what has obama done for us so far?

what has obama done for us so far? Topic: what has obama done for us so far?
July 20, 2019 / By Bibi
Question: and what else is he working on? ok i'm doing a report on why or why not i like obama, and i am obviously going to say yes, but i just need to know some of the better things he's done for us. thanks! ryan g- i don't think george bush ever helped it by getting us in iraq
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Ailey Ailey | 4 days ago
school sure has changed, hasn't it??!! lol- We used to joke about our parents telling us they walked 10 miles to and from school, uphill both ways, in the snow, everyday. Today I'm just going to say that "in my day" (high school class of 1973) we didn't go out on the internet and ask others to do our homework. Good luck- but please- do your own research. Believe me, you're not likely to get much valuable info on Yahoo! EDIT- in the time it took me to write this, all the above answers illustrated my point.
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Ailey Originally Answered: WHich one of these Obama "accomplishments" makes Obama the "Greatest President Ever" as Obamabot libs claim?
How in the hell do you find time to even use Enzyte when you're here whining about President Obama every five minutes??

Todd Todd
He has pulled the wool over the eyes of this country and is doing the best he can to ruin it as we know it. He has increased the national debt to a level past that of the time of WW2 (4 times what it was under the Bush administration, and he hasn't finished yet). If you look at unemployment now it is around 10 percent, how are we gonna pay for an increase in the size of government when the revenue is decreasing ... raise taxes? He has kept the House and Senate busy discussing some "welfare de-form" movement and if it passes, 53 new government bureaucracies will be formed and increasing the power of the IRS. I'm thinking this is gonna grow companies and increase employment. On his speech to the nation in support of the "de-form" movement, he is ramming down our throats, he lied 22 times. He is the first President of the United States to be elected who is not a "natural born citizen" (look up the meaning of "natural born citizen" as it was meant to be defined before the "racist" term enters your "Obamatized" minds). He ran for president telling everyone he was a Christian (note his 20 year relation with the Reverend Wright) but (has to have any Christian icons or symbols removed or covered up before a speech), giving me the impression he is more muslim than christian (look at the dollar in your pocket and tell me what we are to trust in, and read the states charters first few lines and tell me what they read). The world looks at him as a fool, or at us for being fools for electing him. [Russian leaders wouldn't even shake his hand when he visited there, the IOC ignored even considering "america" as a location for the games (could it have anything to do with Obama?) we came in "dead last" or do they suspect that we probably won't be here too much longer? Yes? On what Obama has done for us.
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Rashaun Rashaun
Wow! i won't be able to have faith that anybody giving the advice to 'pass examine a newspaper', had not something advantageous to make a contribution. between the 1st issues President Obama did replaced into overturn the harmful coverage to in hassle-free terms grant investment for worldwide places that supported abstinence and professional existence. this is great. He lifted the ban on stem cellular learn and now our us of a has a federally funded application. To all of you who're so speedy to condemn equivalent rights for somewhat somewhat everyone, this must be sufficient so you might place a lid on it. Being a paraplegic, in the past replaced into your in hassle-free terms determination- in case you should walk with technological advances, yet advised it replaced into unethical- how could you sense? This opens doorways to treatment ailment, fix imaginative and prescient, and replace limbs. Does everybody comprehend that below the Bush admin, that the equivalent pay coverage replaced into controlled in considered one of these way which you had one hundred eighty days after employment to disputed pay variations consistent with gender. That meant in case you had a similar job as a fellow male co-worker and found out he made 15.000 extra a 300 and sixty 5 days, you should do not something. below Obama- you have one hundred eighty days after the date wherein the discrepancy replaced into suggested. And the basically right family step president Obama has made is related to the S Chip. this is a coverage that Bush overturned three times. It impacts tens of millions of folk. this delivers ALL babies a suitable to low value insurance. It additionally prolonged the cut back of the definition of center classification to permit extra babies in that center bracket to have get entry to what has in the past stretched family budgets skinny. What has Obama achieved? He hasn’t slept....he's turning usa right into a rustic we can not sense ashamed of, he's bridging social, cultural, international, gaps. he's not a saint or a superhero he's human And he provides a damn approximately somewhat somewhat everyone......we ought to constantly all sense grateful for our new President
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Marvyn Marvyn
He has shown us just how polarized we have become as a nation. Don't give him too much credit or damnation (depending on your politics), he is only one man who has been in office a short time. But his life outlook and his personality have brought more than a few simmering topics to a boil. And "race" is not even in the top 5. If you look in depth at what he stands for his entire life, in his speeches, writings, personal associations, (not the blip on the radar of his "centrist" campaign rhetoric), he was bound to be the most divisive President in the last 130+ years. The same person in lilly white skin would cause just a big of a stir and have just as much opposition. If you are robbed at gunpoint, aren't you just as broke if a White man does it as a Black person?
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Jethro Jethro
It's amazing that conservatives want "things done for them" by teh government, while constantly whining and bleating about how incompetent politicians are. My advice to the right wing is to get off your @ss and get a job. Ask not what Obama can do for you, ask what you can do for Obama, instead of being a snivelling, cavilling little negative bee-otch.
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Jethro Originally Answered: What do obama supporters hope to accomplish by calling dems who arent for obama racists?
When I decide whether or not to vote for somebody, it is not about race, gender, preference or any other factor. It reflects on the backward thinking of people who do think in that manner and a willing press (paparazzi) who want to sell their story capitolizing on peoples fears and hates. In many ways, the people who are using the racists labels are indeed racists themselves- isn't being one recognizing the fact that their side also has different physical human traits (that are no better or worse, but equal I might add)? We have a county with the resources and knowledge to solve the world's problems, yet we do not utilize 100 per cent of our interests on positive progress, and are diverted by issues as race, Hollywood glamour, and other nonsense. If the "Obama supporters" (as you call them) are using a race card in attempts to scare people into being labeled- then they really do not believe in their candidate. I would hope that he is better than that and the fact that they cannot brag about his attributes on that basis alone makes me wonder at their sincerity in him as a leader.

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