What is Wrong with So Many of the Black Leaders of this World?

What is Wrong with So Many of the Black Leaders of this World? Topic: What is Wrong with So Many of the Black Leaders of this World?
July 20, 2019 / By Blair
Question: The majority of our black population in the world is slowly being reduced to being poorly educated, having poor health, incarcerated, dieing or killed every day. Africa is a country rich in resources yet civil woes, starvation, disease, corruption, tribal and religious conflicts strips its progress. It's the mother country, yet inexperienced youth are left to take care of adult businesses. Some issues are similar in the USA. These situations can be prevented by our leaders, our community and ourselves. Let us stop the excuses of blaming others for our shortcomings, for many among us from the same beginnings have succeeded. Let us be black and proud by respecting, motivating, loving each other and building for the future. Let those among us who have succeeded give back with our time, endorsements, talents and financial contributions. Let's not be the dirt that is constantly shaken off by others and ourselves in this world, but let us be the soil that grows the riches of the earth. Yes we are all humans, but this situation is severe in the black community. We know how to get attention. Let this attention be a wakeup call for this generation and the generations to come. If other races of smaller populations can do it, so can we. In the 1900’s we fought for our rights in the United States and our independence in countries around the world, now in this century we need to fight to keep our race unified, successful and strong. Let this be our resolution. These leaders should be ashamed to be leading with societies that are ahead of what they have - who passed them even when their situations were worse. They should be competing. If the issue is wealth, the more successful the country is on a whole, the more influence it has on the world stage and in turn it brings wealth to all.
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Aimie Aimie | 1 day ago
They are only after wealth and fame. They can identify the problems but won't help us solve them. We need new black leaders or ignore the ones we have.
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Aimie Originally Answered: How many World leaders can you name?
Michelle Bachelett, Leonel Fernandez, Felipe Calderon, Hugo Chavez, Alvaro Uribe, Alan Garcia Perez, Rafael Correa, Stephen Harper, Gordon Brown.... All I can think of right now without busting my brain. Most are Latin American since I'm minoring in Latin American politics in college.

Tone Tone
such as you or every person is going to end the Jews from stealing the diamonds and dealing blacks to demise for them . This international replaced into taken over by the prosperous an prolonged time in the past . human beings of hugely extra suitable mind have plans that produce consequences and furnish potential and wealth to those few people who surely do run the international .A hand packed with Asians, human beings ,and Europeans and in undemanding terms a pair of Africans administration the wealth of the international as long as human beings commerce money for amenities .
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Raynard Raynard
The leaders seem to play the blame game. Stop blaming and start working together to make progress. Also, many people seem to have a chip on their shoulder and think that everyone else "owes" them something in life. Community leaders need to find ways to help people make their lives better, so they don't need government programs, or etc so much.
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Matt Matt
Jesse Jackson: There are too many young black men in prison, so the law should not be so harsh on young black men. Bill Cosby: There are too many young black men in prison, so young black men should stop committing crimes. = I think that pretty much says what's going on. Jesse Jackson is a bonehead. The world would be a better place if he told "his people" to take Cosby's advice: Stay in school Stay out of trouble Don't idolize prison culture If you have a child, be a parent
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Jo Jo
I think if more positive role models were looked up to, not rappers and athletes, and things like education and proper parenting skills were embraced that would make a monumental difference.
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Jo Originally Answered: Do you guys know any world leaders?
Hmmm... why care about the world's leaders. Maybe because they affect YOUR life. Anyway, the pope is a leader. Although he doesn't have direct political power, he is very, very influential to millions. He is a religious leader. If you want to cover religion/social leaders, you can choose from Ghandi, Mother Theresa, etc. Double check your assignment to find out if it has to be someone who is still alive. Ben Bernanke is the current Chairman of the US Federal Reserve and has quite a bit of power over our economy and money. He is an economic leader. Political figures are limitless. You have current and former Presidents of the United States or if you are interested in England, there was Tony Blair (who is still alive but no longer the Prime Minister), Margaret Thatcher, the Queen, etc. There are historic figures like Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Charlemagne, Alexander the Great, Caeser, etc. I am thinking your assignment is on current leaders. If so, stick with George Bush, the Queen of England, Ben Bernanke, etc. Oh, the Secretary-General of the United Nations is the head of the United Nations, an organization that represents the countries of the world. He is definitely a leader. His name is Ban Ki-Moon, from Korea. I'll put a link below to information about him. He is a true world leader.

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