Why does my tutee keep doing this?

Why does my tutee keep doing this? Topic: Why does my tutee keep doing this?
June 16, 2019 / By Blanid
Question: I work as a Spanish tutor at a college. For the most part, I really enjoy my job, but sometimes I have some students who do things that really drive me up the wall! One student in particular comes to mind. For some reason, when he does his homework, he always ASSUMES he knows what he's doing or that he knows what particular words mean. And whenever I ask him questions to see if he knows the answers, he always GUESSES the answers instead of actually looking them up. Unfortunately, though, his guesses are incorrect 9 times out of 10.I keep telling him that he should ALWAYS look up words in the glossary or the dictionary and that he should ALWAYS consult his textbook to see if he can figure out if he is doing his work correctly. Don't get me wrong. I don't expect everyone to be good at Spanish or to share my interest in it. However, I DO expect people to pay more attention to and show a bit more care about what they are doing. Why do I ALWAYS have to tell him to look things up instead of making guesses or assumptions about answers?
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Airla Airla | 4 days ago
There a re a number of possible reasons. One possibility is laziness. It is a lot quicker to write any definition of a word than to look it up in a dictionary. Another possibility is the shortage of time in doing homework. A third is that the student knows that you will give him the correct answer and that is easier and and faster. I recommend that when the students answer is incorrect that he should look up the answer while you are present. I have had students use unorthodox methods in studying and arriving at answers. I tell them that is fine and that I do not argue with success, but if their methods fail then they are required to use my method.
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Topher Topher
As teachers, we've all seen students like this. The only thing I can think to tell you is to go through and show him all of his wrong answers with a red pencil or pen so he can see how many mistakes he made. Then ask him if he looked them up. If he didn't, make him look them up. Explain to him that your job is to help clarify, not do the work for him. Obviously if you're a tutor, he knows he needs help. Sometimes students want to take the easier way instead of doing work.
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Reagan Reagan
That type of pupil evidently is not interested in really learning..he has kept his bad habits from grammar school probably... It's not your fault ! There are ALL types of pupils, you know...It is hard dealing with the irresponsible ones..However, some of them improve in time...Such is our task.."Take the bitter and the sweet" I'm a teacher also, and I am on your side...believe me ! Good luck! Buena suerte !!
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Matthew Matthew
With all due recognize, has she been checked for studying disabilities? verify with the instructor or counselor who assigned you as a teach to work out what amenities could be accessible. you're able to attempt having her clarify the topics to you. this may a minimum of allow you to recognize the position the problem lays.
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Joah Joah
some people want to believe that they are correct all of the time, which can be annoying for the rest of us... if you can make him get into a habit his guessing should subside and he should look up answers for himself... hope this helps!
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