Irish Reconstructionist paganism?

Irish Reconstructionist paganism? Topic: Irish Reconstructionist paganism?
July 20, 2019 / By Biddy
Question: Do you know of any good websites other than "imbas" about CR, or more specifically Irish Reconstructionism??? Thanks!
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Ailie Ailie | 5 days ago
Here's some links from my stash, some that are more Irish focused - I don't guarantee that they are all fantastic, but I figure you can peruse them and see if there are any that suit your fancy. Many of them aren't recon sites, but just sites with history or texts pertaining to Ireland. I know there is a Gaulish Recon community on live journal, I don't know if there is one specifically focused on Irish. There is a yahoo group that is specifically focused on Gaelic Irish and Scottish cultures. (the CR FAQ site has already been given, it's CR in general, it's very good) http://members.iinet.net.au/~draoidh/tre... http://www.conjure.com/CELT/ceire.html http://www.ucc.ie/celt/ http://sinnsreachd.org/index.html http://www.maryjones.us/ - this is a very good resource for Celtic in general. http://celticmythpodshow.com/ - this is quite far from what you are asking for, but the first shows they have done are Irish myths so I thought I'd include it as it's a neat thing. http://www.seanet.com/~inisglas/ - this is Erynn Rowan Laurie's site and while again, not exactly what you're asking for, there are some very good essays on practice and other things. If you haven't read her book (A Circle of Stones), it's one I really like. It is out of print and can be a bit expensive to get a copy of, but it's a very nice book.
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Ailie Originally Answered: I'm Irish & my wife's Russian(also has Irish citizenship)Is it possible for us to move to Russia & live there?
Just get a lawyer. They can make it happen. Russia pretty much has a "we take anyone" attitude right now.

Tolbert Tolbert
http://www.paganachd.com/faq/ This is the website counterpart to the book I'm currently reading. Not a whole lot out there in terms in of websites that I personally have found.
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Rashawn Rashawn
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Rashawn Originally Answered: Reconstructionist Jews: Is this correct (see below)?
I think your reading differently than the context & meaning they are trying to inpart? Also those statements don't reflect reality of Reconstructionist Rabbinal views. 1. The purpose of such vague statements that remove a traditional formal personal God concept that answers to your requests... is to make the movement more open to all those who don't view that way. The wordings if you read cautiously, don't exclude one believing the traditional way. They INclude a more expansive option. It's tricky to see, & it's almost political in it's intent. The reason for such extreme statements is because the traditional is such an obvious fixed point, that they are only wording the Additional option & trying to make room for it's members with it. I think it's not said very well, but it's also based in the movements origins from Conservative a while a go. So, at that time there wouldn't be any need to state the traditional... it'd be the obvious inclusion point for many members. 2. I've attended around 3 reconstructionist synaguoges enought to think I know what their beliefs are. I have yet to see one express itself with such a vague image of God. Certainly Kaplan's view of not looking at evil is completely not used too. The Rabbis all see a real concept of God, though probably with less personalization than Orthodox but not a complete lack of at all by any stretch. I'm taking about things said during High Holiday lectures, weekly services, study classes... The week I spent on an Israel tour was with a Reconstructionist Rabbi. I was nervous he'd been very left wing & I'd spend the time wincing. Instead he pairs with an educational israeli tour, which is right wing based & just this side of Orthodox (not completely observant but teffilin came out for prayers 3xs a day & everything was scattered with discussions from Torah to give it meaning for us.) 3. The idea of self absorption I can see how you read it in there. However, I think it's just saying the energy based classic to look inward, to focus on our own actions to make things better. That that is how to have God inside you. It's not saying we are God (even though they practically say that.) It's not at all what Reconstructionist means or is implemented as. I would guess that at one point this was what it was supposed to mean. However, in practice -- nope -- not a congregation I've seen that thinks being moral is "God." (Otherwise what would be the point of praying?) It's that connecting with moral connects you with God type energy & being connected with God aspects connects you back with being motivated to be moral. Where I've seen that idea is in the Humanistic movement. That one is a far stretch & is first figuring out what it is. So even if designers of reconstructionist meant it this way, obviously it's not what it is, because another group is filling in that spot... and they wouldn't be doing it if reconstructionist already was. Moving on from your quotes... 4. Reconstructionist members are widely varied. Within a congregation the collective presented beliefs will be consistent. But the membership with include Reform that wanted more spiritual feeling (though Reform is finally moving back that way). AND it will include nuts, earthy crunchies, new agers... in various mixes. Some congregations not so much, others have every last one there every was. The Rabbis typically are not that way...but they want to bring into the Judaism those that wandered away & with spirituality in how they present, they keep the door open for everyone. (I may have seen an excess of the earthy crunchy because of where one of the synagogues was located...the whole town, Jewish & non-Jewish is granola generation.) However, some of the kooky wordings you see are from granola generation type wordings. You have to learn how to "hear" them to figure out what they mean & why they are picking these words instead of straighter ones. This stuff was written in the 60's, 70's into 80's. 5. Typically the pull I see of Reconstructionist is... the Rabbis bring more efforts of spirituality into the services. This is similar to what Hassidic brought with their movement. It works, the services & feeling can be more connected, more sense of Judaism than the drier versions that had been in Reform & Conservative for a good while. Second, there is more effort to practice more mitzvot but with making them more meaningful. What they have said in the quotes is a true view, that they try to reinterpret them into modern world. It seems good phrasing to say the past Talmudic interpretations & everything since, don't allow the level of assumed veto that's been held for a long time. So they don't dismiss mitvot, but update the process. To some extent it works & to sometimes it doesn't. However, it gets people connected & involved & self-committed to Judaism & mitzvot. I'm going to try to answer one more thing you said... None of it is self-worship. It taking about self-responsibliity as needed & focusing on that. Rather than on focusing on God as the way to get to that. It's just want's more meaningful to talk about. In practice, God is present there. This wording is focused on self-responsiblity because this generation couldn't stand the focus on God that removed their personal sense of connection to the WHOLE process, that includes their role. It had started to look like rituals done for rituals sake. So they needed to bring themselves back into things, into the connection. Hence talking about themselves & what they need to do. Yet in services & in private chat groups, God is important often in a somewhat typical way & for some at least as a creative ongoing energy force with interact with. Much said (in my times there) wouldn't make sense if people weren't starting with that idea. This is how fuzzy it can get. I was planning my Rosh Hashanah services this morning since I can't get back to family till Yom Kippur. So I am going to services I originally thought were Conservative because they used a lot of Hebrew, & that style prayer book & were very traditional in sequence through the prayers. I love these services (and was disappointed they aren't weekly.) This is a rare time that I stil through long ones & am sad when they end -- so there's something spiritual connecting for me. Last year I realized they didn't have the 2nd day (I go elsewhere anyway). So they must be Reform. Today, I'm looking at the Rabbi's bio online - she & the Cantor are Reconstructionist ordained. Still I'm excited to be going. ........ To answer Part of it is that you aren't reading them as they were meant. Your interpretation wasn't accurate & they aren't that clearly written. I've described this above. Downa- Your experience applies to many situations. Reconstructionist are a branch of Judaism & officially recognized & it's members are Jews (Natives). This question was an internal debate on Judaism. The asker was questioning their interpretations vs. his (& his communities). ...Just when you thought you had a handle on how confusing us Jews can be :) Though I really appreciate your speaking up & your answer is often the case especially in YA.

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