Should condo association reimburse me for mold/water damage to my stuff in storage unit down in the basement?

Should condo association reimburse me for mold/water damage to my stuff in storage unit down in the basement? Topic: Should condo association reimburse me for mold/water damage to my stuff in storage unit down in the basement?
July 20, 2019 / By Betsy
Question: BELOW I PASTED IN PART OF MY LETTER TO CONDO ASSOCIATION: Regarding to phone conversation with property manager assistant on 09.25.2008 and 09.26.2008 as an owner of unit #115 I am writing to Board Of Directors about my loss due to negligence of storage unit maintenance. I recently went to my storage unit to find out that my stuff has been flooded and growing in mold for a while now. Last time I had to go in there it was about 2 months ago and at this time everything seemed good. Now not only my things are permanently damaged by mold but also the rest of the things I was able to separate and save from further damage smell as bad as mold and damp basement could. I will not be able to use most of the things I keep in this storage again. I would afraid to bring any of seasonal decorations, Christmas tree or luggage to my house to spread the mold and bad smell. I am very disappointed in maintenance and inspection system of common areas like storage units by responsible party. This is unacceptable and I think I should be reimbursed for all my belongings damaged and affected by this kind of environment. I tried to protect my stuff by covering it with blankets, placing it in boxes and plastic bags. This probably would be enough protection for normal and well kept storage area. Below I listed things I feel I should be reimbursed for. I also can provide you with pictures I took of damage and mold in basement/storage unit. (list is for total $620) THEY SAID THAT IT'S NEVER BEEN PROMISED THAT BASEMENT AREA WILL BE DRY AT ALL TIMES, CONDO DOCS SAY "DAMPNESS IN BASEMENT" BUT IN MY CASE IT WAS ACTUALLY STANDING WATER WHICH GOT IN THROUGH THE WINDOW AND NOT FILLED IN HOLE IN THE WALL FOR SOME PIPE GOING IN IT. NOW THEY FIXED THE CAUSE OF DAMAGE BUT ARE MOST LIKELY NOT TO REIMBURSE ME FOR DAMAGE TO MY STUFF. I WAS REALLY REASONABLE WITH AMOUNT AND THINGS I LISTED FOR THEM, I SAVED LOT OF IT OR SIMPLY GAVE IT UP. I DON'T THINK THIS IS FAIR.
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Agnus Agnus | 6 days ago
Unfortunately you probably don't have a case against them. Most companies usually have wording that protects them from this sort of thing, saying any damage/repairs needed will be done at no cost to you but they are not responsible for damage caused by the problem. That is pretty standard-issue wording in any rental/association contract. Do you have rental insurance? If so that would probably cover the cost of those items, minus any deductible. If that is the case you will need to value your items at replacement value. You might also make a formal written complaint against the ownership of the property, sent via certified letter. State your case plainly, using the same terms as above- dampness okay, standing water not okay. read their lettering in their documents word for word. Certified letters usually get more attention, as they see you are building a paper trail. Send COPIES of your pics as well as any and all info/ correspondence you have already had.
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Agnus Originally Answered: How can I remove mold from my basement?
Mold loves moist air in dark conditions. Dehumidfy the air. Bring in some UV lights. This sounds like a potentially serious situation. You may want to ensure the molds that you have are not the life threatening kinds. That have mold test kits available at some Home Depot stores. Setup the dehumidifier to drain by hose into a floor drain or sump pump hole. That way it can run continuously. (Or at least not stop while waiting for someone to empty the bucket.) Mold can spread to attics and interior walls. Better get this problem solved. Good luck.

Timo Timo
Have you tried to put in a claim with your insurance carrier? That could get you some immediate relief for your lost items. What do your condo docs say about HOA liability for storage areas? Do you have a property management company (not the HOA) that is liable for maintenance items in the structures? Is there any record of a report on the underlying condition to the management company? If so, the management company might be liable. Are there any other residents who were similarly affected? If so, maybe you can all get together and pursue the matter as a group. Just remember, that you and other owners ARE the HOA, so in the event of a lawsuit against the HOA you would be taking some of the money out of your own wallet to put it into your pocket.
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Ranald Ranald
Mold damage is a general exclusion on a liability policy even if you have insurance for the same. You will have to take up the matter with the condo association or the mortgage broker and inspector from whom you bought the property if they have given a clearance certificate to you with regards to molds, provided you can prove that this was preexisting.
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Marquise Marquise
You don't have a chance. Basements are damp and sometimes wet. I rent storage units and we tell the people who rent them that anything cloth or wood has to be up on pallets and cardboard boxes are not recommended. We also say we are not responsible for damage caused by mold. Use plastic tubs for storage with lids that seal.
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Jervis Jervis
always read the small print - they usually have a get-out clause in there somewhere. never trust an insurance company either.
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Jervis Originally Answered: My storage unit ruined all my things HELP!?
I am so sorry to hear this, i hope you can solve this i have some ideas which i hope will help. First of all see if you can get someone to check out the mold to see what caused it. That way you will know if it was due to flooding or if it was the storage units fault or another reason. See if you can restore any of the items. Ask other people who have stored items in the storage unit if they have experienced similar problems. If so it is probably the storage units fault. They should pay for the full price of the damage. Although this will never bring back what you had especially family heirlooms. x x x x x

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