What gives men the upperhand in the workforce?

What gives men the upperhand in the workforce? Topic: What gives men the upperhand in the workforce?
June 16, 2019 / By Bijou
Question: please be specific. *oh, and feminists : and I mean the MODERN workforce - in 2014 - and in western countries - not in India in the 1600's well, actually the rhetorical point I was trying to make was that men today do not have an upperhand in the workplace. equally competent and hardworking people, in 90% of instances, will have no advantage or disadvantage to one another - regardless of gender. Having been in the workforce for .. a good 15 years, I can honestly say - every job Ive worked at had pretty much 50% men and 50% women and half of my managers have been women. And Ive worked in a very wide variety of fields and industries - from fast food to finance. please appeal if you are reported unfairly. someone is deleting all the answers to my questions again. thanks. Ath - the men that frequent this section are not representative of the wider male population. and you know that damn well. just like the women here are not representative of the wider population. if this was the case the world would be a very strange and scary place. I concede that men still dominate the very highest of positions, yeah. that in and of itself does not reflect any disadvantage that women have though .. or advance than men have. Men do retire later - men do study different subjects - men do work longer hours and have longer commutes - they are likely to sacrifice a good life/work balance (even their health) for higher salaries - they are more pushy on negotiating salaries and bonuses - they spend more time in the work force .. there are many many factors to take into consideration - you cannot dismiss these factors - to do so would be dishonest. ** or advantage than men have. **
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Ailith Ailith | 6 days ago
The fact that women bear the biological burden of having children, and quite often, the bulk of the practical burden also.
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Simply state the dates and that you were a stay at home dad. Simple enough! Also, make sure your cover letter states why you would be good for the job. A cover letter that is not a "form" cover letter, and which states specific reasons why you would be a good candidate is the best you can do. The rest is up to them.

Tolly Tolly
For ones not requiring an higher education: Only an upper hand if they are going into gender segregated fields, manual labor and some of the other trainee professions. They are probably even at a disadvantage for trying to get into work in fast food industries or retail because women are preferred on the front line generally. If they do get one in fast food, they WILL be used in a misandric way, to be the cook and do heavy lifting for example (KFC). For the ones requiring a higher education they (men) don't really have an upper hand I don't think. It all depends on what experience you have after you have your degree or you got while you were getting it, as extra curricular activity. Men may be taken more seriously in the more math based degrees, but not to a level that they actually get an upper hand. It really depends on what field as well.
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Rastus Rastus
Most CEO's nowadays are still men. Top earning dogs of business companies are still men, always white men to be specific, so race probably has something to do with it too. Gender and race are factors. There are still currently discrimination against women. my aunt told me she needed to obtain a higher degree for a position which didn't even require it while her male colleague was promoted to that same position quickly without needing to attain an extra unnecessary degree. while she has been promoted, she has a degree for a even higher position than her current one. This was also pretty recent.
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Masterman Masterman
Let's see. Just the things that you see on here regularly should be a clue. Quite a number of men still think women are illogical, prone to debilitating moodiness once a month, incapable of performing mathematical, scientific or engineering tasks, and that men work harder. That is the reality we face. There are plenty of men out there who are better than that. Unfortunately there are also plenty who are not. Two out of you first three answers offer ample evidence of that. (Seems they've been deleted already - lol) It's hard to fight that sort of stupidity when that sort of stupidity is in the hire and fire seat. ADD: That's why I said there are plenty of good men out there Woody. But believe me, there are plenty out there just like the guys here who got deleted. I've worked with them, and for them, and it's not pretty.
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Jim Jim
BS, not kidding. Those who know how to praise himself gets ahead quickly regardless of their actual abilities. If you are intelligent, knowledgeable and hard working but cannot BS, sorry you just have to stay down there.
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Address the letters to Dear Recruiter or Dear Hiring Manager Yes the job you were terminated from should be on the resume if you worked there any lenght of time. You don't account for your time off work on a resume. I also wouldn't put sabbatical or SAHM on the cover letter. I would say "living overseas for spouses employment". I would have a professional experience section, where you list your experience = what you actually did that makes you special. Then underneath it, I would list the different jobs you had: Title, company, location, dates

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