When did costantinapolis' name change as İstanbul ?

When did costantinapolis' name change as İstanbul ? Topic: When did costantinapolis' name change as İstanbul ?
June 20, 2019 / By Blanch
Question: this is my presentation question . plz help me do my homework. @lazarus , the video you wrote is null, can you rewrite it , I am really curious about it , always history pays my attention.thank you .
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Ainsley Ainsley | 2 days ago
Many people have already answered about the name. The name was changed into Istanbul after about 1933 (?). I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH THE 'KING OF NOTHING' THAT IT IS AN INSULT IN GREECE TO CALL THE CITY 'ISTANBUL'! It is not insulting, it is just odd, it is like calling 'Londino' with it's english name as 'London', when I'm speaking in Greek or 'Edimvurgo' as 'Edinbourgh', understand? It is also like calling 'Athina' (Athens in Greek) as 'Athinai', the old name, ancient and in formal greek speech of 19 and even 20th century! About toponymes, i don't find it tragical to be changed. Reasons 1. The 'wave' of purification in every country in the 19th century, this includes, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy etc. 2. The fact that old names were more difficult to be pronounced by the local populations. And Blunt, I don't find anything wrong with the name of a Roman Emperor, still used by Greeks, as this man is one of the leading Saints in our Church. And we have said many times that Greeks understand themselves as a continuation of the Byzantine Empire, all of the present day's Greece was part of the Byzantine Empire after all. It is the most logical to think this way about our history. (Please don't tell me that Byzantine Empire was spleated in 1204, because then I ll have to ask you if Seljuks were Turks also- they weren't Ottoman's right?- and also if the Sultan of the Ikonium was Turkish, Ottoman, Seljuk or what...this is judging with the same messures. All of the above groups, Turkish or Byzantine-Byzantine Empire, Empire of Nikaia etc, were participating exactly in the same culture, had the same values, languages etc).
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Toney Toney
first of all, I might desire to declare I thoroughly consider Deniz. Ottoman government did not exchange that is call, they known because it Konstantiniyye for an somewhat long term (it extremely is the Ottoman version of Constantinople and Konstantiniyye skill the city of Konstantin) yet all those years even the government known because it Konstantiniyye, the city individuals have been calling it ?stanbul, ?slambol, ?stambol and another variations beginning up with "ist", it extremely is, wager what, lower back a Greek be conscious or expression. (a misspelled Greek be conscious, shall we are saying) i don't comprehend the wonderful time of the oficial exchange from Konstantiniyye to ?stanbul. yet whilst the government of the hot republic somewhat had to ERASE the city's Byzantine previous, they might have extremely got here upon a Turkish be conscious perfect for the city like BO?AZKENT or YED?TEPE. So there is somewhat no clarification for any resentment right here. Greeks are very wanting in charge Turks for this project, they might desire to think of two times or a minimum of make their study till now accusations.
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Rayner Rayner
As TB said, teh name did not change after 1453. The Sultans kept Constantinople as the official name. The name changed by Kemal Ataturk, in the 20th century. As for TB's question, I don't care if a name is Greek or Turkish or Latin or Slavic. I disagree with the change of many Slavic toponymes into Greek ones, in Greece, and I also disagree with the change of the name of Constantinople even to a purely Greek one. This city was glorious by that name, within the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire. The Slavic toponymes showed some part of the Greek history. It is wrong to alter history, no matter what interests this alteration serves. Istanbul is a misunderstood sound of an expression. I believe this city deserves more than that.
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Mattaniah Mattaniah
My friend Keyser, In Greek language is Konstantinopole just like in your language you still call Thessaloniki as Selanik and just like you call Greece as Yunanistan. What's the problem of calling it this way.When its about to talk with foreigners we will call it with its international name just like our country.We don't say Ellada which is the right one, but we say Greece. You can't judge us for calling the city in Greek language.Especially when , officialy the name changed in the early 1900s
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Joab Joab
The name change took place in the 1490's when the turks overthrew the remains of the Bizantine Empire.
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