Find The Kind (Riddle/Brain Teaser)?

Find The Kind (Riddle/Brain Teaser)? Topic: Find The Kind (Riddle/Brain Teaser)?
June 20, 2019 / By Bithia
Question: You’re playing a card game entitled “Find the King”. 5 cards are on the table face down, 4 of them are Queen, and of course 1 King. You select card number 1, the dealer then flips 3 cards over and they are all Queens (card numbers 3,4,5). So you are now left with cards (1 and 2), He then says to you: ‘Do you want to switch to card number 2?’ Is it to your advantage to take the switch? And what is the probability card number 2 is the King? I created this modified version of the Monty Hall some years back, to help others understand how to solve and understand these types of problems using Bayes's Theorem of Conditional Probabilities. I would give a more indepth answer but I have limited space. carl is correct... switch to card number 2, it has 80% odds.
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Ailsie Ailsie | 9 days ago
Number 10. The man who drives a toyota; because cats like to eat fish. That's why the guy moved next to him, so his cats can have food.
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Ailsie Originally Answered: Brain teaser for homework?
Fry two of the chickens and eat them. They will cross in your stomach. Carry the third in the boat so you can have a midnight snack later.
Ailsie Originally Answered: Brain teaser for homework?
You dont cross the river.. Cause the fox is always going to be there waiting..:L:L for example; the fox is over at the other side, and u take chicken over to the same side and take the fox back over, there is going to be a chicken at that side aswell. but there is another one kinda like this, but instead of 3 chickens, its a fox, chicken and corn lol.. but hey nice try.. LOL
Ailsie Originally Answered: Brain teaser for homework?
I have a feeling there's something missing in the riddle. Unless, like the 3rd person says, you eat two chickens, or you can put two chickens and send them alone, it's impossible.

Tommie Tommie
i think u should stick to ur first choice.........the probability is half and half isn't it?? if this is not the ans then plz mail the correct ans to me....
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Tommie Originally Answered: Problem Solving - Brain Teaser?
Lena: With Busterwasmycat's method, either one master will beat the other, earning you two points by beating the loser (and zero points for losing to the winner), or they will draw, earning you one point each for drawing each of them.
Tommie Originally Answered: Problem Solving - Brain Teaser?
well, just play the games those other 2 are playing, so they end up basically playing themselves. Be white in one game, black the other, and simply do in the other game what is done to you in the first. YOU don't really do anything except copy.

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