Why are children and teens taught not to swear?

Why are children and teens taught not to swear? Topic: Why are children and teens taught not to swear?
June 16, 2019 / By Bette
Question: I mean I remember when I was younger. I got in trouble at school for swearing and saying the F word in the privacy conversation of two friends who also used the words. I didn't go saying it where everyone could hear. I got in trouble because people ease dropped in school. I am 25 years old now. When I look back. Its just strange because in the adult world these things don't matter. I begin to realize that swearing really does nothing wrong unless your saying it to offend someone. Why would we teach these things when they don't come in as good of use as the children get older? I mean because they weren't able to do it to begin with. They will have even more of an interest swearing when they get older.
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Aiah Aiah | 7 days ago
Kids may use swearing as a way to ignore their problems without solving them. They can use swearing to ignore people, as well. It is simply an unhelpful attitude, and a destructive pattern to get into. You say this will encourage kids to swear more when they grow up. I disagree, because if done right, the person will appreciate the benefits. They won't feel the need to be rebellious.
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Timothy Timothy
Because our human society has a set of moral codes that need to be followed in order to maintain social order. Remember, humans are social being and no matter how fed up someone can be with his/her neighbors everyone need each other. In order for us to thrive in harmony some codes have been set up to enable people to interact with one another. One of these moral codes is to refrain from saying rude, vulgar words that might greatly offend someone else and cause social chaos. Another reason why parent might want to stop their children from starting to swear could also be religious. Some roman Catholics even believe swearing is a sin, or an offense close to sin. My mother used to tell me not to swear because God had given us a mouth to say good things but not dirty and vulgar things. In the past, wealthy people also refrained from swearing because of their social standing thus a certain manner of speaking was associated with the rich while another was associated with the poor. If someone wanted to make a good impression at a job interview or at a social gathering he/she might decide to follow the rich way of speaking (avoiding to swear in the process) to make other people believe that they have a respectable family background. When parents teach their children not to swear it is all a matter of manners and social conduct. They hope that by doing so their children will be seen as more respectable(and that will say a lot about the equally respectable parents that raised them ) and that they will continue to avoid swearing in the future.
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Randal Randal
swearing can become a habit, just like smoking. you can swear all you want, but just like smoking, it becomes a daily habit, and it's hard to stop, and you'll eventually wish you would have never started. the main reason some people don't like swearing, is because it's rude. some people get very offended by someone else swearing. it's just a common courtesy not to swear in front of others. plus, you sound smarter if you use different words other than swear words.
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Marshal Marshal
Yes, a lot of parents teach there kid not to swear, but it's not so they will not use it in there adult years. It's more along the lines of, we were taught that so we pass it on. It also looks bad when a kid swears. So in conclusion, it's not bad or good either way it's the way you want your child brought up. Me personally someone who swears a lot. You ask youself did there parents teach them any manors. So I guess that's what it all boils down to when your teching your kid not to swear, your teachibg them manorisms for when they are ready to be an adult. "Many people can relate to swearing in front of a relative and instead of getting in trouble the conversation goes on as nothing happened". No need to teach anymore because unlike a kid you probably used it in the right context. Bottom line, it's how you want to raise your children and its about. Manors!
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Jesaiah Jesaiah
because it's inappropriate and vulgar. if you were to go around swearing in most workplaces it's very likely you'd offend someone and get fired.
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