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Job Interview Clothes!? Topic: Job Interview Clothes!?
June 16, 2019 / By Betty
Question: I am 16 and I have my first job interview at a movie theater. Its a brand new movie theater. Not open yet, but they email me back saying they want a job interview. Its going to be a job fair, so can someone please tell me what im suppose to expect. And what type of clothing should I wear? A strip shirt with blue jeans with Nike shoes? Thats what i had in plan, anyone agree or disagree?
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Aila Aila | 10 days ago
Ugh never wear jeans to a job interview. For a movie theater interview, I'd go with business casual. Wear a pair of dress pants, with nicer shoes - NOT tennis shoes. Wear a polo or button down shirt that is tucked in, with a belt. You want to stand out, and look professional. Dressing correctly is the first step! http://www.middlesexcc.edu/career/images...
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Aila Originally Answered: Best Buy interview on Monday, any interview tips or suggestions, whats best to wear, wat to be prepared for?
It's never stupid to show professionalism at an interview, it shows the employer that you have an interest in the job. Bring a resume, along with a cover letter. As for your dress attire, wear something that will stand out. A white shirt with black slacks is fine, but make sure to wear dress shoes too. When they ask you about things you did not like about your job, it's somewhat of a trick question. You must find a positive way to answer it. Here's an example: "I didn't enjoy the job at Dunkin Donuts because I felt as if I wasn't being challenged enough to my full potential." For angry customers, you must think level headed. How would you want someone to act if you were an angry customer? You would want them to be apologetic and understanding, and trying to satisfy them as much as possible. Make sure to show good eye contact, and don't cross your legs or move your body while being questioned. Also, I found this site for you, it has a ton of questions interviewers use. It's jobinterviewquestions.org Good luck and hope you get the job!
Aila Originally Answered: Best Buy interview on Monday, any interview tips or suggestions, whats best to wear, wat to be prepared for?
should i bring my resume just to look prepared for the interview and show professionalism or no thats stupid? YES definately should i just wear a white button down tucked in black pants and normal shoes? I always say overdress so where the nicest clothes you have... you can NEVER be overdressed for a interview what questions should i be prepared for and how should i answer them? The only thing I can think of is customers service. I am a nurse so I really dont know what department stores ask. But about angry customers tell them that you will always do your best to please the customers because they come first and if you personally can not please that customer you will refer it to management

Tobiah Tobiah
Always dress nice no matter what the job is! Jeans aren't a really good idea. You should wear nice dress pants and pair it with a casual t-shirt of some kind. If you have dark pants make sure you wear dark shoes. They don't have to be perfect. Good luck! :)
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Randolf Randolf
How 'bout a tie and khaki's? If every punk-*** kid thinks the way you do and throws on a pair of jeans you're a lock if you wear a tie.
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