what were the founders of our government very concerned about?

what were the founders of our government very concerned about? Topic: what were the founders of our government very concerned about?
June 20, 2019 / By Beverly
Question: i need help with homework i need two words the question was... the founders of our government were very concerned about the ________ of ______________ in the government.
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Aileen Aileen | 2 days ago
Read the Bill of Rights for a synopsis. The founders fled tyranny and puritanical rule, so separation of Church and State was an important feature for our Constitution; however, there are so very many nuances in the Constitution itself upon which this nation is founded. I have witnessed the erosion of separation for church and state since the Reagan years and also now, with the takeover of the Republican party by cult-evangelists who use a literal interpretation of scripture that they want to make the law of the land---these are the extremists who took over our school boards so they could push "creationism" instead of evolution and teach "abstinence only" (on "moral/religious" grounds) instead of really informing our young people how to prevent early pregnancies. This might be a good answer for you, but if you read the founding document you would perhaps find others.
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Aileen Originally Answered: Why am I not listed as one of the founders or in the business plan?
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Toby Toby
Balance of power. Reasoning: In England under King George (executive and judicial branch), there was a democratically elected parliament (legislative branch). King George had the power to enact permanent laws without them, so essentially he was the only one with power. However, with a large legislative branch and no executive branch, laws would take a very long time to pass and nothing would ever get done. The idea was that good things could be done quickly, but things that were not so good would have to take a long time to go through the process and be more likely to be abandoned.
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Randulf Randulf
General Education Board Founded John D. Rockefeller 1903 He is so happy right but he really is that is the sad part.
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Randulf Originally Answered: Do you think the founders of certain Martial Art styles considered this?
That's an interesting question and in thinking about it I would have to say no and that they did not expect any of their instructors doing things to compromise things or corrupt their style and those standards that had earlier been established and they were expected to be continued. I am sure they also did not expect people to become fraudulent either in those styles and I say all this for a couple of reasons. First the world was a much different place back then and things were handed down from generation to generation first hand. That and the value system that your occidental cultures had concerning things like knowledge and tradition probably played a pretty big role in them thinking that none of what you are asking about would occur. Let's face it; nobody hires someone or sends them to accomplish a task if there is a real chance that they are going to fall short in that for the wrong reasons. The other thing which I think is a factor in some of this which I have thought about prior to you asking this question was the approach that many of these styles took with those schools and instructors that were set up for this purpose. Those in Japan and Okinawa who were running things and calling the shots really set themselves up on a pedestal and where aloof in their approach to things a lot of times. This created a less than ideal situation for monitoring and influencing things and at times even forced some of those instructors to maybe follow their own course of action or approach to better accommodate their students because of the void that was created. I can clearly remember how back in the 60s and 70s for instance how those in the JKA and in Judo or Shotokan would have trouble getting certificates of promotion, membership cards, and even one of those senior people involved to travel to the States. Unless your instructor was a popular one with those in charge things just did not happen for that instructor and his students and instructors were largely left adrift in some ways. The one group that is the exception to that is the Aikido folks. I have stated before that the approach they take with and towards their schools and instructors is like a breath of fresh air. They travel and give seminars, conduct testings, and make themselves available to their instructors and those students that study under them. They are so open and approachable that they actually like exchanging things with other martial artists and have a high regard for them and their arts. Unfortunately this was and still is not the case today for some of your stand-up striking styles and maybe that is because they are too defensive towards one another and that just carries over into this. Being in martial arts for over forty years like I have I have seen and encountered a fair number of things. One of them I will relate but save the embarrassment of naming any names. Back in the 80s when I started teaching on my own I set aside a sum of money for the purpose of having a high ranking individual travel to my school for the purpose of testing me for my second degree and conducting a seminar; all expenses paid by me along with an amount for their time. That individual would not do it but yet they still expected me and my students to continue to register with them and pay for things like membership cards and registration fees and buy patches from them for that style. I might add that those things paid for were also often never sent. I left that group and cut my ties with them and vowed to establish myself and my school along with its students and did at a level that exceeded that groups standards. Ten or so years later that person finally made the trip for another instructor and that instructor invited myself and my students to attend this weekend of training, competing, and testing. We blew everyone's doors off and that official could not believe how much better my students were than everyone elses. I continued to remain independent of that group afterwards even but did have some dialog and communication with them which was based more on respect and things than them wanting to make money off me, my school, and students. To me some of those in charge or who were in charge were partly responsible I think for some of what you are asking about because of the approach they took is what I am also saying here. It of course is even harder to manage things today and keep established standards given the independent learning resources that students and instructors have available. Just look in the magazines at how you can buy a DVD or maybe how you can look on the Internet even to learn martial arts. The Aikido group is the one exception I have found to all this really and its because of the approach they take towards their schools and instructors and making themselves available to them around the world. Many of your stand-up styles limit this and take a less than ideal approach with it even today however.

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