid and/or fishtail braid 56. Paint pictures 57. Walk the dogs 3 times a week 58. Go bowling 59. Go to the beach and swim in the lake 60. Make lemonade 61. Finish Breaking Dawn 62. Do the splits 63. Go to Butternut (this one store) 64. Go to Dairy Grove (ice cream place) 65. Play on the playground 66. Make up a dance 67. Buy something in the Disney Store 68. Have a Disney movie marathon 69. Catch fireflies 70. Swim at 1 a.m. 71. Swim at 6 a.m. 72. Do karaoke 73. Take underwater pictures 74. Write a letter to someone 75. Do service hours 76. Write 3 stories 77. Play with Barbie dolls 78. Swim for 12 hours 79. See a midnight movie 80. Go to the nursing home 81. Have a picnic 82. Play in the park 83. Dress like a freak and go to Wal Mart 84. Take a bubble bath 85. Camp out in the backyard 86. Make a collage out of old magazines 87. Make smoothies 88. Run through the sprinkler 89. Say yes to everything for a day 90. Jump in the pool with clothes on 91. Chalk in the street 92. Go to the zoo 93. Lay under the stars 94. Take a bubble bath 95. Run around the block and dance in the rain 96. Play hide and go seek in a public place 97. Do makeovers with friends 98. Talk with an accent for a day 99. Watch the sunset 100. Mix Mentos and Coke
Aggi Originally Answered: What should I put on our summer bucket list?
Have a bonfire on the beach (Check to see if that ones allowed!) Stay up all night Throw a party Do something out of your comfort zone Have a little summer romance??? ;)
Aggi Originally Answered: What should I put on our summer bucket list?
Have all the kids(or anyone that will do it) join together and throw together a big dance party! Take as many pictures together so when you are older you remember your friendship together as teenagers

Tiernan Tiernan
Well I have to study my Japanese language again . Then I'll also have to start training for my school choir . I also have to start work out again for the annual school sport ! And yeah , homeworks and reports ....
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Tiernan Originally Answered: JavaScript Array List?
1.) That's not an array, an array would be declared like this: 2.) If you want the code (document.write(myCars[0])) to be run, you need to put it in Or add the line to the end of the script that's already there, that will not produce conform XHTML though.
Tiernan Originally Answered: JavaScript Array List?
All JavaScript goes inside the script tags. If you put JavaScript into the body tag, it will just interpret it as regular text. Moreover, myCars has already been declared as a variable, so there's no reason to use "var" on it again. Also, the way you are inputting elements into the array myCars is wrong. You may do it using the square brackets with its index (I'm assuming when you did "cars0, cars1..." you really meant "myCars0, myCars1"): var myCars = new Array(); myCars[0] = "Cadillac Eldorado"; // don't forget semi-colons myCars[1] = "Cadillac ESV"; myCars[2] = "Cadillac Escalade EXT"; // .... myCars[6] = "Cadillac STS-V"; Then when you're don't inputting elements, you use document.write in the script tag. Or make another script tag and write document.write there. But in this case, there's no reason to do the latter. Here is your corrected code -- http://jsfiddle.net/nM7SL/

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