I am 25 years old , am I getting old?

I am 25 years old , am I getting old? Topic: I am 25 years old , am I getting old?
June 16, 2019 / By Billie
Question: I am 25 years old. 40 % of my hairs have become grey. i don't have problem with that but now days my cheast hairs are also getting grey. what is the problem and what is the solution.
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Ailsa Ailsa | 7 days ago
25's not old like the other answer die your hair and wax your chest. IM only 28 and i am going bauld and i don't cear when it gets to noticebal i will just shave my head problem solved.
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Tom Tom
Sometimes it is just hereditary and it doesn't mean you are getting old. It runs in my family, because of my father turning all grey in his 20's, and at 21, I had to start coloring my hair because of grey and both my sisters and a brother went grey early on. I think in men, it doesn't matter much, but for women it ages their appearance. Look at Richard Gere and Emmylou Harris.(both prematurely grey).
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Raven Raven
u know, some people genetically have this problem, doesn't mean ur sick or anything and ur definitely not old. Get hair dye :).
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