Whats a good inspirational book?

Whats a good inspirational book? Topic: Whats a good inspirational book?
June 16, 2019 / By Blanda
Question: i have to write an essay on a book that makes me think twice about the world around me and the impact it has. i have no idea what book to choose. some of my friends are writing about the hunger games or harry potter and others chose to write about childrens books. someone please help me!!
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Originally Answered: An inspirational book to write an essay about?
You might want to check out travel biopic type books. People explain what they visit and also tell the history/culture of the area. William Dalyrimple, Michener's Caravans, O'Rielly's Traveler's Tales of India.\, etc. Just go to the travel essay section at the bookstore or library. Michener wrote fiction about places (South Africa, US West, US East Coast, Israel) that is fairly accurate, also Edward Rutherford. If you read historical fiction, be sure it's researched and not some smarmy romance.
Originally Answered: An inspirational book to write an essay about?
Get copies of Norton's Anthologies of World and American and English Literature. You may be able to check them out at your local library or pick them up at a used bookstore.These will give you a great overview of all that is out there and you can pick and choose the types you prefer. Read everything with an open mind and ask yourself questions about WHO WHERE WHAT WHICH WHEN AND HOW AND WHETHER. Used book stores or exchanges are good sources for finding good reading materials. Another good source is in the library microfiche files of old newspapers and magazines. The older issues of National Geographic, Look, The Saturday Evening Post, Life, New york Times, etc are some suggestions, especially the book reviews..

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