How can i boost my self esteem?

How can i boost my self esteem? Topic: How can i boost my self esteem?
July 20, 2019 / By Bettina
Question: I know for sure im good lookin because i compare and people tell me, but sometimes i compare with other people that are better lookin than me and i feel weird lookin and i feel that people look at me wierd when they dont. Also i compare with peoples style, the people that have better/more clothes than me, even though i got style and good clothes. I do have a lot of friends except sometimes when i compare with other people i feel smaller and my self esteem lowers, and i just cant stop comparing because comparing helps me get better but it also makes me feel weird..what can i do?
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Aidith Aidith | 9 days ago
Leo, Think about this: What really makes anyone else better than you? Others might seem happier, but the fact is, everyone has self-doubt and views themselves in a critical way. It's just a fact of life. To build my self esteem, I typically do two things: First, I write down all of the positive attributes about myself. Everyone can do something better than someone else. Write down the things that legitimately make you happy. Put this list next to your computer. Second, figure out your sources of stress and sadness. Write those out as well, and figure out how you can eliminate these from your life. It sounds simple, but it worked for me.
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Aidith Originally Answered: What can I do to boost my self-esteem?
Do something, do anything. Read up on the subjects that are challenging so you can do better in school. or work on that body image thing. Exercise helps by raising seratonin and the other good chemicals in your brain, just makes you feel better by oxygenating your whole body, while helping you look more toned and strong. Or do something to make someone else feel better. Think of a way to bring joy to someone who is ill or disabled and do it. Or let your creative side out - bake, sew, paint, draw, write, do crafts. It does not have to be "good". This can be only for your eyes only. Any action will feel better than inaction. Best wishes!

Toal Toal
See in case your melancholy is severe adequate that it calls for remedy by a pro. besides the undeniable fact that, there are quite a few methods to validly develop vanity to a healthful decision. Accomplishment and fulfillment are 2. by putting sensible aims to attain issues that are literally of activity to you, then going for those aims, you've taken the first step in the route of lowering melancholy and progression vanity. in case your purpose-putting is sensible, and also you nonetheless be concentrated and disciplined, you've a sturdy possibility of attaining your aims. even as you gained't attain all of your aims (except you've set them too low), you'll honestly make achievements that construct self-self assurance and journey. This has a sturdy possibility of operating. in case you imagine you're an gruesome man or woman, you need to be very particular about what you imagine is gruesome. Write those issues down alongside with the the reason why you imagine those issues make you gruesome. Write down the flaws about your self you imagine are eye-catching. This you may have others help you with. you would possibly want to also ask them what they imagine of distinct the belongings you imagine are gruesome - without telling them you imagine those issues are gruesome. there might want to properly be methods to advance some issues. for instance, in case you're overweight, you would possibly want to start up a calorie-counting challenge and cut back each and each day caloric intake. you would possibly want to also start up a sensible workout and weight-reduction plan application via books on the challenge. no matter if overweight or no longer, you get to point. it truly is a robust possibility for purpose-putting and fulfillment to boot. sturdy success!
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Randell Randell
don't compare yourself, but look at yourself as a unique individual. everyone is different, and the same. it's great to have faith in yourself. focusing in on something you are great at helps. create a mantra, and repeate it to yourself daily, this really does help. get some priorities in order (for example: have you been meaning to get a new stero system? well do it!) getting things accomplished feels great. hang out with a friend who has good adivce, and tell them how you've been feeling..chances are they know you well and can offer some insight.
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Martial Martial
Your your own person and you need to stop comparing yourself to others. You have your own style, your own clothes and your own looks, don't be like everyone else. Be yourself.
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Martial Originally Answered: How do i boost my self esteem and bounce back?
I know it's not easy, but once you can block out everyone else's negativity you can focus on your own positivity. If you need, write out a list of things you like about yourself, go shopping and give yourself a makeover. Whatever you do though, do it for you, and not to please anyone. At the end of the day you have to face yourself, not them. btw i've started an advice column on youtube about questions like this. it's technically for girls buttt i actually just made one on self esteem that might help you out. if you want to check it out and comment whatever other questions you may have i'd be glad to answer them. :) just type in thatbrowngirl890 on youtube or go straight to the link with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaZ6cS7QtfM

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