Is this weird or creepy?

Is this weird or creepy? Topic: Is this weird or creepy?
June 16, 2019 / By Bethanie
Question: There is this girl that I like a lot in my sunday school class. I have been going to this church since June and she has been going there long before me. She is pretty shy. Usually sits by her self in our singles sunday school class, and with her parents during the church service. She is going to college to be a teacher. I'm a little on the shy side too. I have started brief conversations so as to not scare her away... Here is my question I'm planning on writing her a Christmas card and giving it to her in church. I was also planning on putting a gift card, for her and her family, to a nice restaurant in the envelope for about 40-50 dollars. And just saying that she has a nice family and to have a great christmas. By the way I don't know her parents and me and her have only had a few conversations over the past 6 months. Will she think this weird or creepy with the gift card? Any thoughts or experience? best answer 10 points!!
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Aggie Aggie | 1 day ago
If you've hardly spoken to her; then yes it may come off both weird and creepy. People will respond to these things differently, but to be safe, I wouldn't do it until you formed some sort of relationship/friendship with that person first. I know that Christmas is about doing something impulsive and generous; but better to be safe than sorry.
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Tierney Tierney
You send her the card. She either likes you or doesn't. If she likes you, she knows you like her already. She receives a card with 50 bucks. Now she feels that you like her allot, and that you are trying to buy her affections. She is right, you are. So she will tell you that your a really nice guy and all, but that: *she has a boyfriend *your not her type *She's not interesting in relationships right now etc etc.. or She'll take the money, and lead you on. Take advantage of you, which is what you'll deserve no less, if you give her money. You'll give her more gifts: lets face it, you've already established the fact that your prepared to pay for attention. Eventually she'll find a man who is free from wants and desires, and who is prepared to relate to her. She'll leave you, and you'll feel used and abused. You may even attempt revenge. I tell you what: 50 dollars is pretty cheap for buying a girls affections! My advice: give all that up. You my friend are worth as much as me or her, or anybody. You don't have to buy nobodies attention. You ain't got to impress nobody. You want to relate to her, stop already! Thinking isn't required to relate to somebody: listening is! Not listening and interpreting what she says and responding, but listening, observing, watching. If your flying a kite, you don't set up a wind gauge, with a computer read out, to try and match your hand movements with the wind! You watch the kite! If she tells you her problems, don't try help her solve them; listen to them, smell the feelings she's experiencing! Be those feelings, give yourself up. Then you'll relate to her, no matter what is going on in her life, if you can give up your own particular worries and listen. In listening is the action. The question is the stone dropping in a still pond. The answer is the ripple the stone makes. If you think, that is like having a bunch of hungry piranha fish in the pond, causing loads of ripples. You'll never see the ripple the stone makes if there is loads of other ripples in the pond. If your dancing you don't try to remember the steps, because whilst you're thinking, you've stopped moving, and stepped on her toes. When your dancing you gotta be totally attentive: watch and move, any trying is gonna fail. You can't stop water flowing down a water fall; be that water. Flow with the stream, rather than trying to get somewhere. Water doesn't have motives. That is my 10 cents worth. If you follow my advice and you lose out, thats your stupidity for following another persons advice and not thinking for yourself!
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Rainard Rainard
You obviously like this girl. She may like you too, but you haven't given her the opportunity. I think you should absolutely give her a Christmas Card, but have you thought about asking her to go to dinner with you? It may be money better spent. If you just give her the gift card, she may feel like you expect something in return or you may scare her because she doesn't know you. I would suggest that you try to sit next to her in your singles class. I find this entre works really well, "Hi, I have really been interested in your answers during the past few months. I would really like to get to know you better, and I was wondering if you would be interested in joining me for lunch after church?" I don't know your particular religious slant, but if you are conservative, you can even ask if her parents would like to join. You never will succeed unless you try. Trust me, you may regret never asking her, but you will never regret it if you do. At least that way you will know if she shares your interest. Heather http://www.wellmangroup.blogspot.com/
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Marlin Marlin
Oh boy. You're torn between your desire and and your image. Hate to tell you, but the gap between the two will always be awkward and creepy. Your best bet to tilt weight is to be more sexual about it. Try throwing in some questionable photos of yourself with the card, Let her see you walking seductively to Sunday school, play with your lips while singing hymns, rub your fingers in slow circles on your bible, dry hump air while speaking in tongues. etc etc.
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Jerrard Jerrard
Creepy. Just give her the card without the gift card. Save the money and your reputation at the same time.
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this guy seams like a creeper to me. what i would do is to check maybe with your teacher if he has any special needs. cuz that also might be the case. if he doesnt i would see where just leaving it takes you. if it doesnt get anywhere tell him to stop and make him aware that he is doing such a thing. if he becomes agressive i would call someone like the police or maybe an administrator.

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