Possible yeast infection?

Possible yeast infection? Topic: Possible yeast infection?
June 20, 2019 / By Bindy
Question: Okay so i'm 15 and i've never had sex, i'm a virgin, i've never done anything sexual at all actually. I noticed a while ago the head of my penis was starting to turn a greyish white and i thought it was just unclean and i do clean it regularly i might add. but i've only actually been able to pull my foreskin back fully recently, and it felt like it was sticking when i pulled it back. I touched the head and it's really dry, and like my dick always smells really weird. someone online said to put baking soda on it, but i only had baking powder and i dissolved that in water and covered the head with it and put my foreskin back over. it's quite stingy and a bit itchy now so i'm wondering if i did the wrong thing. I just sort of need to know what i should do to solve this whole problem without visiting a doctor or something because it's really embarrasing.
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Ailse Ailse | 8 days ago
Contrary to popular belief, yeast infections actually have to do with moisture rather than sex. Babies can get yeast infections, and I just cared for a dog who had a yeast infection in her ear. You need to stop doing kind of crazy home remedies that can make things worse and talk to your parents about getting you a doctor's appointment. You are a minor so you can't make the appt yourself. I completely understand that it's embarrassing, but please remember 1. there are male pediatricians you could see if that makes you feel better and 2. male or female, doctors are professionals and there is very little you can throw at a doctor that they haven't seen before. Same with nurses. I hope this helps. You do need to see a doctor.
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Ailse Originally Answered: Yeast Infection sign of pregnancy?
Antibiotics do make the pill ineffective in some cases. Chances are she is not pregnant, but you must use back-up birth control in the meantime while she continues to take antibiotics, even if you don't like it. What's worse after all, less sensation during sex or an unwanted pregnancy? If she misses her next period, then take a test but I highly doubt she is pregnant. I recommend that she to to a health food store and buy pills called pro-biotics. These essentially help balance the body from the antibiotic, which can kill a lot of beneficial organisms in the body that lead to a yeast infection. Right now I am also on antibiotics and the probiotic pills are really helping out.Good luck and hope this helped.

Tommi Tommi
Well there are other numerous reasons for you to get a yeast infection if that's what it really is. Stop trying all those home remedies cause let me tell you they have made most of my situations worse and I always regret not going to the Dr right away. Since you are young and if you don't drive, have a friend take you to planned parenthood if you are not comfortable telling a parent, if not just tell a parent. Make the right choices and get it over with so you don't have to keep worrying
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Ray Ray
Your not alone this is a common problem for guys with foreskin. You should see your doctor before it gets worse. You've probably got allot of sigma built up over years that you couldn't clean out. Just remember thats one of the main reasons most girls won't go down on uncircumcised guys.
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Matania Matania
I think by your substituting baking powder for baking sode indicates you know nothing about what you are doing! And that's fine! That's what we have doctors for. Bite the bullet, and go see your family doctor or help. I know the mbassassment factor probably is holding you back, but bite the bullet and get help the "right' way.
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Jimmie Jimmie
Simple> tell you mum/dad you got some infection down there and need to see doctor. They dont need to see it themself.
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Jimmie Originally Answered: What is the most effective way to treat my dog's yeast infection?
FROM THE INSIDE: I'd first make sure he was on a high quality food without corn or wheat; these are very common empty additives; basically fillers with no nutritional value. They often cause nutritional imbalances and food allergies, making dogs more prone to infections of all types. Pretty much anything you pick up at the grocery store is going to have one or both. I suggest either Canidae All Life Stages: http://www.canidae.com/dogs/all_life_sta... Or Wellness by Old Mother Hubbard, either the fish and sweet potato or one of the allergy diets, initially, until you get his system straightened out: http://www.oldmotherhubbard.com/wellness... A tablespoon of plain yogurt on his food, once a day, helps re-establish beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. Often yeast gets out of control when the good bacteria as well as the bad have been killed during a course of antibiotics. Also try adding a tsp of apple cider vinegar to his water bowl, yeast will not flourish in an acidic environment. ON THE OUTSIDE: For an earwash my vet gave me this recipe: 1 part apple cider vinegar 1 part hydrogen peroxide 1 part water (I combine 1/2 cup each in a clean empty dish soap bottle with the push-pull top, and refrigerate after using, then allow it to warm up on the counter a bit before re-using; discard any left over after one week and make a fresh batch) Fill the ear canal with this solution, massage the base of the ear, and allow the dog to shake its head, then wipe with cotton balls. Never stick a q-tip into a dogs ear. Yeast infection can be treated externally with over-the-counter creams for athlete's foot or vaginal yeast infections (lamisil is our personal favorte) you can smear that in the ears and dab it on his chin; just be sure to soak off any crusts first with a warm wet cloth.

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